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[Gd20] AUGH: Clerics.

With the spell system of AU, there has to be some changes to all the spell-casting classes in order to maintain balance and preserve the integral differences between classes which make the application of the AU rules so apt for Greyhawk.

The biggest change, is to clerics.

There are two major changes to clerics in this system. The first is the matter of positive and negative energy. This is done in much the same way as turning. Evil clerics have access to negative energies and good clerics have access to positive energies. Neutral clerics are another matter entirely, and are dealt with in a seperate document.

Therefore, all good clerics automatically have access to all Simple positive spells of any level they can cast, and all evil clerics have access to all Simple negative energy spells of any level they can cast. In the instance of good casters, they also have access to successively powerful versions of the spell, 'Faith Healing' and in the instance of evil casters, they have the opposite, which affects anyone not of their faith.

This significantly changes the dynamic of clerical casters in the setting, as evil clerics will not have access to even basic healing spells. In some instances, this will clearly differentiate good and evil casters, however in other instances, it places a reliance of evil casters, and evil in general, on good casters, for such things as healing potions, and thus spurs a much 'greyer' world in which interdependancies exist and even good nations trade with 'evil' nations.

It also means that no caster has access to the more powerful versions of healing magic, such as Cure Light Wounds or Raise Dead. This is addressed in the second major change, that of domains.

Each god is assigned a number of domains and in this instance, the domains are reassigned due to some changes since the LGG came out. However, each domain is also reworked to become much like a 'sphere' and thus has a collection of spells that are appropriate to it, rather than just one per level.

A cleric chooses two of the allowed domains and gains those domain powers, as per normal, however he can choose to prepare any spell from all of the domains listed for the god they follow.

Every level in a domain has a 'domain' spell. This spell is simply the most relevant to the domain and can be prepared just like any other spell. However, it is the only spell which can fill the additional domain slot a cleric has of each spell level. In addition, only the domain spells from one of the two chosen domains can fill this slot.

There are also some other minor changes. Clerics can 'swap out' any spell of any level for the equivalent level positive or negative energy spell, including the Faith Healing or Faith Harming spells.

Like all other casters in this system, clerics can use the rules for weaving and can laden, diminish or heighten their spells.

A cleric can only be of the alignment of the god, or the god's tendancy. Therefore a cleric of Pholtus can either be Lawful Good or Lawful Neutral, but not Neutral Good, or Neutral, and a follower of Pelor can only be Neutral Good.

Clerics also gain the power 'Familiarity with Magic' at 10th-level, as listed under the Magister section of Arcana Unearthed.

In addition, some domains gain additional powers through the use of spell templates. Refer to each domain for their specific benefits.

Below is an example of a god and the associated domains. Other gods and domains are detailed in other documents.



Gains the Wild Mage feat and can apply the template to all spells in this domain.

0th: Ghost Sound, Minor Illusion, Raiment, Scent Bane; Domain: Disorient.
1st: Animate Weapon, Cause Fear, Glamour, Illusury Creature (lesser), Illusury Object (lesser), Obscuring Mist, Touch of Disruption, Veil of Darkness, Water Roil, Wind Churn; Domain: Distraction.
2nd: Cloak of Darkness, Dazzlesphere, Gusting Wind, Muddy Ground, Shatter, Sorcerous Guise, Undetectable Alignment; Domain: Align Weapon.
3rd: Illusury Creature (greater), Illusury Object (greater), Suggestion, Whisper of Madness; Domain: Unknown.
4th: Inner World, Stamina to Defense, Strength to Strike; Domain: Modify Memory.
5th: Burst of Healing, Spell Resistance; Domain: Dispel Law.
6th: Animate Objects, Teleport Other; Domain: Discorporate.
7th: Curse of the Chaotic Mind, Multiple Personalities; Domain: Word of Chaos.
8th: Primal Release, Whirlwind; Domain: Cloak of Chaos.
9th: Gate (to limbo); Domain: Shapechange.


Gains the Blessed Mage feat and can apply the template to all spells in this domain.

0th: Detect Poison, Door Warning, Glowglobe (lesser), Hygiene; Domain: Saving Grace.
1st: Bless, Detect Evil; Domain: Protection from Evil.
2nd: Blinding Light, Consecrate, Darkvision, Gentle Repose, Glowglobe (greater), Mark Allies; Domain: Align Weapon.
3rd: Conjure Repast, Magic Circle, Prayer; Domain: Magic Circle against Evil.
4th: Discern Lies, Remove Curse, Neutralize Poison; Domain: Dismissal.
5th: Atonement, Hallow, Mark of Justice, Remove Malady; Domain: Dispel Evil.
6th: Protect Soul; Domain: Banishment.
7th: Mental Protection; Domain: Holy Word.
8th: Permanent Rest, Wave of Life; Domain: Holy Aura.
9th: Miracle; Domain: Gate (to plane of good).


0th: Saving Grace; Domain: Slippery Bonds.
1st: Remove Fear, Resistance, Resurgence (CoD); Domain: Open Lock.
2nd: Getaway (S&S), Indifference (T&B), Levitate, Misdirection, Remove Paralysis, Undetectable Alignment; Domain: Bypass Ward.
3rd: Dispel Magic, Mass Resurgence, Nondetection, Unknown, Remove Blindness/Deafness, Remove Disease; Domain: Gaseous Form.
4rd: Detect Scrying, Neutralize Poison, Remove Curse, Spell Immunity; Domain: Polymorph Self.
5rd: Ethereal Jaunt, Ghostform, Open Door, Passwall; Domain: Freedom of Movement.
6rd: Awaken, Break Enchantment, Mislead, Wind Walk; Domain: Find the Path.
7rd: Greater Dispel Magic, Mass Spell Resistance, Sequester, Spell Turning; Domain: Phase Door.
8rd: Protection from Spells; Domain: Mind Blank.
9rd: Freedom, Shapechange; Domain: Unbinding.


0th: Door Warning, Hygiene, Purify Food & Drink, Virtue; Domain: Saving Grace.
1st: Endure Elements, Entropic Shield, Eldritch Armour, Hide from Undead, Magic Armour, Plant Armour, Protection from Chaos/Evil/Good/Law, Resistance, Safe Fall, Shield of Faith; Domain: Sanctuary.
2nd: Mark Allies, Resist Energy, Sealed Door, Shield Other, Status; Domain: Protective Charm.
3rd: Arrow Reflection, Carnivourous Plant Defense, Magic Circle, Magic Circle against Chaos/Evil/Good/Law, Magic Vestment, Protection from Elements; Domain: Invisibility.
4th: Death Ward, Protection from Energy, Spell Immunity; Domain: Resilient Sphere (lesser).
5th: Gird the Warrior, Sealed Door, Spell Resistance; Domain: Defensive Field.
6th: Anti-life Shell, Beastskin, Energy Sheath, Protect Soul, Security; Domain: Resilient Sphere (greater).
7th: Feedback Strike, Mental Protection, Refuge, Repulsion, Spell Turning; Domain: Immunity (lesser).
8th: Anti-magic Shield, Telekinetic Shield; Domain: Spell Immunity (greater).
9th: Temporal Stasis; Domain: Immunity (greater).


0th: Bash, Detect Creature, Guidance; Domain: Seeker.
1st: Bane, Creature Loresight, Doom, Touch of Pain, Truestrike; Domain: Scent Tracker.
2nd: Death Knell, Drain Away Speed (lesser), Zone of Truth; Domain: Location Loresight.
3rd: Bestow Curse, Speak with Dead, Steal Health; Domain: Tracer.
4th: Chains of Vengeance, Discern Lies, Locate Creature; Domain: Curse of Vengeance.
5th: Drain Away Speed (greater); Domain: Mark of Justice.
6th: Bloodblade; Domain: Spell of Challenge.
7th: Finger of Destruction; Domain: Feedback Strike.
8th: Curse of Languishing Death; Domain: Discern Location.
9th: Trap the Soul; Domain: Storm of Vengeance.


0th: Create Water; Domain: Mage Hand.
1st: Conjure Energy Creature I, Summon Monster I, Summon Nature's Ally I, Unseen Servant; Domain: Mount.
2nd: Conjure Energy Creature II, Summon Monster II, Summon Nature's Ally II; Domain: Summon Swarm.
3rd: Conjure Energy Creature III, Conjure Repast, Summon Minor Elemental (lesser), Summon Monster III, Summon Nature's Ally III; Domain: Phantom Steed.
4th: Conjure Energy Creature IV, Summon Monster IV, Summon Nature's Ally IV; Domain: Evard's Black Tentacles.
5th: Conjure Energy Creature V, Summon Minor Elemental (greater), Summon Monster V, Summon Nature's Ally V; Domain: Mordenkainen's Faithful Hound.
6th: Conjure Energy Creature VI, Summon Monster VI, Summon Nature's Ally VI; Domain: Call Guardian (lesser).
7th: Conjure Energy Creature VII, Summon Monster VII, Summon Nature's Ally VII; Domain: Summon Major Elemental (lesser).
8th: Conjure Energy Creature VIII, Summon Monster VIII, Summon Nature's Ally VIII; Domain: Call Outsider.
9th: Call Guardian (greater), Conjure Energy Creature IX, Summon Major Elemental (greater), Summon Monster IX, Summon Nature's Ally IX; Domain: Gate.