Fri Jan 13, 2017 12:47 pm  
Background Bards

Several Years Back many of us were talking of inspiring songs and background music choices,,,, I searched in vain as the thread seems buried somewhere, but I wanted to share this with all....

A player of mine, Tommy W (aka Damion Makavoi bard & scribe in service to his Royal Highness Belvor the IV King of Furyondy) made an interesting find Located HERE for those die-hard have to have all things Greyhawk fans....

I purchased, and for the price its good tavern back-grounding found for those that do that... enjoy

Note: these are by no means PROFESSIONAL Recordings but I can certainly see them as NPC bards tryin to show there talents in some backwater town..... hehehe
The references to some of the old modules is at least humorous.... the musical talents are worthy of anywhere from the gong show to the voice depending on your tastes... Wink