Thu May 04, 2017 4:18 pm  
Chapter 7: Highfolk

This Friday's (5/4) release of the Great Flanaess River Adventure is Chapter 7, and it is set in the Independent City of Highfolk.

We are really excited about this particular chapter, as it brings back some of the themes that Gary Gygaz laid down with the Against the Giants, Drow, and Queen of the Demonweb Pits campaign. Even in defeat, you know Lolth is going to come back and be up to her old schemes again. So, we envisioned another attempt at her dominating Oerth, not so much by the sheer power of the giants, but by more subterfuge.

So, beware of robed and hooded elves bearing gifts, for they just might not be that friendly. But once the supplies keep coming--food, clothing, and all manner of necessities and niceties--people get lazy, and they get hooked. And so the robed elves began to control the people of Highfolk and make them subservient to them. Nestled as it is between the Yatil Mountains and the Vesve Forest, few outsiders could see what was happening, nor could the locals, until it was too late.

Enter the player characters needing to resupply, and the drow don't take kindly to meddlesome outsiders.

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