Thu May 25, 2017 3:33 pm  
Chapter 10: Iron Wood

Chapter 10 of the Great Flanaess River Adventure, which releases on 5/26, finds the player characters paddling through the second of two small woods in Veluna – the Iron Wood. It is in those woods where they will encounter one of their greatest challenges in the campaign – The Temple of Karaan, an ancient temple dedicated to the lesser god of lycanthropes.

In much of the lore of Oerth, lycanthropes have always seemed somewhat marginalized, serving as the servants of others such as in the Temple of Elemental Evil. We began wondering what would happen if the lycanthropes of Oerth united, gathering together in an ancient temple dedicated to the god of lycanthropes, planning to overthrow the world. That became the basis for Chapter 10.

Tired of their treatment and after watching the failure of the Temple of Elemental Evil, the lycanthropes thought they could do better in their own temple—The Temple of Karaan. It was there, under the ruins of Bennal Tyneman's mansion, they began their preparations for the day they will control all of Oerth and every human, demi-human, and creature will serve their lycanthropic masters.

And then the party came paddling along . . .

Venture into this hardwood forest in Chapter 10 of the River Campaign, available for download here: