Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:14 am  
Chapter 11: Verbobonc

I am a bit tardy in posting on Chapter 11 of the Great Flanaess River Adventure. This was a case of AD&D getting in the way of AD&D. We were play-testing a new module for an all-dwarf campaign and we started Thursday night and played most of Friday. Saturday night I realized I hadn't posted. So, here goes . . .

Chapter 11- Verbobonc of the River Campaign created some difficulties for us as there is an incredible wealth of information about the city and so much going on there. The problem was, we didn't want to trample on anything that may already be in motion and thus create any conflicts with Verbobonc canon. Amongst our research, however, we found an article in the Oerth Journal (vol. 8 & 9) by Jeff McKillop and Tom Harrison titled, "Verbobonc: The City," and that saved the day (Great 2 part article!).

The article spoke of rumors of secretive cults practicing all manner of foul deeds in Verbobonc, but it then concluded that “most agree they are just rumors.” The rumors often invoked the “ruins of the elemental school of magic” which lie just outside of the city walls to the east. Instantly we had a game. The greatest secret cult operating in the Flanaess was Gary's own creation, the followers of Tharzidun, and the location of an old school of magic was perfect (not to mention the ties to the Temple of Elemental Evil).

And so, as the canoeing party enters Verbobonc, they are asked for their assistance to discover the mysterious happenings in the old ruins.

We hope you enjoy Chapter 11 of the River Campaign which is available here:

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