Fri Jun 09, 2017 8:31 am  
Chapter 12: Gnarley Forest

Today's chapter of the Great Flanaess River Adventure is Chapter 12: Gnarley Forest.

We love the name, Gnarley, for a forest, and decided to run with that theme. This chapter is more in keeping with the hex crawl format, rather than having a particular adventure inside the chapter. There is a primary adversary, the Verbeeg, so the challenge rating takes it up a notch in this chapter. And, if the player characters can make it through this small forest, they will be bound for Dyers and ever closer to their destination: Greyhawk!

We hope you are enjoying the River campaign, and as always, if you find any discrepancies in any of the chapters or have questions, please post in the appropriate chapter forum. Enjoy!

Chapter 13: Gnarley Forest may be found here: