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    Tue Mar 17, 2020 9:11 am  
    Post 108: Battle Royale

    DM's Note on Sources: The tower and its inhabitants come from David Prata's "Tower of Azal'Lan".

    This and subsequent posts will contain many spoilers. The identity of rooms is indicated in bold. I used the maps as given in the module, and for this battle used "Clash of Kings" by Tabletop Audio for the background track.

    DM's Notes: With the party at full health and all sixth level, and the help of the mysterious elf, will they be able to withstand the onslaught of ogres about to be unleashed?

    One advantage to playing online is documentation. I was able to go to the chat log when writing up this account, providing a much higher level of detail to the fight than I have previously based only on my recollection.

    Observant readers will note that both sides are taking damage from friendly fire and that people, especially the party, are falling down a lot in this fight. As a general rule I require that anyone who fires a missile weapon into melee and misses than make a separate attack on their nearest ally involved in the melee. Also in general, a natural attack roll of 1 (critical fail) often forces a dexterity save at my discretion, with failure resulting in dropping one's weapon or falling down. In this fight specifically, I required a successful athletics or acrobatics check to move through spaces with fallen adult ogres (with failure knocking prone the PC or ogre attempting the move). The tower space is not that large and I reasoned that it would fill up quickly with the dead and unconscious. As Drowning Pool says, "Let the bodies hit the floor..."

    Post 108: Battle Royale
    Somewhere in the Little Hills, date unknown

    Round 1
    Tyrius enters the tower. After passing through the thick walls, the inside (1) is one large, circular chamber, with stairs up to the left and stairs down to the right, both stairwells open to the room on one side and along the wall on the other. At the far end of the room, across from the door, is a throne on a low dais, with piles of refuse around it. Inside the chamber squat two huge, brutish humanoids much like the one recently slain. They look like they are engrossed in some sort of game on the floor involving small white objects. At the clanking of Tyrius’ armor and the sudden appearance of the light emanating from his shield, one of the two leaps to his feet and grasps clumsily for a crude weapon. The other remains staring at the floor and complaining about the results of the last play in a series of deep grunts.

    Tyrius bumps into an invisible Shefak, but soon rights himself and prepares for the creature’s charge. The eiger snatches up a huge club and raises it as high over its head as the ceiling allows, then rushes forward and brings it crashing down on Tyrius. He takes the blow with his shield, but is still wounded by the massive force and knocked back against the stairs (Tyrius at 41/49).

    Babshapka draws his bow and moves to the doorway, but remains outside. Now that the chamber is illuminated by the light of Pelor, he can easily see inside, and can see at least the left half of the eiger attacking Tyrius. Ignoring the mysterious elven maiden in the entryway and the fact that somewhere in the chamber is an invisible Shefak, Babshapka lets fly with two arrows, both of which sink into the thick flesh of the brute. (Babshapka has used 2 arrows)

    The elven maiden turns and moves from the entryway to the chamber proper. As she enters, Shefak and Tyrius see shadows dance - but then the shadows seem to lose their moorings and rush to greet her! Her face registers surprise and then insight, and her amber eyes flash briefly. She moves to the far side of the room, unseen by either eiger. [Umbra attains 5th level]

    Willa is the next into the chamber. She sets down her lit lantern on the floor beside the entryway and draws her greatsword. Her first swing sinks deep into the eiger’s flesh, but her second nearly slices through Shefak as the wounded eiger stumbles back.

    Thokk charges into the room, bellowing at everyone to get out of his way. He draws his sword, but by the time he has pushed his way past Tyrius, Willa, and Shefak, he has missed his opportunity for attacking.

    Shefak bounds up the stairs to gather height, then turns and leaps, landing in between Tyrius and wounded eiger. Now visible, with a sweep of her staff at its legs, she brings the hefty brute down on his back, and then knocks his head into the stone floor with another blow. The eiger lies unconscious before them.

    Larry follows Aurora into the chamber, both of them moving to the right to avoid the cluster of warriors surrounding the fallen eiger. The unwounded eiger is only now beginning to realize that there are intruders in his home. Just as he looks up from the floor, he gets a firebolt in his face, followed by a spray of poison! He tilts his head back and howls in rage, and the sound of his cry echoes up and down the tower. He snatches up his club and charges the tiny woman who just felled his companion. With a mighty underhand blow, he knocks Shefak so hard that she flies through the air and crashes into the wall behind her. (Shefak at 22/39).

    At the end of the first round of combat; one eiger down

    Round 2
    With another eiger in clear sight, Babshapka looses two more arrows (4 used), shooting over the heads of his companions in the tower.

    Tyrius moves between the standing eiger and Shefak before it can follow up on its attack. His first swing of Molly smashes into the side of the eiger, but as he swings again he stumbles over the body of the fallen eiger and crashes to the ground. (Tyrius is now prone).

    Aurora shoots another bolt of magical fire at the eiger, then moves outside to retrieve Randy the mule in case eiger scouts or watchmen are drawn in by the sound of battle.

    Willa moves forward, kicking the knucklebones on the floor out of the way with her booted foot. She kills the eiger with one blow, then looks back toward her lantern, noting muddy footprints on both set of stairs, going up and down. “Prepare fer more!” she shouts to the party.

    Larry moves forward into the center of the room, looking about carefully. He does not hear any approaching footsteps, either from above or below, but he does hear distant bellowing from the tower floors above, as well as skittering noises coming from in and among the refuse piled near the throne - leaves and branches, bones, bits of cloth and leather. The throne is sized for a human and made of the same violet marble the walls are. The ceiling of the chamber is 14 feet overhead. The stairs are three feet wide - to the left of the entrance they circle up and pass through a hole to the floor above. To the right they descend and go beneath the earth. A rough, unlit branch is set in a wall sconce. Untouched by sunlight, the room is even colder than was the outdoors.

    Shefak jumps to her feet. Looking around and seeing no fighting, she closes her eyes and inhales deeply. As she breathes rhythmically, the nasty bruises on her abdomen lighten, fade, and finally disappear. (Shefak has used her Wholeness of Body, and is restored to her full hp).

    At the end of the second round of combat two eigers down

    Round 3
    With no opponents in sight, the party starts to prepare for the suspected next assault.

    Willa moves to the stairs running up. As soon as he can stand, Tyrius does the same. Thokk moves to block off the top of the stairs going down and Larry follows him. Babshapka moves to the center of the room, where he can shoot at either stairs.

    Shefak and the elven maiden try to focus on the noises elsewhere in the tower, but are distracted by the party’s shouts to one another. Aurora ties off Randy’s lead to the arm of the dead eiger so that he is secure but she has both hands free.

    Eddard contacts Tyrius telepathically and suggests that he guard the doorway while watching the clearing, and Tyrius agrees.

    Round 4
    At the sound of heavy footsteps approaching, Thokk braces himself at the top of the stairs, but the eiger that appears is coming down, not up. It barrels down the stone steps, swinging its massive club at Tyrius. The paladin has just enough time to bring his shield up to protect himself from the blow. He is knocked back, but unharmed.

    Suddenly, a bolt of darkness streaks across the room. It has no apparent source, but its terminus is clear - it strikes the chest of the eiger, causing him to gasp in pain. It leaves a tracing of frost on his sweat-soaked hide. “Hee haw!” exclaims a startled Randy, and Aurora looks about for a source for the bolt but sees none.

    Taking advantage of the eiger’s pause, Tyrius advances, returning the battering blow he received with two from his own warhammer. Now it is the eiger’s turn to be knocked back, staggering. A single arrow from Babshapka, followed by a shower of thorns, fells him (Babshapka has used 5 arrows and has cast hail of thorns as a second-level slot).

    An eiger climbs the stairs and emerges to where Thokk awaits. He lifts his club over his head to strike, but gets it caught behind him under the floor of the chamber (or the ceiling of the room from which he is coming). Thokk takes advantage of his awkward position by striking him twice with his sword. There are at least two more eigers on the stairs behind the one Thokk is fighting, but they cannot make it past their comrade and up into the room. They hurl crude spears over the head of their comrade, one of which strikes Thokk in the shoulder with great force. (Thokk at 45/56).

    An eiger clomps down the stairs. Seeing his comrade at the bottom engaged with Tyrius, he jumps off the stairs themselves, landing heavily next to Shefak, then smashes his club down on top of her in a bone-jarring blow (Shefak takes 17, at 22/39). Shefak summons a blast of energy, and leaps up faster than the eiger can follow. She whirls at him with a barrage of staff strikes and kicks, until he is left reeling but does not topple. (Shefak used a ki point for flurry of blows, making a total of two staff attacks and two unarmed strikes - one of the unarmed attacks provoked a dex save but the eiger made his save).

    Willa strikes twice at the eiger Shefak is fighting. It has taken a tremendous amount of damage, but is still up. Larry rushes over, shooting a poison spray in its face, and it finally drops to the floor, turning green before it expires.

    At the end of round 4; four eigers down but three trying to ascend the stairs from below

    Round 5
    Babshapka, seeing that Thokk has the closest eiger on the stairs well in hand, moves so that he has a clear shot on the second one, which is barely in view above the level of the floor. He launches two arrows. One hits the eiger in its thick, muscled neck - and immediately sprouts vines that grow over the brute’s face and head; the other sinks into its chest. (Babshapka has used 7 arrows and has cast ensnaring strike at first level).

    With his party members now firing onto the stairs, Thokk sees no reason to end this fight quickly - he begins to move defensively, satisfied that his dodges and feints are keeping three eigers from reaching the party. “Thokk is master tactician,” he thinks happily.

    From the upper stairs, a new eiger emerges - but a much smaller one, at only four feet high and not even two hundred pounds. It skips down the steps and attempts to hit Tyrius with a small club that bounces harmlessly off his armor. The paladin clouts it with his hammer, and it collapses on floor. Tyrius took care not to deal it a mortal blow, and is reasonably sure it has merely been knocked out. “Don’t kill the children!” shouts Tyrius to the group, but Thokk chortles, and Aurora sniggers at the command. Tyrius turns and moves to support Thokk. Larry is already there, shooting more poison at the eiger highest up the steps, but this time his spray harmlessly soaks the hides covering its chest.

    Shefak prepares for the next eiger to come down the stairs from above. A second later one emerges. It is one of the brutish giants, to be sure, but a female one, judging from her huge, uncovered dugs. Her hair is longer than the males’, as well, though still filthy and matted. Shefak leaps in the air and trips the eigeress with her staff. As she tumbles forward down the stairs, a kick to her head knocks her unconscious. Her massive bulk half slides and half tumbles off the open stairs, forcing Shefak to dive and roll out of the way and Willa to step aside as the eigeress plummets to the floor.

    Another of the “small” eigers appears on the stairs, but pauses as it sees Shefak standing over the body of the adult female. “Maaaawr!” it screams in rage, then launches itself off the stairs and through the air at Shefak. It lands near her, but she finds the blows from its club slow and easy to dodge. While it is attacking Shefak, Willa steps up behind it and strikes the broad side of her greatsword hard against the back of its skull. It collapses to the floor and Tyrius nods his approval.

    The eigers on the stairs below continue to throw spears at Thokk, but he dodges them neatly while still engaging the one in front of him. Suddenly a second frigid beam of darkness streaks through the chamber, hitting the uppermost eiger and seeming to paralyze his club hand with cold. Aurora looks around, trying to ascertain from whence the rays are coming (Perception check: 2). “The Tower!” she shouts. “The Tower is defending itself!” She is now convinced that they have somehow activated ancient warding magics and the tower has animated to fight on their side against the eigers. She smugly sends her own firebolt against the eiger at the top of the stairs to the floor below, felling it. It collapses in front of Thokk, blocking off the stairs from its companions beneath it.

    At the end of round 5; five eigers down, two trying to ascend the stairs, and a female with two cubs all three knocked out

    Round 6
    A third bolt of darkness streaks from the center of the tower, hitting the eiger lower on the stairs.

    Shefak listens, but hears nothing coming from above, so she moves to support Thokk.

    With the combat in the room itself over, Thokk decides to back up and let the remaining eigers up the stairs so that everyone can attack them. However, at this point, he has Babshapka, Shefak, Larry, and Tyrius all pressing in behind him, and he is unable to withdraw. He continues to dodge the thrown spears of the eigers in the chamber below, however.

    Babshapka continues to loose shafts, sinking more into the body of the closer eiger (total 9 used). The vines from before grow thorns and rake at its face. The eiger howls in rage and pain and rips the vines from its head, casting them aside. It climbs unstably over the body of its dead companion, then desperately lunges forward on all fours, trying to grab Thokk with its massive fist. Thokk sidesteps the grab and the eiger collapses on its stomach on top of the body of its companion. The second eiger throws a spear at Thokk, but misses badly, and the spear sinks deep into the back of the living eiger above.

    Larry, Tyrius, and Willa are prepared to strike any eigers in range, but for the moment the fight is confined to the stairs.

    Randy tugs at his lead, and manages to get close enough to the throne to nose through the piles of refuse.

    At the end of round 6; five eigers down, two trying to ascend the stairs, and a female with two cubs all three knocked out

    Round 7
    The eiger on his belly slides back down and stands on the first unoccupied stair. Eager to take the fight to him, Shefak runs up behind Thokk and, using her staff to vault, launches herself into the air. She slides down the wall, landing in front of the eiger. He has seen her coming, however, and blocks her first staff strike with so much force that she is knocked to the ground in front of him. As he raises his club over his head to strike at her prone form, she brings her staff up in a hard thrust under his hides and between his legs. As he bellows in agony, she drops the staff, sits up, and proceeds to pummel him in the groin with a flurry of blows from her hands. At the end of this, he collapses unconscious from pain, threatening to land on top of her. She slides down the stairs between his legs, behind him on her back at the last instant, then rolls to the side before the third eiger can charge her, dropping ten feet down the open shaft and landing prone on the dirt floor of the chamber below. Unfortunately, her staff is pinned beneath the fallen body of the eiger on the stairs above. (Shefak has used her second ki point for flurry of blows and her slow fall to avoid taking damage from her drop).

    Randy squeals in terror - “Eeeehaw!” Larry spins, and sees a horde of rats, each three feet long or more, emerging from under the piles of refuse. Larry strides forward and sprays poison from his hands, and one of the rats chitters in annoyance, before five of its nest-mates swarm over him, looking for any gaps in his armor. One latches onto the back of his knee, another his leather gauntlet. (Larry at 50/59). Randy is overrun by fully six of the beasts. He tries to flee, but his lead is tied firmly to the dead eiger in the center of the room. He squeals again, then thrashes as he goes down, rats on top of him, ripping pieces of flesh from his hide.

    Aurora yells “Randy’s getting eaten!” but moves away from the rats and to the entrance of the tower. She points a finger back at the northern half of the tower and mouths the words “fireball, fireball” faintly, though she does not summon the spell itself after she realizes how small the space is.

    A shadow glides silkily past Thokk, the two fallen eigers on the stairs, and the standing one at the bottom. The stairs descend through several feet of the solid, violet marble, and then the left side opens out into the empty space of a chamber while the right side transitions to a wall of gray, rough hewn stone down to the basement floor, which is of muddy dirt. A torch gutters in a wall sconce. The ceiling in this circular room (D1) is black with soot and arched to 12’ height. There is a hogshead in the center of the room; a stoppered bunghole and a set of knucklebones on its top. A considerable breeze blows up the stairs and the torch flames dance wildly. Shefak lies face-down on the dirt floor near the stairs. The stairs are covered in muddy footprints; there are footprints all over the floor but deeper impressions around the barrel. The room reeks of stale urine.

    Thokk, holding his sword in front of him, climbs over the two fallen eigers on the stairs and advances until he is practically on the bottom steps and face to face with the last remaining eiger. He slashes it twice and drives it back into the underground chamber. It tries to drop the spear it was holding and switch to its club, but drops that as well, and Thokk slashes it again.

    Willa turns and runs to Randy’s side, dispatching two of the vile rats that are even now feasting on his flesh. His frenzied thrashing has ceased and he is still, though a crazed look is frozen in his wide eyes. Babshapka kills one rat with a bowshot and wounds another (total 11 arrows used).

    “Hang on, Larry!” calls Tyrius and crosses the room to his former charge. His warhammer crushes two of the rats into paste.

    At the end of round 7; nine eigers down (including a female and two young unconscious) and one still fighting in the room below, but a dozen giant rats have joined the combat and seven of these are still left

    Round 8
    The eiger facing Thokk suddenly goes stiff - his eyes frosting over - and it collapses on the dirt floor, with no apparent cause. Thokk guffaws. “Ha! Eiger so scared of Thokk he dies! Haw, haw!” Thokk looks around the basement chamber, where a torch gutters in the breeze. “Why kicky woman on floor?” he asks Shefak.

    Babshapka shoots at and wounds the rat gnawing at Larry’s hand - it releases its hold and scurries back. Then he tries a harder shot - the rat on Larry’s shoulder, trying to bite his nose through his helmet. Thunk! The shaft parts the chain link and sinks into Larry’s neck. “OCH, ye FOOL!” shouts Larry. (13 arrows used, Larry to 38/59).

    Still muttering, Larry rushes to Randy’s side, hoping to use one of his cure spells - but he finds the mule too far gone, the stone floor around him slick with blood and the rats making good progress at working his organs free of his belly. “Bullocks!” curses Larry dejectedly.

    Shefak stands up, brushes herself off, and looks around the basement chamber, but finds nothing to keep her interest. She moves to the stairs.

    Between them, Tyrius and Willa slay three more rats. Aurora firebolts one more, and Thokk dashes up the basement stairs to kill two more. Giant rats are not as worthy opponents as eigers, but battle is battle, Thokk sighs.

    At the end of round 8; ten eigers down (including a female and two young unconscious), and only a single giant rat left in the fight

    Round 9
    Babshapka skewers the last rat with an arrow (total 14 used), then jumps up on the marble throne to survey the refuse. He does not see any movement.

    Shefak climbs the stairs and spends the round prying her staff out from under the body of the collapsed eiger.

    An eiger barrels down the stairs from above. He tries to swing at Larry, but immediately trips on the body of another eiger and sprawls out prone. As he crashes to the floor, his shoulder slams into Aurora’s legs - she bobbles but manages to keep her feet. The southern half of the tower is nearly filled with fallen eigers, and movement is difficult with nary a spot of open stone floor.

    Spirits buoyed by a new non-rat opponent, Thokk whoops, runs, and jumps to clear the bodies of the fallen. He lands by the prostrate eiger, which is even now struggling to stand up. Thokk buries his longsword in its back, and laughs at its struggles. Willa takes a more circuitous route to the eiger’s side, but she slashes it twice when she reaches it, ending its attempts to regain its feet.

    Aurora prepares to firebolt the next eiger down the stairs, and she does not have to wait long before another one appears, her bolt singing its hairy chest. Tyrius has worked his way over to where the stairs are about waist high for him. He slams his warhammer overhand into the knee of the eiger that Aurora firebolted, but when he raises his weapon to take another swing, the eiger snatches it from his grasp, then tosses it up the stairs to the floor above.

    Another eiger appears on the stairs, but cannot get past his standing companion. He throws a spear at Tyrius, but the shaft ricochets off the paladin’s heavy plate armor.

    At the end of round 9, Randy is dead, along with a dozen giant rats. Fully eleven eigers, either dead or unconscious, lie in the chamber, on the stairs, or in the basement below. Another two eigers are still fighting on the stairs from above, and there are sounds of more approaching!

    Round 10
    The southern half of the tower is cluttered with bodies and movement is difficult, though the huge eigers seem to have less trouble stepping over the bodies of their fallen than the party does. Larry can barely see over the bulk of the brutes, even when they are flat-out on the floors.

    Willa leaps over the body of the unconscious cub at the base of the stairs and climbs the steps to engage the adult further up. With two slashes of her greatsword, she fells the hulking giant. As its body collapses, she presses herself against the wall and out of the way.

    From his mount atop the throne, Babshapka shoots forth another arrow. It misses the last eiger standing on the stairs by a great deal, and in fact comes closer to Tyrius, standing at its feet. Babshapka’s second arrow hits the eiger (total 16 used).

    Thokk climbs awkwardly over the bodies of the fallen and to the wall. He jumps and gains the stairs above him with his hands, then tries to pull himself up to the landing behind the eiger, but his feet slip along the smooth marble, and he cannot ascend.

    An eiger cub dashes down the stairs. Ignoring the adult standing over Tyrius, it darts past him and swings a club as thick as Willa’s thigh into her shoulder, but the blow is absorbed by her plate armor and she keeps her feet.

    An eigeress appears at the top of the stairs. She leaps down, landing heavily on the floor below. She charges at Tyrius, but trips over the body of a fallen companion - as she crashes toward him, Tyrius backs up, and she ends up sprawled at Tyrius’ feet.

    A second eigeress appears on the stairs. With the battle raging in the southern half of the tower, she leaps off the stairs and heads for Babshapka on the throne. She brings a club down on him, but he jumps off the throne at the last second, and the club thuds into the marble chair. Standing confused over the throne, the eigeress is suddenly surrounded by a green glow, and Babshapka sinks a shaft deep into her side. [Babshapka’s reaction: Giant Killer. Bonus Action: Hunter’s Mark. 17 arrows used, three left in quiver.]

    Shefak leaps from body to body, crossing the room without even touching the floor. With two blows over her staff, she knocks unconscious the cub fighting Willa on the stairs, then slips past both of them and springs up the steps. The eiger above her swings a club at her. She leaps out of the way and the club hits the marble steps.

    An eigeress appears on the stairs, leaps to the floor, and joins her sister trying to smash Babshapka. The wood elf darts in, under, and around the throne, avoiding their clumsy blows.

    Tyrius tries to pull himself up to the stairs, but his heavy armor weighs him down. He fares no better than Thokk, and is left struggling at the base of the stairs.

    A third eigeress leaps down the stairs and crosses the room. Babshapka has run out of room to maneuver, and the eigeress knocks him back into the wall, taking the wind from him. (14 damage, Babshapka at 34/48).

    Larry turns to help his companion. The area around the throne fills with a pale but oddly piercing light (moonbeam). The skin of two of the eigresses begins to redden and burn. They shriek in pain and confusion. Larry moves away from the stairs and towards the throne.

    The tower continues to defend itself, or perhaps Babshapka. Three bolts of ebony appear in the air and strike at the one eigeress not in the moonbeam.

    At the end of round 10, fully fourteen eigers, either dead, unconscious, or prone, lie in the chamber, on the stairs, or in the basement below. One eiger is still up and fighting on the stairs going up, and another three are surrounding Babshapka! A dozen giant rats and Randy lie dead inthe chamber.

    Round 11
    Given the three eigresses around him, and his movement further restricted by the moonbeam, Babshapka ceases attacking, and takes purely defensive action, dodging the clubs and kicks of the giants. Aurora sends a firebolt to support him, but it misses an eigeress and explodes harmlessly on the high stone ceiling.

    Willa steps by Shefak on the stairs and slices both the legs of the remaining eiger in front of her. Blood flows freely from the giant, making the marble slick underfoot. He staggers, but responds with a club-blow that glances off her magic armor.

    The eigeress that was prone at Tyrius’ feet stands unsteadily, then brings her club down in a blow that is absorbed by plate and padding.

    A huge eiger, even larger than the others (if that is possible), appears at the top of the stairs. He surveys the room angrily, but does not immediately move into action. Thokk takes the opportunity to heave himself up onto the steps and stand. He tilts his head back and bellows his rage and battle lust, then attacks the eiger facing Willa. He chops it twice across its back, then bellows again, daring either of the eigers on the stairs to face him. The closer one spins and bashes its club into the wall with tremendous force. Thokk avoids the blow, but the impact is so great that the eiger tumbles off the stairs and onto the floor below, narrowly missing Tyrius in his fall.

    Larry makes a gesture, and a long vine appears in his hands. He flicks it forward, and it coils around the neck of the great eiger at the top of the stairs, then suddenly grows thorns, biting into his flesh. Larry throws all his weight backwards, and the surprised eiger is jerked off his feet unexpectedly. He plummets to the ground, landing on both the fallen eiger from a moment before and on Tyrius. The other eiger, already greatly wounded, is slain by the impact, while Tyrius is trapped under a half-ton or more of giant! (Tyrius at 8/49).

    The three eigeresses surrounding Babshapka rain blows down upon him. Two connect, and he is badly bruised. He continues to dodge, but fires an arrow when the opportunity presents itself. (Babshapka at 8/48. Giant Killer as reaction. Two arrows remaining).

    An eiger cub at the top of the stairs tosses his weapon to the floor below. He turns and lowers himself down the wall, seizes his club, and runs forward to attack the elf that is assaulting his mother and aunts. He stops short of passing through the moonbeam, however, growling and hopping in frustration.

    With no eigers left on the stairs, Shefak turns to the eigeress that has just stood up on the floor. Level with the chest of the giantess, she strikes twice with her staff, then leaps off the stairs to kick it in the face. Using the force of the recoil, she flips in the air and dives back to the stairs.

    The next eiger at the top of the stairs is different than the others. He is smaller than the adults but more muscular, and is clad in a great suit of gleaming black armor. He looks warily at the battle below but does not descend further.

    For the first time in the battle, the mysterious elven woman throws back her hood. Her skin is alabaster, her hair long and as white as bone. She holds forth her hands, fingers spread wide. Her amber eyes flash, and four bolts of jet-black force shoot from her fingers, slamming into the largest of the three eigeresses surrounding Babshapka. The giantess roars in pain.

    Round 12
    Shefak inhales deeply, then sprints past Thokk and attacks the armored eiger at the top of the stairs with a flurry of blows. She hits him with her staff then lands another three unarmed blows before he manages to draw a sword and slash at her. She backs away, bleeding. The blade would be a bastard sword to a human, but he wields it one-handed without difficulty.

    Willa jumps off the tower stairs and forces her way through the bodies on the floor of the room. She strikes twice at one of the eigresses attacking Babshapka.

    Larry uses his thorn whip to jerk the armored eiger off the stairs and away from Shefak.

    The eiger cub on the floor finds a way around the moonbeam and swings at Babshapka. The elf avoids the new attack, but in doing so is clipped by the club of an eigeress. (Babshapka now at 4/48). Aurora firebolts the eigeress in response, and she drops to the ground ablaze. Babshapka leaps over her body and away from the throne, heading towards Willa.

    The eigeress in the center of the room charges Aurora and lands a glancing club blow. (Aurora takes 13, now at 20/33).

    The great eiger on top of Tyrius struggles to his feet. Apparently he has had enough of this fight. He stumbles to the doorway, then bellows in rage to find it blocked by Eddard (facing out and unaware of his approach). With a massive underhanded blow, he crashes his club into the horse’s rear flank, knocking him into the wall. Tyrius receives Eddard’s telepathic cry for help, but the paladin is still prone on the floor. (Eddard is at 13/24). The armored eiger appears to agree that the battle is lost - he crosses the floor and impales Eddard on his bastard sword, burying the blade up to the hilt. (Eddard takes 15). The horse spasms and then disappears in a fine mist - his saddle, quarter sheet, and chain barding dropping to the stone floor. The armored eiger, his bloody sword now free, continues out the entry tunnel. Too late, Tyrius struggles painfully to his feet, then slips on the blood-slick floor and goes down again.

    Thokk screams a war cry and jumps off the stairs at the eigeress attacking Aurora. He lands poorly and goes to his knees. From across the room Umbra points her finger and a ray of darkness streaks toward the eigeress. Her skin goes a clammy blue and she drops stiffly to the floor.

    Round 13
    With no combatants in range, Shefak slips on her ring of invisibility and proceeds up the stairs to the next level. The stairs ascend along the wall of violet marble, pass through a foot thick stone floor, and then the right side opens out into the empty space of a chamber (2) while the stairs continue more steeply up to another level. A wall sconce with a torch is about halfway up the stairs. A battered and stained wooden table is in the center of the room. Arranged haphazardly about the room but away from the table and stairs are four clumsily woven reed mats. A single battered copper pot rests on the floor, its contents covered by a lid. Shefak doesn’t have time to see more before she has to get off the stairs and out of the way of three more brutes coming down from the level above. She plans on attacking the last one once the other two have passed into the chamber below.

    Thokk yells and charges at the great eiger in the doorway. He trips on a body and sprawls at the eiger’s feet. The eiger grins and clouts Thokk with his club. Thokk howls in rage, rolls around, and beats his fists in fury on the stone floor.

    Free of the eigresses attacking him, Babshapka moves toward the door and the fleeing eiger leaders. He shouts for Aurora to do the same. Willa backs away from the eigeresses and spits. “I tire o’ fightin’ women an’ bairns,” she mumbles to herself. She turns and moves with Babshapka across the room, ready to defend her wounded companion. Spying Thokk hale but on the ground, she shouts at him, “Get up, man! Ye be embarrassin’ yerself an’ me!”

    Umbra glides smoothly across the floor and offers her hand to Tyrius. He takes it gratefully and rises, finally steady on his feet. Her hand feels cool to the touch, even through his leather gauntlets. He grasps his holy symbol and says a brief prayer to Pelor. (Tyrius lays hands on himself, healing 7 hp; now at 15/49).

    The great eiger, rather than flee, has decided he enjoys hitting Thokk while the half-orc is defenseless on the ground. He raises his club overhead, and brings it down in a massive blow to the barbarian. (critical hit does 26 points damage, halved to 13 because of Thokk’s rage)

    Larry turns his attention to keeping the moonbeam centered on the eigresses around the throne. One goes down, slain by its searing rays. The other, accompanied by the cub, withdraws from the throne to the stairs, trying but failing to scale the wall.

    Above, the first eiger of the trio who ran past Shefak down the stairs is shocked at the carnage below. He stops, turns, and begins to urge his companions back up the stairs with grunts and gesticulations.

    Round 14
    Babshapka tries to slip by the great eiger and out the doorway, so as to shoot at the fleeing armored eiger. He stumbles on a body and lands near the great brute. The eiger chortles and bashes Babshapka unconscious with his club. Aurora responds with a firebolt, and he grunts.

    The eigeress attempting to flee upstairs takes the cub, lifts him over her head, and sets him on the landing above her, just as an invisible Shefak comes down the stairs. The monk knocks the cub unconscious with two blows of her staff while the eigeress howls in dismay and flails her arms in a vain attempt to shield the child. For good measure, Shefak turns and kicks the eigeress in the head.

    As more of the party converges on the exterior doorway, the great eiger receives another firebolt, and two slashes of Willa’s greatsword, and then two more from Thokk’s longsword once the barbarian is on his feet. The brute snatches up the lantern Willa left at the entryway with its offhand, then swings it with full force at Thokk. The glass shatters, the iron belly is rent, and Thokk is covered in flaming oil. More oil spills out on the floor, blocking the entryway. The brute hops over the flames, though not before Willa stabs him in his retreating back (attack of opportunity). Larry jumps over a fallen eiger and lashes his thorn whip through the flames, but he misses the retreating brute.

    Umbra guides Tyrius to Babshapka’s side and the paladin heals the fallen elf.

    Round 15
    Ignoring the fact that he is still on fire, Thokk runs out the entryway. He easily overtakes the fleeing great eiger and buries his sword in its back. It collapses on the cold ground, writhing in death throws and gushing blood. As he wrenches his sword out, Thokk looks up and sees the armored eiger, some sixty feet away and heading for the trees.

    Larry climbs over eiger bodies, then broad jumps across the pool of flaming oil. “Larry - leave’em be!” calls Willa. Two eigers outside the tower is not an issue - surely there is no help to summon - but if they completely divide the party, drawing off its best healer, what happens when the next wave comes down the stairs? Larry either doesn’t hear or doesn’t heed her, though, and keeps moving down the entryway.

    Shefak sprints down the stairs and leaps easily over the flames. She runs out of the tower, overtaking Thokk in seconds, and nearly gains the armored eiger.

    Willa moves to the stairs going down. She slaps the unconscious eiger, but he does not stir. She hears distant shouts from the floors above.

    Umbra shoots a ray of darkness at the eigeress attempting to scale the stairs. The brute is frozen in mid-climb, then topples over on the floor, dead.

    With the chamber clear of combatants, Babshapka starts looking about for arrows. He recovers three from his missed shots, all intact.

    Round 16 and beyond
    Thokk taunts the fleeing eiger and launches a javelin that lodges in its armor. It turns and draws its sword. With three swift strokes it slices through Shefak, leaving her unconscious and bleeding on the frozen grass. A fourth stroke misses Thokk just as he arrives. (Half-eiger fighter uses his Action Surge for four attacks this round).

    From the doorway of the tower, Larry shouts an eldritch word, and sends forth a great shaft of lightning. Neither the eiger nor Thokk can get out of the way of the bolt, and they gasp and spasm as it arcs through them. Fortunately it passes harmlessly above Shefak, who is already on the ground. The eiger and Thokk collapse, smoking. The eiger is dead, Thokk unconscious for a second, before he rises weakly to his knees, then his feet. (at 1 hp: Relentless End).

    “Haw, haw, good shot, Larry!” Thokk says good-naturedly, poking his sword at the slain eiger. “Next time, Larry warn Thokk to jump out of way!” he adds, with just the slightest hint of menace.

    Inside the tower, Tyrius is using cure spells on the wounded party members, while Babshapka looks for more arrows. Eventually he begins pushing them through bodies and pulling them out the other sides. Some have their heads nicked on bone, the fletching peeled, or even the shafts warped from his pushing and pulling. Not ideal, but he has a feeling he will need them all nonetheless. Eventually he has four arrows in good condition and sixteen less than good. (Note; the damaged arrows will be at -1 to hit and damage).

    Willa keeps alert for signs of more eigers, but begins moving the cubs to the top landing, where the one that Shefak knocked out most recently lies. They are a head shorter than Willa, but she can barely get her arms around their stout chests as she half drags and half carries them up the stairs - she is confident they weigh more than she does. Tyrius helps with the last two. With all four cubs on the top landing, they may slow down the next assault, or even be pulled upstairs to safety by adults. At any rate, they will not be on the chamber floor below, should a melee break out again. Aurora makes rude faces at Willa for her “motherly concern”, but only when Tyrius is not looking.

    Outside, Thokk binds Shefak’s wounds until her breathing stabilizes, then turns his attention to the fallen warrior. Thokk realizes he is actually a half-eiger, which explains his smaller stature. Typically these come about when eigers keep human female captives, though the women seldom survive the births. The warrior has a large metal shield and huge bastard sword, but the quality of both of them is poor. His armor is more interesting - it is scale over leather, and Thokk had assumed the scales were of horn, since they are gleaming black. However, closer inspection reveals them to be more likely the exoskeleton of some giant insect, hard and with just a little flexibility. Thokk cuts the bindings on one of the black scales and takes it as a trophy.

    By this point, Aurora has emerged from the tower, and eagerly engages in searching the bodies. Her first thought is to gather the arms and armor into a pile and use a charge from her wand of detect magic, but seeing the poor quality of what is present, she changes her opinion. Instead, she contents herself with opening the course cloth pouches that are tucked into their belts. The half-eiger’s pouch has 13 silver coins, a garnet, and a large iron key. The great eiger’s holds 80 silver coins and a peridot.

    When Aurora starts counting the coins, Thokk loses interest. He slings an unconsciousness Shefak over his shoulder and he and Larry walk back inside. Willa is now checking the eigers on the floor of the tower, determining which are slain and which are merely unconscious. “This one is stirring,” Thokk hears her say to Tyrius. Thokk lays Shefak at the paladin’s feet, strides over to Willa, and slits the unconscious eiger’s throat.

    “Good job, evil advisor,” he says. “Thokk almost let that one live.”
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    Sat Mar 21, 2020 9:36 am  

    I figured the smaller-stature eiger was a half-ogre. :)

    I was dismayed at Eddard's death. I wonder if you allow him to return from his celestial kingdom, or if Tyrius will have to summon a brand new warhorse.

    I am curious about your use of females and young when it comes to battling evil humanoids.

    When my friends and I were in high school, we had serious problems (arguments) over the killing of such creatures - especially when they were non-combatants. I solved that problem (as DM) by deciding that in my campaign, humanoids are devoid of agency. I reasoned that (back under AD&D rules) since their godly pantheons were made up of purely evil gods - not a single good god of orcs, goblinkind, gnolls, ogres, etc. - that those pantheons created their mortal worshippers as mini-me's. With no good representatives to argue about it, they were simply created as evil beings. Thus, humanoids are basically fiends in mortal flesh.

    After that, no one in the party ever worried about killing orc women or children. They were to be stamped out like cockroaches.

    If I wanted to force my players to make difficult moral decisions like that, all I had to do was have the bad guys be human, demi-human, or another race that had the agency to choose between good and evil.

    Your players, Kirt, seem to be unaffected by such concerns. :P

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    Mon Mar 23, 2020 3:33 pm  

    SirXaris wrote:
    I was dismayed at Eddard's death. I wonder if you allow him to return from his celestial kingdom, or if Tyrius will have to summon a brand new warhorse.

    I like Eddard as an NPC too much to lose him. He will return the next time Tyrius has a chance to cast Find Steed

    SirXaris wrote:
    I am curious about your use of females and young when it comes to battling evil humanoids...If I wanted to force my players to make difficult moral decisions like that, all I had to do was have the bad guys be human, demi-human, or another race that had the agency to choose between good and evil. Your players, Kirt, seem to be unaffected by such concerns. :P

    The players are indeed affected by such concerns, even if some of the characters are not. Even the player of the two least-good characters (Thokk and Aurora) afterword said that he felt bad for having made widows and orphans in the battle.

    While I have not asked the characters to choose alignments, I have tried to set the world up so that a good-aligned character would generally be concerned with preserving the life of a sentient creature, even one whose goals are opposed to their own. However, the world also acknowledges the reality of itself as a violent setting of feudal justice and holds absolute the right of self-defense.

    As far as the nature of humanoids, my world-building agrees that the humanoid races were the creations of evil gods, and as such they have inherently evil tendencies and instincts. However, they also have Free Will, because it is their actual choice to worship evil deities that provides said deities with power, or at least far more power than could be obtained from worship by creatures without choice. Thus, individual humanoids can certainly choose to not be evil, and culture and environment are key in supporting that choice. Way back in Post 2, I explained that Tyrius originally spared Thokk upon their first meeting by remembering the case of "St. Jalnir the Gentle, a half-orc Peloran priest of legend."

    It was important in this particular combat that both the females and young took up arms against the party (even if they did so in defense of their homes). Had the females and young instead surrendered, or at least not attacked, my guess is that they would have been spared by everyone except perhaps Thokk. And certainly Tyrius would have not only spared any who surrendered, but actively intervened against his own party members to prevent any of them from attacking a foe that had surrendered. Note that as it was, even after being attacked by them, Shefak, Willa, and Tyrius were all deliberately striking to knock the females and young unconscious and move the unconscious young out of harm's way, while it was Thokk who was executing them. The irony of the last line of the post comes from the fact that Willa was checking on who was alive and who was not in order to save and take prisoner anyone who was unconscious, while Thokk thought that she was doing so in order to make sure that they were all dead. A lot of the humor of Thokk comes from the contrast between what he thinks is happening with what is actually happening - for example, he imagines himself to be the leader of the party.

    If you are interested in ethical dilemmas and the different responses of the characters to such, you might want to re-read Post 11, in which the party had to decide what to do with the two captured smugglers from the Haunted House after they refused to talk.
    My campaigns are multilayered tapestries upon which I texture themes and subject matter which, quite frankly, would simply be too strong for your hobbyist gamer.
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    Mon Mar 23, 2020 5:50 pm  

    You cut arrows out of the dead to recover them in very good condition, not push them through to likely damage them. Wink

    Good commentary though! Like reading a detailed after-action report. Cool
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    Mon Mar 23, 2020 8:03 pm  

    Cebrion wrote:
    You cut arrows out of the dead to recover them in very good condition, not push them through to likely damage them. Wink

    I must admit ignorance, I have never fired an arrow at a live target.
    So, pushing the arrow through is only to remove it from a living, but wounded, target to minimize the damage in getting it out?

    Mechanistically, at this point I was having the player make luck rolls (4dF) for all shots fired to determine how many could be recovered intact, how many damaged, and how many not usable at all.

    Since then, I have read

    I now have the player count that hits are recoverable (unless they crit) and misses are not.
    My campaigns are multilayered tapestries upon which I texture themes and subject matter which, quite frankly, would simply be too strong for your hobbyist gamer.
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    Tue Mar 24, 2020 7:18 am  
    Post 109: Exploring the Tower

    DM's Note on Sources: The tower and its inhabitants come from David Prata's "Tower of Azal'Lan".

    This and subsequent posts will contain many spoilers. The identity of rooms is indicated in bold.

    Post 109: Exploring the Tower
    Somewhere in the Little Hills, actual date unknown
    6:15am, Tower Day 1

    Willa makes sure Shefak receives healing and then shares her tally with the party:

    Randy: dead, near throne

    Eddard: sent back to Celestial realm

    12 giant rats: dead, spread throughout northern half of the room

    Dead eigers (16): [numbers in brackets are their designation in the module]
    Three, outside the tower [1, L1, H]
    One, in the chamber below [4]
    One, on the stairs going down [5]
    One, on the stairs going up [7]
    Ten, in the first floor chamber [2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, F2, F3, F4, F5]

    Incapacitated eigers (6):
    (Willa correctly guesses that Thokk doesn’t understand the meaning of the word incapacitated and so does not move to slay them):
    One, on the stairs going down [6]
    One female, at the bottom of the stairs [F1]
    Four cubs, on the landing at the top of the stairs [Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4]

    Fled eigers (3):
    Three, to the third story or higher

    Once her tally is confirmed by Tyrius, Willa opens the discussion to what they should do next. The party is agreed that they should find somewhere defensible to rest and heal, and that the chamber is not such a place. The eigers have ceased their attacks for now, but who knows when they will start again? Several of the party are of the opinion that the tower is magical and can produce a never-ending supply of eigers.

    Aurora suggests they withdraw outside and make camp, but Willa quickly overrides this. A camp would not be defensible at all, and their taking of this chamber was too hard-won - she does not want to have to repeat that. A few suggest pushing forward, pursuing the eigers up the stairs, but there is not a general consensus for this. “At least we need to recover my hammer,” says Tyrius modestly. Shefak slips on her ring and disappears. A few minutes later Tyrius’ hammer flies down the stairs and into the chamber.

    Others suggest that they try the chamber below. Willa is not keen to move them someplace they can be trapped, but she does admit the idea of a room with stone walls and a single entry point is reassuringly defensible.

    Nothing has been heard of the eigers for the last quarter hour. Willa gives the party leave to scout as they desire; depending on what they find she will make a decision.

    Shefak continues up the stairs into the third level of the tower (3). The stairs ascend along the wall of violet marble, pass through a foot thick stone floor, and then the right side opens out into the empty space of a chamber while the stairs continue more steeply up to another level. Rotten cushions and pillows litter the stone floor of this room. Between them is a large overturned wooden box, from which furtive scratching can be heard. The room is about 12 feet across. Shefak creeps slowly closer to the box, fascinated and repulsed in equal measures. As she approaches, the scratching sounds grow more frantic.

    Willa, Tyrius, Umbra, and Babshapka remain in the ground floor chamber. Babshapka carefully examines the marble throne, while the others post themselves looking and listening downstairs (Tyrius), upstairs (Umbra), and outside (Willa). Willa, in the entryway, checks her lantern, and finds it incapable of holding oil, so rent is the iron. She leaves it.

    Aurora, Thokk, and Larry go down into the basement level (D1). As Thokk saw before, the stairs descend through about eight feet of the solid, violet marble on both sides, and then the left side opens out into the empty space of a chamber while the right side follows a wall of rough hewn stone down to the basement floor, which is of muddy dirt. A torch gutters in a wall sconce. The ceiling in the circular room is arched to 12’ height. In the center of the room is an upturned hogshead; a stoppered bunghole is apparent. A considerable wind blows up the stairs and the torch flames dance wildly. The stairs are covered in muddy footprints; there are footprints all over the floor but deep impressions around the barrel. The room reeks of stale urine. There is a dead eiger at the bottom of the stairs, and Thokk grins broadly, recalling the eiger dying of fright upon facing him.

    Thokk crosses the dirt floor and rips the stopper from the bunghole. He sniffs suspiciously, and then deeply. He lifts the hogshead and drinks, wine spilling out onto his chest and running down his torso. He offers the hogshead to Aurora and Larry and, when they refuse, he unstoppers and fills his wineskin, although as much wine makes a muddy stain on the dirt floor as enters his skin.

    Umbra slips into the shadows, moves up the stairs, and examines the battered table and woven mats of the second level. When she does not find anything of interest, she returns down the stairs to the first level.

    Thirst slaked, Thokk looks about the room suspiciously. The guttering torch gives him pause - there certainly is a strong draft here - but they are inside, and downstairs. Where is the draft coming from? When he mentions this to the party, Aurora begins examining the walls for cracks. She lifts the torch from its sconce and walks slowly around the room. The flickers and feel of rushing wind are strongest along the west wall. She replaces the torch and begins feeling along the wall with her hands. A stone at about chest level feels loose, but she cannot budge it.

    Thokk shoves her out of the way and presses hard against the stone. It recesses several inches into the wall. With a sound of stone grating against stone, a door-sized hole appears as a large section of the wall sinks into the floor. A rush of wind and a low moaning sound comes from beyond the door. The wind carries with it a heavy, dank, moldy odor. The room beyond is separated into two long east-west running galleries, with a thick wall or stone support column between them.

    Aurora messages Willa that they have found something, but receives no response. She finds she has to get to the base of the stairs themselves to send the message - the floor must be a foot thick or more of stone to be blocking her spell.

    Willa descends to the basement level, sees the open doorway, and tells Aurora to get Shefak. Aurora ascends the stairs to the first level, tries and fails to rouse Shefak with message, and begins to climb the stairs to the second level. Babshapka moves to her side.

    Shefak kneels by the trunk-sized box. It has no lid or cover, but appears to be an open box that has been turned over to trap something inside. She tries to make comforting sounds to the creatures inside, but their scratching and scrabbling just becomes more frantic.

    On the second floor, Aurora again messages Shefak, asking “What’s up there? We found a secret door in the basement.” This time, she feels her message being received, but there is still no answer. She continues up to the third level, and finds Shefak kneeling beside the box.

    “We need to see what is in here,” says the monk simply.

    Aurora motions her back to the stairwell, then flips the box over with her mage hand. Immediately a half dozen giant rats, as large as those in the throne room below, emerge from the box and begin running wildly about the room. Shefak, Aurora, and Babshapka sprint down the stairs, and the rats soon give chase.

    Umbra and Tyrius hear the trio running down the stairs and follow them into the basement at their appearance, without asking questions. They turn at the bottom, prepared to defend the stairs, but the rats have not followed them.

    (Unbeknownst to the party, the rats paused at the landing to the first level, sniffed at the bodies of the eiger cubs, and began gorging themselves.)

    6:30 am
    The party clusters around the open doorway, peering into the darkness beyond. “Should we explore?” they ask Willa.

    “Nay,” she shakes her head. “We be looking’ fer a place t’ hole up an’ rest, not t’ expose ourselves t’ whatever be lurkin’ in yon dungeon.”

    Aurora looks for, but does not find, a way to close the secret door.

    Now this place be jus’ as exposed as the upstairs,” grouses Willa. “We were s’posed t’ be scoutin’ fer summit more defensible, nay openin’ doors t’ make it less so.”

    Aurora scowls at Willa’s criticism, but then quickly brightens. “Rope trick!” she exclaims. “We’ll make a rope trick rest with the door open. Then if any of the eigers come down here they will find the door open and assume we went into the dungeon. And if anything from the dungeon gets out, it can go bother the eigers...and the rats.” She shivers.

    “Fair eno’,” begrudges Willa, and Aurora proceeds to cast her spell.

    When the rope rises and disappears into the arched ceiling, Umbra looks at it dubiously. She has heard of the spell, of course - but cramming herself into an extradimensional box with these seven bloodthirsty adventurers…

    “It’s that, or you can wait outside for the eigers,” says Aurora shrilly, “or whatever we just freed from the dungeon.”

    In the end, they all ascend the rope, Umbra included. It is cheek-to-jowl inside the nondescript space, but they do have an hour’s uninterrupted rest. [A number of them spend hit dice to recover faster from wounds: Larry (3), Shefak (4), Thokk (4), Babshapka (4), Tyrius (6). Also, Thokk and Babshapka, the only members of the party who did not level in the Ghost Tower, increase their maximum hp for having attained 6th level during the combat. In terms of story awards, I had planned for Thokk and Babshapka to level after the slaying of the Fire Giant in the Ghost Tower; Thokk, because he levels after defeating new and more powerful worthy opponents, Babshapka, since he is on the path of the Giant Killer. However, when they managed to polymorph the giant rather than defeating it in combat, I did not have them level after all. The next trigger would be for Babshapka to be with the party when an ogre was slain, and for Thokk to either slay an ogre himself (no damage from other PCs) or to be in a combat where the total ogre HD exceeded the party's hd]

    (Unbeknownst to the party, while they were in the rope trick, the remaining eigers ventured down the stairs and saw the carnage below. They killed the bloated rats that were feasting on their young. They found their dead leader and hero outside. They even cautiously ventured into the basement, and found the door to the dungeon, hitherto unknown to them, open. The remaining leader and the chieftain then debated their next course of action. While they considered following the party into the dungeon and attacking them there, in the end they were cowed by the party's ability to slay so many of them without taking any losses. They packed and prepared to abandon the tower.)

    (One hour since the dungeon has been open)

    When the party emerges from the rope trick room, there are no signs of eigers or rats, either in the room or in marks on the floor. Neither does anything appear to have emerged from the dungeon, though both the wind and the moaning continue unabated.

    Babshapka cautiously moves to the doorway to check for tracks, but Thokk strides past him into the chamber, kicking up dust and obscuring anything that might have been recorded.

    The room beyond (D3) is separated into two long east-west running galleries, with a thick wall or stone support between them. Against the northernmost wall are wooden shelves, and an open hallway exits to the south. There is a vaulted ceiling, arching to twelve feet high at the center.

    As the party files through the open doorway, Thokk and Babshapka advance to make room for them. They can now see that there are shelves on the west wall as well as the north. These are bookshelves, though they are sparsely populated - fewer than a hundred volumes in all between the two sections. Each book is large and leather-bound.

    Aurora opens her eyes wide and, just behind her, Umbra gasps at the sight. Aurora turns on her. “So, you are interested in books, too?”

    The elf’s features harden. “Yes, though the knowledge I seek is very narrow and specific. And you?”

    “Oh, mostly recipes,” says Aurora.

    “Recipes?” repeats Umbra incredulously.

    “Yes, well, you know, the life of an adventurer. So many nights with camp food, one is always looking for something a little different to spice it up. Oh,” she adds, almost as an afterthought, “and anything that might give us a clue as to Willa’s true parentage, of course. There were so many sailors on that ship…”

    Willa spits in Aurora’s direction and moves off to guard the southern hallway.

    Together, Aurora and Umbra examine the volumes. The leather covers of the books are fuzzy with mold and flaky with dry rot. Most of the pages, however, appear to be intact except for the borders and margins.

    All of the writing is in Ancient Suelese, such that Aurora is the only one able to read them, and she with much effort. The first book she examines is an herbology, and she can only tell that from the scant and faded illustrations and occasional illuminations. It will take her considerable time to determine the contents of each volume, hours to go through them all.

    In the meantime, Babshapka has made a complete circuit of the galleries.

    The dirt and dust in the floor recount decades, if not centuries, of creatures passing, each with their tracks passed and re-passed over so many times as to be indistinguishable. The northern corridor seems to be the source of the wind and moaning. The southern exit is calmer, warmer, and more humid. For its part, it appears to be the source of the moldy smell.

    Dungeon open for 1 hr 15 min

    The second book is on how to use the weather to determine omens, Aurora announces.

    “Stow it, we be movin’” says Willa.

    “But these books are what we came for. Or at least, what we came for could be in these books. I have to check them all,” objects Aurora.

    “An’ yer welcome t’ check ‘em all. But not while we be standin’ in the hall,” says Willa sternly. “First we be findin’ a safe spot t’ take a long rest. Then ye can be readin’ as many o’ th’ books as ye want while the rest o’ us be sleepin’ an’ such.”

    Aurora carefully sets aside the two volumes she has already looked at. By her quick count, there are seventy-some volumes remaining to examine. The party moves into the corridor to the north, which has a lower ceiling than the gallery. It seems to be the source of both the wind and the moaning sound - the smell of mold is lessening as they travel that way.

    From the low-ceilinged corridor they emerge into a large (30’ x 50’) room (D13). The ceiling here is arched to fully 16’ in height. There is scant dust except in the corners, and the wind still blows, though less than in the corridor. There are scattered ashes and burn marks on the walls, floor, and ceiling, but there are no furnishings and the room appears unoccupied. Three wooden doors lead out of the room; the one to the east has large gaps where the planks have rotted away, and much of the lower third of the door itself is missing.

    Babshapka makes sure to move ahead of Thokk before the barbarian disturbs the tracks. The room has many, but these run mainly from the rotten door in the east, across the floor, and out the southern corridor. The dust is less disturbed along the northern wall and around those two intact doors.

    (Dungeon open for 1 hr 25 min)

    Looking for a secure place to rest, away from traffic, Willa tries the door in the northeast first. It is stuck but not locked, so she forces it. The small (10’ x 10’ x 8’) cubicle within (D14) is crowded with a bed, a bathtub, a chair, and a small table. All of them show signs of great age. There are no inhabitants. Investigating, she finds upon the table a plain quill, a pot of dried ink, and a mortar and pestle.

    As more and more of the party presses into the room, Willa urges them out. This will not be a place for them to rest - it is no bigger than the rope trick room, but is packed with furniture. One of them could be comfortable in the narrow bed (if the ancient wood held) and another in the bath, but there is no way the rest of them could pass several hours here comfortably. She tells them to check the other door, while she searches more thoroughly.

    (Dungeon open for 1 hr 35 min)
    Willa pokes through the ancient straw mattress, moves the heavy copper bath, opens the drawers on the desk, but finds nothing. In the meantime, the party enters the next room (D15), which has the ceiling arched to 12’ height. A number of padded armchairs (mostly rotted to their frames) are scattered about the airy room. A silver pentacle is etched into the southern end of the east wall.

    Once Babshapka confirms that the room is safe, Aurora moves to examine the pentacle. She instinctively traces its lines with her finger, and a door appears in the wall, then swings silently inwards.

    New attributes in bold
    Babshapka of the Silverwood
    Sixth level ranger (Hunter Archetype: Giant Killer)/ Wood elf (Folk Hero)
    Str 12 (+1) Dex 18 (+4) Con 12 (+1) Int 12 (+1) Wis 13 (+1) Cha 7 (-1)
    Languages Elven (S/W), Common (S/W)
    Hp. 48
    Skills: Animal Handling, Insight, Investigation, Perception, Stealth, Survival (Temperate Woodlands, Temperate Hills)
    Abilities: Favored Enemy (Hobgoblins, Kobolds, and Giants), Natural Explorer (Woods and Hills), Primeval Awareness
    Fighting Style: Duel-wielding, Extra Attack
    Human-sized Chain shirt+1, broadsword+1, cloak of the manta ray, ring of protection+1, shortsword, longbow
    (1) Ensnaring Strike, Hunter's Mark, Hail of Thorns, Cure Wounds
    (2) Lesser Restoration, Spike Growth

    Thokk of the Crystalmists (Thokk)
    Sixth Level Barbarian / Half-orc (Outlander)
    Str 18 (+4) Dex 14 (+2) Con 16 (+3) Int 5 (-2) Wis 13 (+1) Cha 12 (+1)
    Hp. 66
    Skills: Athletics, Intimidation, Nature, Perception, Survival (mountains)
    Primal Path: Totem Warrior (Wolf)
    Unarmored defense, Longsword+1 (The Sunsword), Shield+2, ring of protection +1, hand axes, javelins
    Extra Attack, Fast Movement (also while stealthy and tracking)
    My campaigns are multilayered tapestries upon which I texture themes and subject matter which, quite frankly, would simply be too strong for your hobbyist gamer.
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    Post 110: An Infernal Fury

    DM's Note on Sources: The tower and its inhabitants come from David Prata's "Tower of Azal'Lan".

    This and subsequent posts will contain many spoilers. The identity of rooms is indicated in bold.

    For the soundtrack while in the Dungeon level, I used "Dungeon I" by Tabletop Audios.

    Post 110: An Infernal Fury
    Somewhere in the Little Hills, actual date unknown. First day in the Tower

    Beyond the secret door is a small chamber (D16), bare except for markings on the floor. Aurora calls for light, and peers in. The floor is inlaid with a 7’ diameter circle with magical markings in powdered gold, platinum, and gems. Aurora believes it to be some sort of warding or protective device, and says as much.

    She backs away from the room, motions the others away, moves to the opposite side of the larger chamber, and withdraws a caltrop from her pack. She sends it slowly across the room with her mage hand. When it breaks the plane of the doorway, something appears in the circle in a flash!

    It is a woman, naked, and kneeling on the stone floor. Her head is bowed, but her arms are held forth pleadingly. Her features appear to be those of a half-elf, at least to Babshapka, who is second-closest to the door and one of two who can see into the room. Thokk has not gotten beyond leering at the woman’s lack of vestments to notice her race.

    Aurora calls out greetings to her in a handful of languages, but before she can finish, several in the party hear a pleading voice in their minds. “Help me…” it whispers, “free me…”

    Thokk takes a step forward, and many in the party call upon him to halt. The woman begins shuddering, and her mental entreaties grow more agonized. Thokk steps forward again, and again the party tells him to halt.

    “Woman cold and naked,” he says, “she need help of Thokk!” In a stroke of orcish genius, he holds forth his 10 foot pole - he does not have to move to pull the woman out of the cursed circle. He offers the pole to her, and when it crosses over the circle carved on the floor, there is another flash.

    The woman stands, her bearing more regal now than pleading. She is still nearly naked, but now with immodestly revealing spiked armor and her pale half-elven skin has become a reddish-copper, her hair dark, her features sharp. Huge wings unfurl in the small room and she begins a deep, throaty, exultant laugh.

    Before the party can respond, the woman-creature strides out of the small secret room and stands just beyond the doorway. She lashes out with a thick, corded rope that flies toward Larry seemingly of its own accord, but the dwarf side-steps it. Unconcerned, the woman slashes at Thokk with a dagger. The half-orc is shocked by her less-than amorous advance, but his combat reflexes enable him to avoid the wicked, curved dagger even as he protests.

    Round 1
    Hurt and confused, Thokk strikes at her with his longsword - the blow slices across her bare abdomen, and others in the party notice the blade is not glowing - whatever this woman is, she is not undead. Aurora fires off three magic missiles that explode against her skin. She grinned at Thokk’s slice, and laughs off the missiles, although they have obviously wounded her. Babshapka shoots two arrows - the first misses her widely, the second she slices out of the air just before impact, cutting it in half with her dagger so that the two pieces fly on either side of her. Umbra shoots a ray of shadow at her, but she bats it out of the way and laughs again. Her laugh is strange - mirthless and mocking, exultant when she is being wounded, frustrated when she misses in her attacks.

    Round 2
    Still in the nearby bedchamber, Willa hears the shouts of her companions and the explosions of spells. She lets fly a string of curses and dashes out of the room as fast as she can, leaving the wooden door open behind her.

    With a lilt of the winged woman’s head, the rope flies back to her and coils tightly around her waist. She rears up with a great rush of her wings and slashes at Thokk with her dagger - one, two, three times! He darts to one side and the other, avoiding each blow, and she howls in wrath. Larry shoots a spray of poison in her face, but she simply ignores it. Umbra shoots a second ray of shadow, and this one actually impacts her, which seems to give her a moment of fleeting pleasure. “Burn woman!” shouts Aurora, and hurls forth what she considers her best firebolt ever - the woman is momentarily surrounded by raging flames, but emerges entirely unscathed. Tyrius strides heavily across the room, his plate armor, well dented from the fight with the eigers, protesting noisily. There is no room for him next to Thokk, but he kicks forward with a booted foot, and the ancient upholstered chair in front of him is shattered in pieces. Taking the position of the erstwhile furnishing, he swings his hammer once and it is batted away by great wings. “Back to hell, evil mistress!” he calls, and swings again. This blow crashes into the woman’s armored shoulder. Convinced that the creature is from some nether plane, Tyrius shouts “BEGONE DEMON LADY!” and channels two levels of spells into a divine smite. An explosion of golden light knocks the woman back into the stone wall. [11 weapon damage, 26 radiant damage, total 37hp].

    At the great flash of light coming through the long holes in the door and out into the larger adjoining chamber, Willa exclaims “Holy Mother of a Sea Cow!” but keeps running.

    Babshapka sends forth two more arrows, but neither hit. Shefak inhales and her fists and feet glow with ki. She runs up, inserting herself neatly in the narrow gap between Thokk and Tyrius. Her blows strike the woman, and she shrieks in a mix of pain and glee. Thokk howls in rage, and steps closer to the wall to give Shefak room. He swings his longsword, but mis-judges, and the sword impacts the stone wall long before it hits the woman - Thokk’s arm is jolted up to the shoulder from the blow, and he drops his sword. He howls again, and strikes with his fist, but the blow deals far less damage to the woman than Shefak’s glowing fists did.

    Round 3
    Recovered now from Tyrius’ blow, the woman steps away from the wall. She makes wide, arcing sweeps with her dagger, menacing all three of the warriors in front of her. The blades slides harmlessly off Tyrius’ armor, but cuts through the flesh of Shefak and Thokk. For a slight slice and little blood drawn, the wounds throb with unnatural pain. Larry completes an entangle spell, and the flagged stone at the woman’s feet cracks open. Green tendrils lash out, growing gigantic as they rise from the floor. Thick vines wrap around all four of the melee combatants - the woman, but Tyrius, Shefak, and Thokk besides. Three of them strain for an instant and then break the vines, but Shefak remains held tight. “Larry,” she cries, struggling feebly against the living restraints, “what have you done?!” With no clear shot, Babshapka drops his bow and draws forth his magical broadsword. Umbra fires forth another shadowy bolt, but this one slams into the wall, leaving a patch of frost on the stone. Tyrius strikes another blow with his hammer, and once again lights the room with the holy radiance of Pelor. The woman screams in agony, and then - did they imagine it? - cries out “Yes!”

    Willa bursts into the room. Before she can draw her greatsword, Babshapka shouts at her, “Willa, magic weapons only!” This gives her pause, and the sight of the demon-woman more so. She pulls out her mace from its loop in her belt.

    Thokk, hearing Willa’s name, shouts over his shoulder, “"Evil advisor, look at this wondrous, beautiful, enemy Thokk brought forth with my pole!"

    “Thokk, what ‘ave ye, done, lad?” she says in awe.

    Round 4
    Umbra summons forth a disembodied, skeletal hand and send its across the room. It goes for the demon’s face, but she bats it away with the back of her wing. She screeches at the three warriors in front of her and slashes at each of them. Tyrius takes the dagger blow and feels its unnatural sting - he looks down to see black ichor dripping from the wound and the blade. Unable to move, Shefak cannot avoid the blow. She passes out from pain when the blade slices across her legs, and now hangs limply in front of the demon, still supported in the air by the vines. Thokk, too, feels its sting, and the creature roars in satisfaction. Aurora lets fly with another volley of three magic missiles. This time when the woman exults at taking damage, her cry is ragged and labored. Larry pushes forward against the vines and touches Shefak, healing her. She gasps as she regains consciousness, but finds herself still entangled, with the demon woman still brandishing the dagger in front of her. “Larry!” she cries again in frustration. Babshapka slashes at the vines with his broadsword in one hand and tries to pull Shefak free with the other, but she remains held fast. When the demoness turns slightly to strike again at Tyrius, Thokk crouches down to recover his sword from the floor, but a buffet of her wings knocks him prone in front of her, and she sinks her dagger into his back in triumph. Before she can attack him again, Willa leaps forward, straddling Thokk’s fallen body with a foot on either side. Her first mace blow catches only feathers, but the second slams into the woman’s body and knocks her back, reeling. Tyrius follows up with a hammer blow, and then a second hammer blow filled with an explosion of holy light.

    This last blow, or perhaps the light from it, seems to rend the woman’s form asunder. As her outline grows blurry and the room goes dark, she turns her head to Tyrius and silently mouths the words “thank you”. A rent in the air opens, and those near at hand see a burned, hellish landscape beyond, a barren rocky plain of smoking craters. The intact spirit form of the woman is yanked backwards through the rent, while scraps from her body - bones, armor, and feathers - simultaneously collapse to the stone floor. As the rent closes, the smell of brimstone fills the room. The desiccated husk of her body lies on the floor, slowly emitting a thick, black smoke. Her rope, and dagger still dripping ichor, lie near at hand.

    As the party look at one another, relieved and confused, the eastern wall of the room begins to glow with a golden light. A second later, a man emerges from it - an old, brown-skinned man clad in a simple white robe bound at the waist with a braided gold cincture. For Tyrius, the room has vanished and he stands alone in a grassy field facing the man. The rest of the party sees the field vaguely, superimposed transparently over the room. As the man approaches Tyrius, the paladin takes a knee.

    “Tyrius, faithful warrior,” the man says is a low, rolling voice, “you have bested an Erinyes, or infernal fury, and sent her spirit back to the hells. Her material form, or what is left of it, remains here, but that is something it is my pleasure to resolve.” With a pass of his hand, the husk of the demoness is covered in glowing sparks, then fades into nothingness. The smoke and smell of brimstone fade away. Larry had picked up the dagger, and was examining it to see whether it was still producing poison, and the man turns a reproachful eye on him. “Already her devices are causing mischief, so it is better to be rid of them, as well.” With another pass of his hand, the cord and dagger disappear.

    “Should you face one such again, it is better to be armed with knowledge,” the man continues. “Know you this - such devils are resistant to cold and non-magical weapons, and completely immune to fire and poison.” Tyrius nods, and pledges to use this knowledge wisely.

    “While you bested the Fury, Tyrius, you did not do so alone. The assistance of your companions was essential in your victory. Receive also this knowledge, that you might better support them in their journeys unto the light.” The man raises his hand, and a small golden sphere floats from it to Tyrius’ brow. When the sphere is absorbed into his head, Tyrius finds that he now knows the prayer for casting the Aid spell.

    Tyrius bows his head and thanks the old man. The man, rather than return through the wall he entered, walks deliberately across the room and passes through the west wall. As he does so, the field fades from view and Tyrius finds himself back with the party. The entangling vines shrink and shrivel and Shefak is finally able to free herself.

    Willa looks about the room, satisfied that they have found a more appropriate place for resting than the small bedchamber. “‘ave ye searched it all?” she asks.

    Tyrius rises to his feet. “Nay, but first we must needs destroy that summoning circle - I’ll have no more devils brought to our world from it.” He enters the small secret room, Aurora close behind him, and reaches out with his divine sense. He then tells the party that the circle itself is not evil or unholy - nor is it for summoning as he thought. It exists only to bind other-worldly creatures once summoned, and that the summoner of the devil was likely a powerful mage, not an evil priest. “Do with it what ye would,” he says, and Aurora hurries forward to sweep up the powdered precious metals and gem flakes into a sack.

    They return to the main room, where the party is already setting up camp. Shefak and Umbra have rolled out bedrolls; but the rest of them have most of their gear still in the packs and bags on the body of Randy in the tower above. Larry has stripped the upholstered padding from several of the chairs and made himself a nest of sorts; the others make do with rolled up winter clothes, for at least out of the wind it is comfortably warm in the dungeon, equal to a brisk and cloudy day and not the freezing temperatures they found above ground. An away team is dispatched to carry all of the books from the shelves to the room for Aurora to peruse during the rest. Willa has Aurora figure out how to close the secret door, which she does by simply tracing her finger over the pentacle in reverse. Tyrius lays hands on Shefak and Thokk, and casts a healing spell besides. Larry casts six different healing spells, exhausting his stores before the planned rest. Once the books and everyone is back inside the room, Thokk hammers two pitons into the floor to keep the door closed. It looks like it would be far easier to break through the rotten wood of the door than pry the pitons from the stone floor.
    My campaigns are multilayered tapestries upon which I texture themes and subject matter which, quite frankly, would simply be too strong for your hobbyist gamer.
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    Post 111: R&R (Rest and Reading)

    DM's Note on Sources: The tower and its inhabitants come from David Prata's "Tower of Azal'Lan".

    This and subsequent posts will contain many spoilers. The identity of rooms is indicated in bold.

    The contents of the books were rolled on the table of 120 possibilities in and then adapted to the time period and context of Nholast's interests. Any time I rolled a duplicate result I treated the book as illegible.

    Post 111: R&R (Rest and Reading)
    Somewhere in the Little Hills, actual date unknown. First day in the Tower

    As Willa sets the watch schedule, Umbra glides about the room, investigating the walls. She is sure there is a secret door in the northeast corner, but does not know how to open it. She reports as much to Willa, who decides to keep the knowledge to herself rather than having Thokk or Aurora or some other fool opening a door they shouldn’t out of curiosity or boredom. Willa drags a chair over to the general area, puts the back to the door, and says her watch has started.

    8:30am (Dungeon at 2hrs) First Watch - Willa and Umbra

    During the first hour of rest (8:30 to 9:30am), Aurora manages to check eleven books.
    1. An illustrated book of human anatomy
    2. A personal history - not clear whether it is a historical account or a work of fiction
    3. Interpreting visions
    4. Illusion magic - not actual spells, but discussion, commentary, and theory
    5. Sacred symbols in the religions of the ancient Suel Imperium
    6. A book of anatomical sketches and figure drawing techniques
    7. A cultural history of the Suel people
    8. Magical properties of gemstones
    9. Folk tales of the Baklunni people
    10. Rotten and illegible
    11. Arbology

    During the second hour of rest (9:30am to 10:30am), Aurora manages to check eight books.
    12. Smithcraft and metalworking
    13. Healing rituals of the Flan peoples
    14. Healing herbs and their uses
    15. Mining technique and strategy, ore refining technology
    16. Fiendish bargains - strategy, terminology and conditions, enforcement
    17. Important trade routes of the Suel Imperium
    18. Folk tales of the Roka, Chebi, and Hochebi
    19. Summoning rituals used to bind spirits to flesh

    10:30am (Dungeon at 4hrs) Second Watch - Larry and Tyrius
    Larry yawns as Willa shakes him awake - he had been curled up and sleeping in his chair-stuffing nest. Tyrius is awake, but kneeling in prayer. He has removed some of his armor - the helmet, gauntlets, and spaulders, so as to rest more comfortably, but has not taken the armor completely off, knowing that he has second watch. Willa whispers to him about the unopened secret door, and tells him to pass the information on to the next watch. She then returns to the chair she was in, but allows herself to relax and nod off. Umbra moves to her bedroll, but does not lie down. Rather, she sits cross-legged, eyes closed and meditating.

    About half an hour into the watch, Larry, sitting near the door, sees red lights shining through the cracks and gaps in the wood. He puts an eye to a hole, but sees only red lights in the dark room beyond. He goes to Aurora and tries to get her attention, but she brushes him off distractedly, telling him that he is on watch, not her. He returns to watching the lights, but they soon fade from view.

    During the third hour of rest (10:30 to 11:30am), Aurora manages to check eleven books.
    20. An economic history of the Suel Imperium
    21. A military history of the War of the Suel Imperium against the Fiery Kings of the Hellfurnices
    22. A book on working with corpses. At first Aurora takes it to be a text on embalming or funeral practices, but she soon realizes it is actually about preparing bodies for animation. It may be related to book (19) as part of a multi-volume work.
    23. Moldy and illegible.
    24. A book of poems and commentary
    25. A book of Baklunish Elemental Magic Theory
    26. Landmarks and Terrain features of the Helfurnices and the Lands Beyond
    27. Another account of the war with the Fiery Kings, but as a collection of Epic Poetry
    28. A book on the Baklunish Language (still written in Suel, it appears to be geared at learning Baklunish)
    29. The sky houses, constellations, and other astronomical phenomena, with math.
    30. Mining and Metallurgy

    During the fourth hour of rest (11:30am to 12:30pm), Aurora manages to check twelve books.
    31. Sculpture (from the artistic point of view)
    32. Dry and brittle; illegible
    33. Summoning magic; elementals, infernals, fiends
    34. Astronomical phenomena; the sun and eclipses; dates
    35. Regional landmarks and Terrain of the Suel Imperium
    36. Astronomical phenomena; stars, using star measurements as location indicators on Oerth
    37. Surgery, Bone-setting, and other Healing Arts
    38. Trade routes of the Baklunish Empire
    39. Ink so faded as to be illegible
    40. A historical play set during the early years of the Great War
    41. A satire of court politics in the Suel Imperium
    42. Consumed by mold and illegible

    12:30pm; (Dungeon at 6hrs) Third Watch - Babshapka and Thokk
    Tyrius rises from his chair and goes to wake Babshapka, whispering to him about the secret door and Willa’s command. Seeing this transfer, Larry goes to wake Thokk. The half-orc had fallen asleep in Larry’s nest. Now he stirs, yawns, farts, stretches, stands, and farts again. Those awake protest, but Thokk pays them no heed.

    Babshapka has had a full four hour trance, and he is rested and refreshed. [In addition, he has now finished his transition to 6th level, and has decided to replace his alarm spell with the ability to cure wounds.]

    During the fifth hour of rest (12:30 to 1:30pm), Aurora manages to check eleven books.
    43. Divination using tea leaves
    44. Phrases in Flan for travelers
    45. Herbology of common roots - food and medicinal properties
    46. A dramatic play about a slave revolt
    47. A study of another language - it seems like a form of Flan but different
    48. Translations of Suel to Roka and vice versa
    49. Interpreting prophetic dreams
    50. Pages are falling into pieces - illegible
    51. Divination using anthropomancy
    52. A study of the Chebi language
    53. Properties of Vampirism

    During the sixth hour of rest (1:30 to 2:30pm), Aurora manages to check ten books.
    54. Saints and Martyrs of the Faith of Phaulkon
    55. Most pages stuck together - illegible
    56. Baklunish understanding of Energy Centers in the Palm
    57. Completely devoured by woodlice, illegible
    58. Stonemasonry: Principles and Techniques
    59. The Tragedy of Xodast
    60. Beast Handling
    61. Infernal Languages
    62. Book found off shelf, on floor - torn and trampled - illegible
    63. Exorcism and Protection from Possession

    2:30pm; (Dungeon at 8hrs) Fourth Watch - Babshapka and Shefak
    Thokk prods Shefak with his flute, and the monk rises from her bedroll, while the barbarian returns to Larry’s nest, only to find it occupied by Larry. He tries to curl up there, but Larry grumbles at him that it is not cold enough for spooning. Dejected, the half-orc finds another corner and tries melodies on his flute, drawing curses from most of the party.

    Umbra has finished her trance. While Thokk is distracting everyone, no one notes the traffic of shadows that is flitting back and forth between her and the room. Perhaps Babshapka notices, but he is as terse as usual.

    During the seventh hour of rest (2:30 to 3:30pm), Aurora manages to check the remaining books.
    64. Grammar and punctuation in (Ancient) Suel - A Guide for Scribes
    65. The language of the Derro
    66. Dry and brittle, illegible
    67. Dry and brittle, illegible
    68. The language of the Oerid Tribes
    69. Summoning and Binding Spirits and Souls
    70. A romance between members of rival houses in the Suel Imperium
    71. Military Strategy in the first hundred years of the Great War
    72. Moldy and illegible

    None of these books offer the historical information about Nholast, or especially about Keoland, that might support Uhas’ account in the Chronicle of Secret Times. Thus, none of them are the information that Aurora came for. They will have to explore more - and they still have no idea how extensive the dungeon complex under this tower is.

    Although the books do not contain the specific information she seeks, they certainly do represent a trove of historical information, being centuries old and written about events even older. There are many of them that Aurora would like to take with her, and she carefully sets these to one side. They are, however, heavy and bulky. With Randy slain, they are unlikely to be able to take many, more’s the pity.

    By around 4pm, Aurora has finished organizing the books and has gone to rest herself. She does not note the thin, gray form seeping under the door. An oozing pool of a creature, it is either transparent or naturally of the same color as the floor. Whichever, Babshapka, on watch near the door, also fails to notice it. The puddle surrounds his feet and begins crawling up his boots. Some moments later, as he shifts his weight and feet, he feels the tension holding down his boots. Only then, looking down, does he notice the creature. As he moves suddenly and with alarm, the creature reacts by sending forth a long pseudopod that slams into his chest, leaving both a bruise and an acidic coating that quickly tarnishes the links of his chain shirt.

    Umbra fires forth a bolt of shadow, and a portion of the ooze-creature congeals at its impact. Willa swings her torch at it, and its slimy form sizzles at the touch of the flames. The blow of the torch seems to have torn open a rent in the pudding-skin-like surface of the ooze, and it starts dribbling acidic fluids out onto the floor. Seeing it is susceptible to physical damage, Willa smashes her mace down into the mass, rupturing its surface and spraying hissing gunk about. Another ooze creature slides under the door. Aurora shrieks, and stumbles out of the way to the back of the room.

    Shefak, unwilling to risk her staff or her fists, grabs a chair and smashes it on top of the new ooze. She tears several holes in its surface. It strikes at her in return with a strange pseudopod. A third creature slides under the door. Babshapka abandons his boots and pants to the creature and retreats across the room. It slowly seeps after him.

    Babshapka, pants-less, returns across the room. He slashes with his magical broadsword and one ooze’s form is completely disrupted. It ceases moving, remaining a still, acidic gray pool. There are two other oozes he could attack, but he is unwilling to wade barefoot through the slain one in front of him.

    Umbra sends a ray of freezing shadow at another one. Shefak continues to beat furiously on those remaining with her chair. Between them and Willa, they manage to disrupt the last two. No more slide under the door.

    Willa carefully cleans her mace with rags and scraps of chair upholstery. Babshapka examines his gear. His magical chain shirt is tarnished but intact - the links pitted and corroded in a large patch. His sturdy leather boots, after cleaning, appear fine. His pants are faded and foul-smelling. They appear undamaged, but he decides to use the dry parts to clean his boots and sword, and then discard them. He has a single spare pair in his pack.

    After some discussion with the rest of the party, Babshapka decides to don the chain shirt they recovered from the manticore lair in the Ghost Tower. At the time, they suspected it to be magical, but they have not yet had Aurora attempt to identify it. It is human-sized and a little large on him, but after putting on his belts and straps and such over top it fits well enough to function. [In fact, it is a set of chain +1]

    With the combat over, Larry comes forward to examine the creatures. He identifies them as gray oozes, amorphous creatures that live in the darkness of caves and suchlike environments. He says they corrode metal with their strongly acidic digestive fluids, and are resistant to both flame and cold.
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    Post 112: 'Splorin'

    DM's Note on Sources: The tower and its inhabitants come from David Prata's "Tower of Azal'Lan".

    This and subsequent posts will contain many spoilers. The identity of rooms is indicated in bold.

    For the soundtrack while in the Dungeon level, I used "Dungeon I" by Tabletop Audios.

    Post 112: 'Splorin'
    Somewhere in the Little Hills, actual date unknown. First day in the Tower

    Half an hour later, Shefak’s watch ends. Willa’s initial plan had been for Babshapka to take another two-hour watch by himself, so that she and Shefak could complete a long rest. However, since they both fought against the ooze, their rest has been spoiled, and they would need to begin again. There is no point in the entire party waiting another eight hours on them. Shefak grumbles in a very un-monklike fashion, but in the end decides to proceed with the party.

    The first order of business is the exploration of the secret room (D17). To their disappointment, it is found to be both empty and a dead end.

    There seems to be little more to do than continue to explore the dungeon, so the party readies to proceed. Thokk’s pitons are so firmly wedged into the floor that it is easier to rip apart the rotten wood of the door (and use it to lay across the acid pools for those unwilling to walk through them). Upon doing so, however, the party is confronted by a great mass of fungi that have somehow sprung into being. They are all about the floor and around the doorframe.

    Aurora immediately suggests fireballing the mushroom patch, saying that “Fire always beats fungi,” as if it was an oft-repeated maxim. Willa tells her to not be so eager. She calls Thokk over to the open doorway, and tells him to toss her across the patch to the other side.

    Thokk forms a stirrup with his hands and Willa puts in her foot. With a mighty heave he chucks her through the doorway. Willa goes flying up and over the fungi, landing pretty gracefully on the stone floor beyond for someone clad in full plate armor. She even manages to keep her torch lit, burning Thokk just a bit in passing.

    However, Willa swears that some of the fungi turned toward her when she landed. Now, however, they remain perfectly still. She tells Aurora to investigate.

    Aurora uses her prestidigitation spell to create small effects over the fungal patch - lights, sounds, smells. She elicits no response with colored lights or puffs of acrid smoke, but the noises she creates do seem to draw the attention of the mushrooms. They turn and twist in response, almost as if cocking their tiny mushroom-cap heads. “Well, I don’t think everyone wants to be thrown over them,” says Aurora excitedly, “and if we miss and land in them, something bad will happen for sure. It’s firebolt time.”

    At her words, Willa, Umbra, and Shefak hastily take out cloth rags and hold them over their mouths and noses. Thokk looks on cheerfully, waiting to see who he gets to throw next.

    Aurora shoots a single firebolt into the patch. The fungi go rigid, except for one which is writhing as it burns. Holes open along the tops of all of the mushroom caps, and a horrifying squeal comes from dozens of orifices. The shrill sound echoes across the stone walls - it can likely be heard throughout the entire dungeon complex, as it easily drowns out the moaning sound and the noise of the rushing wind.

    "Damn you, woman! What be wrong wit' ye!" shouts Willa, as she takes out her crossbow.

    Aurora yells at Willa to run, and begins the incantation for fireball. Willa recognizes the opening lines of this spell - that, conjoined with Aurora’s advice to “run”, are sufficient to cause her to run like hell, south and around the corner to the gallery of shelves. She begins praying to her maker and the gentle Sea Cow of the South as she flattens herself against the wall.

    The explosion that follows is louder than any wind, louder still than the shrieking of a dozen fungal patches. Flames fill the large hall, jet down the southern corridor into the gallery, blow open the wooden doors to the searched bedchamber and the as-yet-unexplored section of the dungeon. The flames even shoot into the room where the party is resting, turning the wet puddles of acid on the floor into ash, but stopping a few feet short of Aurora’s face. She is knocked back by the force of the blast but unharmed. As the ringing in the ears of those present fades, it is replaced with the sound of Aurora laughing in triumph.

    "There you are, everyone. There's precious few problems that a handy fireball can't fix.”

    Willa sighs, and returns to organize the party into a marching order. The room beyond is now completely open to them, the remains of the door in pieces and smoldering beyond the open door frame.

    The ceiling here (D21) is arched to 16’ height, similar to the chamber they have come from (D13). Apart from empty torch sconces and a rug by the east wall, the large room appears bare. Four vaulted galleries proceed, to the north west, north east, east-by-north, and south east. The moaning sound comes from the one to the northwest; the wind from both that and the one to the south east. The dust on the floor is greatly disturbed, and the tracks seem to parallel the direction of the wind.

    Aurora inspects the rug and finds it to be dyed wool. Once costly, it has faded from centuries. It still is likely worth something, but is heavy and bulky. The party leaves it behind as they follow Thokk toward the source of the moaning sound.

    The party moves down the hall towards a large room (D23). The height of the ceiling is hard to determine, as it is shrouded in cobwebs. There are rotten tables and chairs along the walls. One door at the far end is slightly ajar. Thokk is looking for spiders - big ones - but finds no traces. He urges the party forward, making no attempt to mask his disappointment.

    Peering through the open door, Thokk finds the ceiling in the next room (D24) to be arched to 12’ height. A hearth stands in the northwest corner, vented with a 4’-long x 6”-wide chimney that comes out from the wall but then disappears into the ceiling. In the southwest corner is a large circular hole in the floor, surrounded by a lip of raised stone.

    There is some dust on the ground, but it is as much mud as dust. The tracks of various creatures are all over the room, but mostly run from the open doorway to the hearth and the hole in the floor. The moaning is louder and is coming from the direction of the hearth. The air smells damp and the wooden door is rotten through.

    As the party inspects the room, they find that the moaning is the sound of the air being drawn up the chimney. It is spacious and probably could be shimmied up by any of them. It goes straight up beyond the range of their torchlight. It likely goes all the way to the surface, though when they pull the torch away, they see no light at the far end.

    Around the hole in the floor are mildewed pieces of wood and extremely rotten hemp. There also seem to be noises from something moving in the hole. Thokk peers over the edge and finds that the walls go down farther than he can see, but are covered by moss and fungus. Given the sounds he hears and the footprints around the edge, he suspects that the hole is filled with vermin - rats, land crabs, and the like. Willa surmises the hole is a well and Tyrius seconds the notion.

    With the source of wind and moaning explained, the party is momentarily directionless, so Willa calls for a more careful search of the room. A loose brick is found in the hearth - when depressed, a whole section of the stone wall slides open. The hallway beyond has no tracks on the floor, just dust - apparently they have found another untrafficked part of the complex.

    At the north end of the corridor is a small chamber (D18) with a 12 foot vaulted ceiling. The room is bare, although it does have a wooden door.

    “Drop anchor,” says Willa. “What be all this? And why be it so barren? Tyrius?”

    The noble paladin considers what he knows of defensive fortifications. “Well, obviously this is not a “dungeon” complex - if by dungeon, you mean a place for prisoners. The tower above was not particularly large, just a single tower. But all this complex is for sustaining a large host. We have passed through a library, mage quarters, mess hall, kitchen and water supply. A large number of soldiers, perhaps led by a mage or mages, lived here.”

    “An’ this room?”

    “I’m not sure. Perhaps there is a clue behind this door.”

    “So ye be sayin’ all o’ t’is be a castle - but a castle unnerground?”

    “Yes, it appears so. And another thing - this castle was not taken by force - we have seen no signs of struggle. It was abandoned - and not swiftly. No, there was a deliberate and methodical retreat from this place. Nearly everything of value has been taken, even from the rooms that have been hidden for centuries behind secret doors, and what was not taken was left neatly out of the way - like those tables and chairs in the dining hall.”

    Willa nods thoughtfully, then agrees to have Thokk open the door at the north end of the secret hall, which he interprets as wrenching the ancient wood off the rusted hinges. There is no room beyond, but a ten by ten square shaft that descends into darkness (D19). Thokk calls for Willa to bring the torch over and looks down. The bottom is some eighteen feet below, uneven, not man made, but brown and crusty.

    Thokk takes the largest piece of door and hurls it down as hard as he can. It breaks through the surface crust and kicks up a great cloud of powder. There is the faintest smell of human feces. “Ugh, an open privy,” says Willa.

    At the other end of the hall is another empty room (D20), this one with numerous rotten wooden pegs in the walls and holes for many others that have since rotted away.

    “Do this all be a servant’s quarters?” wonders Willa. “Why would ye need a secret door fer ther staff t’rough ther kitchen?”

    Tyrius shakes his head. “The rooms next to the privy were barracks - and this, their armory. At least, that is what I would wager.”

    “But again,” questions Aurora, "why the need for access through a secret door? Why have a secret barracks accessed through the kitchen?”

    “Whoever designed this complex was keen to hide their numbers,” says the paladin. “The simple tower above belies the garrison below. Even if you enter the underground halls themselves, it would be hard to tell the numbers of your hosts. Perhaps you go as a guest to the dining hall and station your guards by the door - and suddenly find a whole squad of soldiers entering from the kitchens, catching you by surprise and overwhelming your retinue? The place is built to confuse anyone who does not know it.”

    With no way beyond the kitchen complex, Willa directs the party back to the rug-room nexus (D21), and has them take one of the eastern hallways out. It ends in a double-door. At the bidding of Willa, Thokk listens at the door, but hears nothing. He opens the doors and finds an empty, but oddly triangular-shaped room (D26) with a twelve foot ceiling. “Bahh,” he says, disgusted by the inactivity. “We climb tower now, fight more eigers!”

    “Nay, Thokk, not yet. Aurora has t’ find ‘er special recipe book aforehand,” demurs Willa. “Tyrius?” she asks, when the paladin enters the room.

    He shrugs, unsure. “Guard captain’s quarters? Perhaps a chapel.”

    The party grows less cautious, their march formation more open, as they continue to explore, finding numerous branching pathways and another empty room (D22).

    After a thrice-twisting corridor that finishes with a dead-end, Willa again asks Tyrius what is going on - if this is living quarters for a large complex, why all the mazes?

    The paladin responds that the tower above was likely built to observe the valley, but is not particularly defensive by itself - there were no ramparts, no motte, not even a gate on the doorway. If the underground portion is what is meant to be defended, it makes sense that it would be maze-like.
    Invaders are meant to get lost in the twists and turns, and then be surprised by the defensive forces emerging from secret barracks, like the ones they found.

    “So ye be sayin’ tha’ any o’ these twists an’ turns could be hidin’ more secret rooms?”

    “I think that likely, yes.”

    Willa has the party spread out, each taking a different section of the dead-end corridor, from the last turn to the end. They spend twenty minutes searching their assigned area as carefully as possible.

    None of them find anything, but Aurora does note an interesting feature. When she raps on the east wall, there is just the dull sound of stone on stone. To the south and west, however, her half-elven ears detect the faintest of echoes - not that the stone beyond is hollow, per se, but perhaps much thinner. Checking the crude sketch map she is making, the wall to the south likely lies close to the corridor they have already passed through. But the one to the west, she thinks, should have ended. Perhaps there is a hidden room in that direction? If so, she cannot find the entrance from where she is.

    Retracing their steps, Willa takes the party down another branch - this one connecting to the most southerly corridor emerging from the rug room. There is a single door in the wall, and wind flowing through gaps in the rotten wood of the door.

    Entering the room (D29), Thokk is startled to see two huge snakes - or is it four? Each of the snakes has another head in place of a tail!

    Shefak darts in front of the party, bludgeoning the closer snake with her staff and feet. The creatures strike back, snapping at her with fangs dripping with poison. More and more of the party file in, adding their attacks to Shefak’s. The snakes are cut, crushed, bolted, and whipped - but they keep coming! Until, that is, that the party realizes they can regenerate all damage except for fire. Eventually both snakes are slain.

    The room itself is empty, but there is another door, rotten enough that the snakes could easily have slid through holes in its lower section. The torch that Willa had carried guttered out when she tossed it to the floor before drawing her sword. She picks it up, but it is just a stump - she is now out of torches and her broken lantern has been discarded above. Thokk passes her two torches, two flasks of oil, and his lantern. She takes a moment to fill and light the lantern, then nods to Thokk, who charges the door to the next room - reveling in the explosion of rotten wood as he bursts through into the next room (D30).

    The ceiling here is arched to 16’ height. Numerous workbenches line the walls, holding assorted masonry tools, and a half-finished statue of a regal-looking man holding a staff stands in the center of this large room. There are two exits to the east, and another two to the south - the wind is exiting the east.

    When the party enters the room, Aurora examines the statue, checking for secret compartments and the like. The rough form is blocked out and is recognizable as a mage of some kind, but the details have not been carved yet and she finds nothing hidden. Shefak examines the tools on the workbenches. Their metal parts are rusted, the wood rotten away, but the stone parts largely intact.

    Willa and Thokk lead the way into the corridor in which the wind is going. It appears to open into a room at the end, but is choked with webs.

    Willa raises her lantern and peers into the chamber (D30) as Thokk bats at the webs. The ceiling is arched to 12’ height. A small forge stands in the northeast corner, the wind seeming to exit up its chimney. A workbench, an anvil, and a tub round out the furnishings here, but are mostly obscured by the thick webs that cover the eastern three-quarters of the chamber.

    “Seems t’ be gettin’ less deserted,” says Willa to noone in particular.

    “Indeed,” responds Tyrius behind her. “Those tools on the workbenches are the first useful things we have seen in some time, left behind by the former occupants.”

    “Did someone stay to finish the statue after the others left?” wonders Shefak aloud.

    Suddenly, a giant spider materializes in the thin air between Larry and Babshapka. It is nearly eight feet long and of a bluish hue, but low to the ground and shaggy. It buries its fangs into Larry’s calf. He grunts in pain but his natural dwarven resistance protects him from the poison it pumps into the wound. Aurora turns to see what the noise was. Seeing the giant spider, she begins to shriek “Where did that damn thing…” but she is forced to dodge out of the way rather than finish her sentence as another spider appears next to her and lunges! Apparently the creature is immune to her “instinctive charm” [actually both DM and player forgot about this recently-acquired ability].

    Larry turns and sprays the spider with poison - it shudders, but does not back away. Aurora scorches the one attacking her with a firebolt, doing a considerable amount of damage, but it stands fast as well.

    Thokk whirls at the flash and whoosh of the firebolt. “Nooo!” he yells. “Save spider for Thokk!” He charges, knocking Aurora out of the way and down to the floor, then burying his longsword in the spider’s thorax. The spider shudders, twitches, and expires. “Twang!” sounds Babshapka’s bowstring. He uses one of the damaged arrows, and it flies awkwardly from his bow. Instead of hitting the spider, it barely misses and sinks deep into Larry’s side. “Och!” Larry cries. “Mind yer target, elf!”

    Willa groans exasperatedly. “Thokk, get that last one,” she says, and pushes deeper into the webs. Sheffak turns and leaps gracefully over Aurora’s prone form, tumbling as she lands and coming up next to the spider. A sweep from her staff fails to trip its many legs, but she follows up with a kick to its body as she stands, and then brings down an overhanded staff blow. By the time Aurora is able to stand up and launch another firebolt, the second spider is dead as well.

    The whole party now moves deeper into the room (D31) and investigates. The webs are full of the desiccated bodies of wrapped and mummified creatures - giant rat husks, giant beetle exoskeletons, etc. They gather the webs into piles that Aurora cheerfully sets ablaze. As they work, they reveal dozens of copper coins on the floor, which they leave intact, but five gemstones, which the party takes - large jade, a large spinel, a sardonyx, a star ruby, and a small black sapphire. They look up the chimney of the forge. It is considerably narrower than the kitchen hearth, but might allow Shefak access to the surface - provided it doesn’t narrow further, turn sharply, or have a grate of some kind. The airflow up the chimney is steady and continuous.

    One wall of the forge room has a rotten wooden door, which Willa listens at. The modest room (D32) beyond contains a bed frame, a bureau, and a small table. It is unoccupied. Aurora searches it carefully, but finds nothing of interest.

    After this, the party returns to the statue room and tries the corridors to the south. With no visible enemies, and their last fights having been easy, they soon drift apart, exploring different areas. Eventually they end up so far separated that even yelling between the two groups is barely audible. The group led by Thokk finds a corridor ending in a patch of yellow mold, while the one led by Willa starts down a corridor that opens into a large, fungus-filled chamber.

    The mold at the end of the hall (d37) for Thokk’s group covers a small section of wall, perhaps some five feet across and floor-to ceiling, but no more. Larry suggests throwing something at it, and Aurora responds with “Yes; a firebolt, obviously.” She launches two incendiary bolts at the patch, completely burning it off of the wall and leaving only soot and charred mold behind. However, in the light of a torch, they can see that myriad golden spores now fill the end of the hallway, drifting lazily upon the air and slowly moving toward them as they disperse.

    Meanwhile, Willa’s group advances cautiously. The chamber (D33)at the end of their hallway is filled with various molds, slimes, and fungi. Some of the mushroom caps come two or even three feet off the ground, and could conceal any number of creatures.

    Shefak throws a dart into the chamber. In response, the group hears something - or some things - move. The noise comes with almost metallic clicks and clacks. Willa decides that this is better faced as a party, and starts calling for Thokk to lead his group back. In the other hallway, looking at the spores advancing through the air, Aurora decides she would rather give them time to settle anyway, and goads Thokk into responding to Willa’s call.

    Once all of the party is together again, they look on into the fungus-choked chamber. Aurora raises her hand with the start of a mystic gesture, and Shefak darts to the back of the party. Shaking her head at the caution of her colleague, Aurora launches a firebolt into the room. More clicking noises are heard, but nothing emerges. Unlike the completely destroyed patch of yellow mold in the other hall, which was just a thin coating on the stone, Aurora’s bolt here tore up a small patch of fungus and revealed it to be several inches thick but did little to its neighbors in the room. It would take hundreds of such bolts to strip the “vegetation” in the large chamber down to bare stone.

    Thokk is certainly not going to wait for hundreds of bolts. Besides, in the flash from the first one he spied moving black forms, low to the ground. He unsheathes his longsword and advances. As he enters the room, he spots with darkvision several giant beetles, but they scurry and scuttle away. He thinks back on his lessons with the tribal shaman, and recalls something about some giant beetles tending fungal gardens, like humans tend farms. Only the beetles killed things and dragged the bodies to the gardens to grow their fungus, which seems far more sensible to him than the silly humans planting seeds or waiting for rain. He takes a few more steps and bangs the flat of his sword against the ground, trying to draw the beetles out into a fight, but they do not come. He sighs and walks further into the room, swinging his sword low so as to slice through mushroom caps and fungus mounds as he goes. Willa moves to the entrance of the room, sets down her borrowed lantern, draws her greatsword, and follows Thokk’s path of destruction into the room.

    The two of them are perhaps a third of the way into the room when a buzzing sound splits the air and a half-dozen giant beetles scramble out from under hiding places and run forward. In the span of seconds Willa and Thokk are surrounded!

    Willa and Thokk face the initial onslaught of beetles, Willa trusting in her armor and Thokk in his inherent virility to protect them from the clumsy jaws. They land several blows on the beasts, but the hard carapaces turn many of them as well. Babshapka sets down his bow and draws both his swords, while Shefak moves up. Larry is looking carefully at the beetles - were they normal sized, they would be boring beetles - boring under the bark of trees, that is. However, at the size they are, he doesn’t think them capable of boring in much of anything. Umbra shoots a ray of shadow, but it bounces off the hard carapace of a beetle. Aurora looks at the room, estimating the ceiling to be twelve feet high, and tries to calculate the volume that would be filled by a fireball.

    Shefak moves into the room, raining a flurry of blows down on the beetles - nearly all of which bounce ineffectually off their exoskeletons. She slips in the spongy flooring and falls to the soft ground.

    By now the beetles have gotten grips on the legs of Thokk and Willa. They bear down with jaws that are surprisingly strong - even Willa finds her legs bruised beneath her magic grieves. “Get in ‘ere!” Willa calls to the rest of the party, with just a touch of concern in her voice.

    “Rarrraaaww!” roars Thokk in rage, as a beetle slices deep into his calf muscle.

    Babshapka sighs, muttering something in elven about not blaming these beetles for defending their home, and runs into the room, spinning and slashing his swords at the insects. He heads for the beetle that is even now moving at the fallen form of Shefak. A dark bolt from Umbra flies by him and hits the beetle, slowing its advance. Tyrius completes a spell, calling forth the strength of Pelor for Thokk, Willa, and Shefak.

    As Willa and Thokk defend themselves, landing powerful blows, Aurora decides to end the combat with a web - but ensnares her comrades as well as the beetles.

    Thokk breaks free of the web, then kills a beetle for good measure. Willa grins and wipes the spray of beetle-juice from her eyes with the back of her hand. She wrenches herself free, then lands a blow so hard it submerges the new corpse of the beetle down into the mold. A shadow bolt from Umbra freezes another, and it falls over, still.

    The remaining beetles turn and flee, though one remains stuck in the webs. They attempt to hide, cowering under pieces of fungus, but the party roots them out one at a time, slicing, piercing, spraying them with poison, or shooting them with fire. Soon the last fleeing insect has been slain. Tyrius enters the room but immediately flounders with the unstable footing and sticky web strands. Aurora releases the webs and moves into the room herself.

    Several of the party start looking for doors, but it is a difficult task - the thick fungus could easily conceal a normal door, let alone a secret one. Thokk, however, has other priorities. He grabs his lantern from where Willa left it and begins looking high and low at the fungus. At some he frowns or sticks out his tongue, others just result in a quizzical look on his scarred face. Then he finds a patch he likes. Using his hand axe, he chops up a creamy white fungus in large chunks and stuffs them into his bag. “This good!” he calls excitedly to the party. “This very good! Come get food!”

    Willa looks over and shudders. Still, collecting food is not a bad idea - they haven’t had a meal since breakfast in Highfell. Using her dagger, she pries open the exoskeleton of a beetle and sniffs suspiciously at the stringy grey leg muscles inside. “Cannae be worse t'an rock lobster,” she thinks to herself, then begins butchering beetles. The leg and wing muscles seem the most worth the effort. The mandible muscles are huge, but hard to extract without getting them mixed up with sacks of foul-smelling liquids near the throat, so she leaves them be. Shefak, too, seems to be butchering the carcasses, but oddly she is taking bits and pieces of exoskeleton rather than meat.

    The others are scouring through the fungi and ripping large hunks off of the walls, with Aurora burning anything that resists or comes off in tatters instead of sheets. They probe the ground, and find things like coins and chalices covered in mold. When Babshapka tears off a particularly large section of fungus on the west wall, Umbra investigates and finds a secret door - but it leads only to a small, empty room (D34). At least the room can serve as a temporary repository for the items they are pulling out of the mold, which now include a statuette with gem eyes.

    When Babshapka tears a section of fungus off the north wall, Thokk wrinkles his nose, snorts, and looks up. He wanders over to where the wood elf is working, sniffs deeply, and licks the stone. A crack runs along the stone wall at about chest height, and here and there a bead of water trickles out. Grinning widely, he takes out his wineskin and unstoppers it, then convinces Babshapka to hold it for him. “This good water,” he gushes, “clean water from rock! Thokk find spring!” He takes large pieces of fungus that were growing over the seep and crushes them in his hands, producing a flush of grey water with bits of fungus. It splatters down, some of it even making it into his skin. He wrings out the fungus with a twist, then finds another sodden piece to repeat the process until his skin is full. Thokk sighs contentedly as he works and begins to babble to Babshapka stories of amazing mushroom patches he found in his youth.

    Larry comes over and heals Thokk’s wounds from the beetle battle - Babshapka takes the opportunity to excuse himself and Thokk recruits Larry to hold his skin. Babshapka heals Willa, while Tyrius heals Shefak and Thokk as well.

    By this time the floor is criss-crossed with patches of bare stone and piles of fungus and beetle bodies. In the secret room are gathered 50 silver and 97 gold coins, a gold chalice, a silver chalice, a gold pin, a silver seal, a silver & gold necklace, a silver statuette of a horned humanoid figure with emerald eyes, and a bone tube. Aurora stands in the secret doorway, and uses a charge from her wand of detect magic to feel her way through the room, probing under and through the remaining fungus in search of anything important the party missed. When she does not sense anything, she turns and looks at the pile of collected treasure, feeling immediately drawn to the bone tube. Unstoppering it, she finds an ancient and mold-damaged piece of vellum, covered with rows and rows of mystic symbols. She recognizes it as a spell scroll and carefully returns it to the tube.

    Treasure collected, wounds healed, and food stores re-provisioned, the party leaves the beetle room. Aurora has told them of the other corridor, but Willa says there is a passageway they need to explore first. They head east out of the room and down the hall. The hallway ends in two rotten wooden doors which Thokk smashes open. The first room (D36) is a small bed chamber with a bed, a nightstand, and a desk with a chair. All are rotten and useless. The place is otherwise bare, and a search by Aurora reveals nothing. The other room (D36) is simply a large, empty vault with a twelve foot high ceiling.

    Aurora leads the party back to the easternmost corridor. Lantern light reveals that the golden spores from the yellow mold have settled - mostly on the floor, but some on the walls as well. Many in the party cover their faces with cloths nonetheless as they walk to the end of the hall.

    With the mold mostly burned away, Aurora traces the faint outline of a secret door along the rock wall. Apparently the mold patch was growing directly atop it. Investigating, she finds a loose stone and presses it. A door-sized section of wall sinks into the floor.

    This secret room beyond (D38) contains a desk and chair, a workbench with various alchemical supplies, and two fine rugs. The glassware on the workbench is of exquisite craftsmanship, but obviously very fragile. Umbra slips past Thokk and enters the room just after Aurora.

    Underneath the workbench are jars and boxes of alchemical reagents - Aurora searches among them to find which containers look strong enough to survive a time in her backpack, and carefully packs them in, then adds the stubs of a few candles from the workbench’s top. While she is doing this, Umbra flips through two ancient tomes on the desk. “Look Aurora,” she says, as she turns the pages that are covered in alchemical symbols, “recipes!”

    “Yes, well, indeed,” hems Aurora. “A pity we won’t be able to take any of the glassware needed for them.”

    Back out in the hall, Aurora announces that she can’t believe they haven’t found the volumes they are looking for even though they have been all over the dungeon.

    “We must ‘ave missed summit,” says Willa. “Thar be secret doors aplenty all about. Let’s be checkin’ more walls.” They seem to have had some luck listening for hollow spaces, so Willa puts the two best listeners - Babshapka and Umbra - in front. They walk before the party, every three paces pausing, putting their ear to the stone wall, and rapping with a piton on the stone. The other party members walk at a distance behind them, as quietly as they can. They spend an hour slowly passing through the maze-like corridors of this section of the dungeon, and are convinced they have passed nothing but the solid stone of bedrock.

    With nothing to show for their searches, they take a brief rest in the statue room. Willa and Larry draw in the dust of the floor, comparing recollections of the size of the complex. “That be...mayhap one part in six o’ the whole dungeon?” asks Willa. “Shall we be tryin’ ther same t’ing in ther north?”

    “Oor,” suggests Larry, “we can jess scout a wee bit o’ the part we hain’t been yet.”

    Willa arches an eyebrow. Larry continues, “At ta verry start, froom the room wit’ all ta books. T’were atother hallway we hain’t been yet.”

    Now Willa remembers. Right as the party entered the dungeon from the base of the tower, into the library chamber - they went right to follow the wind, but there was a left branch that smelled moldy. That was half a day ago, at least, and no great surprise that she forgot.

    Going somewhere new sounds better to Willa than walking in circles while tapping ancient stone walls. She forms the party into a march order and leads them back to the library room - its shelves now empty of books.

    They have not gone far past the library room when they find the ceiling is lower, the wind drops, the humidity and smell of mold increases, and the temperature increases considerably.

    The corridor to the south branches - the branch ahead seems to dead-end with no features, while the one to the right has at least one door on the south wall. It is long enough that they cannot see the end from the intersection.

    Curiously, Aurora seems more interested in the dead-end than the open corridor. “Dead-end means dead-sure there is a secret door,” she explains.

    Sure enough, after a bit of searching, she finds a stone in the wall that does indeed open a secret door. Heretofore, all of the secret doors the party has found (with the exception of the obvious pentagram over the summoning chamber door), have been triggered by loose stones, and the door itself has somehow sunk into the floor, with no way to make it rise again. This door is different. When Aurora presses the stone, the door rotates - half going in, half coming out, as if on a great vertical axle running through its center. The door only opens partially, turning clockwise, but it is enough to see the bare stone room (D11) beyond.

    The opening is narrow - Thokk, Tyrius, Willa, or Larry would have to squeeze through - and might get stuck.

    Tyrius, Thokk, Aurora, Umbra, and Babshapka enter - the ten-by-ten room barely sufficing to hold them all. Investigation reveals splinters of rotten wood and grains of sand along the west wall, and scratches all around the room, from floor to chest height on the walls. Larry, looking at the scratches on the part of the secret door that now protrudes into the hall, says that they are of some great cat sharpening its claws, but Aurora is not convinced. What sort of great cat has claws that can scratch stone? Despite searching, they find nothing else.

    Returning to the hall, they try the door that was visible - and now see another, at the hallway’s end. The nearer door, of rotten and cracked wood, opens on a small and nearly bare ten by ten room (D5), eight feet high, with no egress. The only object in the room is a portrait on the wall directly opposite the door. It is covered in dust, but not mold. The floor of the room is also dusty - there are no prints.
    My campaigns are multilayered tapestries upon which I texture themes and subject matter which, quite frankly, would simply be too strong for your hobbyist gamer.
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    Post 113: Nholast?

    DM's Note on Sources: The tower and its inhabitants come from David Prata's "Tower of Azal'Lan".

    This and subsequent posts will contain many spoilers. The identity of rooms is indicated in bold.

    For the portrait of Nholast, I used

    For the soundtrack while in the Dungeon level, I used "Dungeon I" by Tabletop Audios.

    Although the slain ogres were not undead, I certainly wanted the party to think that was a possibility. When they returned to the tower I "mentioned" that it was getting close to midnight, and switched the soundtrack to "Nightmare" by Tabletop Audio.

    Post 113: Nholast?
    Somewhere in the Little Hills, actual date unknown. First day in the Tower

    Aurora takes the portrait down from the wall and tries to blow its surface clean, but soon finds herself coughing in a cloud of dust. When she recovers, she wipes the dust away with her sleeve. Beneath the layer of dust is a portrait of a man in rich clothing. Despite his white hair, he appears middle-aged. The oil paint is flaking and there is some mould damage, especially to the wooden frame, but the portrait itself is largely intact.

    Shefak recognizes the general features of the man as matching those of the statue. Aurora carries the painting out into the hall and props it up against the wall, and has Willa shine the lantern full on it. “What can you tell us, Tyrius?” she asks.

    Tyrius studies the painting carefully. “The richness of the robes implies he is wealthy, of course, but the rod he holds says that he is a ruler, not a merchant. He does not rule by force of arms, though - there is no weapon or armor on him. I suspect he is a mage of some sort, and likely the former master of this tower. The color of his skin and hair tell us that he is a Suel - likely pureborn. I do not recognize the style and patterning of his robes - but this is ancient fashion, to be sure.”

    Aurora thinks they are on to something, but finds nothing further in the room. She reminds the party of the last time they spread out and took twenty minutes searching the end of the hall, then assigns each of them a spot along the corridor. “Take your time,” she says, “slow and careful. Touch everything, twist, pull, press, feel in every crack!”

    At the end of twenty minutes of searching, both Aurora and Babshapka have found secret doors! Larry has an obvious door of iron, and locked, as well. There is some debate over which door to try first.

    “As long as we be paused,” interjects Willa, “why don’ we be checking on are rations above - I wager I’m nae ther only one as is gettin’ hungry. An’ I don’ mean fer fungus.”

    She gathers up the party and heads back in the direction of the “library”, and then the basement of the tower. Umbra lingers behind, a strange expression on her face. Noting it, Aurora hangs back as well. “Umbra, are you not coming?” she asks.

    “Someone should stay,” the mysterious woman demurs. “We are so close…” her voice trails off.

    Aurora frowns and places a finger to her temple. She whispers, “Willa, Umbra isn’t leaving. Have you considered none of us really know her or why she is…”

    “So stay an’ watch ‘er,” interjects Willa. She is speaking in her normal ship’s deck voice, and Aurora can hear it almost as loud echoing down the stone halls as she does in her mind. “But don’ be openin’ any doors.”

    When Babshapka notes that Aurora has remained behind, he does so as well, but farther down the hallway - one eye on his charge, one on the open doorway to the basement of the tower. As the light from Willa’s lantern, and the noise from the party, fade in the distance, the three elves, Aurora, Babshapka, and Umbra, are left in silence and darkness.

    Thokk and Willa are first on the stairs, with the party behind them. The eiger slain at the bottom of the stairs is still there, but his body is now tense with rigor mortis, and the air stinks with the contents of his bowels. A cold wind blows down the stairs, and his filth is frozen to the muddy floor.

    As Thokk and Willa emerge into the chamber above, Willa’s lantern plays over a grisly and macabre scene. Willa whistles lowly, and tells the others to stay below.

    The entire floor of the chamber (1) is covered in dead eigers - more than a dozen, nearly a score. They are not where they fell during the battle, though. Rather, they have been laid out, arms spread wide, on their backs, all with their heads to the north. Their wounds have bled freely, and the floor is covered with blood and filth.

    Even hard-eyed Willa is taken aback, and she pauses to run her lantern slowly around the room. The eiger cubs are there as well - she flashes the beam up to the stairs - they have been removed from the landing, and placed next to the bodies of the female eigers. She can’t see where Randy fell. There are too many bodies in the way - “Thokk,” she hisses, then shines the beam near the throne, “get over yon an' bring back all ther packs an’ such.”

    Thokk clambers over the bodies, but slips and falls more than once. By the time he reaches the spot where Randy fell, he is covered head-to-toe in gore and filth. He looks around bewildered, as there is no sign of the mule. “Argh,” he grunts in frustration, and waves away the light.

    Willa turns the lantern away from Thokk and uses it to check the stairs again, and then the entrance to the tower. The tunnel leading to the outside has been completely blocked off with rocks - dozens of huge stones, each heavier than a man could lift. She tries to swallow, but finds her throat dry.

    Without the lantern, Thokk’s eyes have grown accustomed to the dimness. With his darkvision, he can pick up more details. He notes that the faces of the eiger cubs are disfigured - their lips, noses, and ears have been removed, their eyes gouged out. He finally finds Randy’s body - or what is left of it. Mostly the spine, tail, entrails, and skin. The legs, head, and most of the torso are gone, and the floor all around it is slick with blood. There is no sign of any packs. “Bah,” Thokk says to Willa. “No packs here. Now everyone will know how good Thokk is at finding food. Soon they thank Thokk for good mushrooms.”

    Willa swallows again, and moves to the stairs. She ushers Thokk to follow her, and he begins his clumsy slipping and climbing over bodies until he is again at her side. As he approaches and the smell intensifies, Willa is thankful a lifetime of gutting fish has given her a strong stomach, and grateful for the cold and lack of flies. Together they mount the stairs.

    The stairs ascend along the wall of violet marble, and then the right side opens out into a 15 foot diameter chamber (2) while the stairs continue even more steeply up to another level. A wall sconce is about halfway up the stairs; in it is a crude torch - once burned, but now out. Willa removes a gauntlet and touches the torch tip gingerly, then firmly. It is cold, and has been out for hours.

    A battered and stained wooden table is in the center of the room. Arranged haphazardly about the room but away from the table and stairs are four clumsily woven reed mats. A single battered copper pot rests on the floor, its contents covered by a lid.

    They continue up the stairs, pass through a foot thick stone floor, and then the right side opens out into the empty space of a chamber (3) while the stairs continue more steeply up to another level. Rotten cushions and pillows litter the stone floor of the room. Between them is a large overturned wooden box. The room is about 12 feet across.

    An opening for a window is about halfway up the stairs, while another lies directly across the room from it but lower on the wall. Willa climbs the stairs to the opening. The tower walls are about five feet thick, so she must needs set Thokk’s lantern on the stairs and crawl into the tunnel and out to the open window to see. Wind blows freely into the chamber - it is certainly below freezing outside. Willa looks out over the valley, dark save for wan moonlight and stars. By the stars she judges she is looking northeast - it is a clear, cold night with no clouds. She scans the horizon for campfires, but sees nothing but empty forest and fields. She returns to the stairs, crosses the chamber, and looks out of the southwest window. The view there is no different, save that the mountains surrounding the valley seem lower but closer.

    Willa prods Thokk to continue, and they ascend to the fourth floor. The right side opens out into a seven foot diameter chamber (4) while the stairs continue even more steeply up to another level.

    An opening to an even-more recessed window is about halfway up the stairs, while another lies directly across the room from it but lower on the wall. The cluttered room contains a worn couch and five small wooden chests. Willa and Thokk step as quietly as possible into the room, but find all of the chests are open and empty. Thokk, however, notes a rectangular outline in the dust of the floor. Amidst all of the eiger tracks and dirt, there is a clear and clean space. Willa surmises that a sixth chest was once there, but was recently removed. They continue up.

    The stairs now open onto more of a landing than a chamber, barely four feet across (5). The stairs continue up to another level, although at this point the runs are so narrow and the rises so high it is effectively a stone ladder. An open recess for a window is about halfway up the stairs, while another lies directly across the room from it but lower on the wall. There is a single scratched and dented heavy wooden chair in the center of the landing, turned so as to look out the lower window. However, the height of the window prevents Willa from seeing out of it unless standing. Even Thokk, sitting in the chair, sees only the upper half of the frame.

    (12:00am; Tower Day 2)
    When Willa tells Thokk to mount the next flight of stairs, he hesitates. “Evil advisor,” he scoffs, “This boring. We return to others now.”

    “Thokk? Ye be nae scared, now?”

    Thokk snorts derisively. “Thokk never scared. But if we fight now, no one see Thokk’s glory. No fun to fight without friends to see.”

    Willa shoves Thokk toward the stairs. “Git up thar, ye big baby!”

    “Thokk not scared,” the half-orc sniffs petulantly. And yet, he seems more cautious than normal as he climbs the stairs slowly, one hand on his sword and the other on the steps themselves.

    The sixth floor is another small landing (6). The stairs continue up, ending in an open trapdoor in the ceiling. An open recess for a window is about halfway up the stairs, while another lies directly across the room from it but lower on the wall. A brazier sits upon a stone pedestal in the center of the landing, and several gnawed bones are scattered about the floor. The duo examines the room’s contents - Willa finds the brazier to be cold and empty. Thokk says the bones are mostly giant rat but there is some mountain goat in there as well - the gnaw marks are likely from the eigers.

    Willa again prods Thokk to continue up the stairs. He peeks his head carefully through the trapdoor, looks quickly around, and ducks back down. They must have finally reached the dome of the tower, for the constricting walls have opened up to a 20 by 20 foot square chamber (7). Each of the four walls has an open wooden door near the corner. “Git up thar, ye coward,” hisses Willa. Thokk continues up the stairs until he is standing waist high in the room. There is a worn, stained couch and a porcelain urn nearby. Thokk considers the couch for the shape of the “missing” rectangle below, but it is too large. Willa pokes him with her blade until he is standing in the room itself and she can see from the stairs. She raises the lantern and lets its light play across the open doorways, but there is no response from the rooms beyond. She climbs into the room herself. The ceiling is twelve feet high in the center, but lower near the walls as it follows the smooth curve of the dome. The pair of them examine the marks on the floor - lots of eiger prints, and a few drag marks from something heavy, as well from one of the doorways to the trapdoor.

    “Alright,” Willa says, “we be headin’ back now.”

    “Good!” says Thokk, decidedly. “Because creepy cold tower is too boring for Thokk.”

    The party is now reunited in the dungeon. Aurora and Umbra agree that the secret door off of the secret room, and not the one near the portrait, is the first that needs to be tried. They pass easily through the partly-open door, and are followed by others who have to squeeze through. Aurora shows Thokk where the loose stone she found is, and as he presses it the wall opens. This door, like the last, pivots about a fixed axle, leaving little space to enter.

    Aurora waits for Thokk to stick his head in one side, and when he doesn’t react, she slides in the other side, followed immediately by Umbra.

    Inside, the room (D12) is ten by ten, bare and dusty, with an eight foot tall ceiling. It contains a desk with a high stool, and a large cabinet. As Umbra enters the room, the cabinet starts to rattle, and then one of its doors bursts open. Dark shapes explode forth and circle the room at great speed - Aurora at first takes them for bats, but then realizes that she can see through them. After several circuits of the room, they converge upon Umbra and seem to meld with her form. Her face shows shock, but also recognition.

    “Umbra!” shouts Aurora. “Dark shapes are entering you! What is happening?”

    Umbra laughs at the look of fear on Aurora’s face, then smiles and smooths the shadows into her skin. “Don’t worry,” she says placidly. “I am fine.”

    Aurora tries to contact Willa through message to relay her suspicions, but the stone wall between them is too thick. None of the other party members have heard this exchange or seen the shadows.

    [DM's Note: The eigers finally decided that they were not going after the party into the dungeon. They gathered up their treasure and consolidated it into a single chest to take with them. They butchered Randy and took his meat for their journey, as well as all the party's rations and packs and supplies he was carrying. Eddard's chain barding became a cloak for the chieftain, and his leather saddle a headrest / pillow. They arranged the bodies of their fallen companions, and used all the boulders they had gathered in the dome rooms above to wall off the tower entrance from the outside, hoping that the party would die in the dungeon and that they were thus sealing the tomb of both their tribe and its killers.]
    My campaigns are multilayered tapestries upon which I texture themes and subject matter which, quite frankly, would simply be too strong for your hobbyist gamer.
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    Post 114: The Scriptorium and Beyond

    DM's Note on Sources: The tower and its inhabitants come from David Prata's "Tower of Azal'Lan".

    This and subsequent posts will contain many spoilers. The identity of rooms is indicated in bold.

    For the soundtrack while in the Dungeon level, I used "Dungeon I" by Tabletop Audios.

    Although the slain ogres were not undead, I certainly wanted the party to think that was a possibility. In the above-ground tower while it was still dark I used the soundtrack "Nightmare" by Tabletop Audio.

    For a 5e version of yellow mold, I used Uder's post at which states that "The playtest bestiary for Barrier Peaks has yellow mold. It gives the mold a 50% chance to puff spores. They do 7d6 damage, CON save DC13 for half. Kill it with fire, radiant or necrotic damage only; AC0 & 10 hit points per 5 foot patch. DC12 Investigation or Perception to identify."

    Post 114: The Scriptorium and Beyond
    Somewhere in the Little Hills, actual date unknown. Second day in the Tower

    Aurora moves distrustfully to the cabinet and opens the other door. Inside there is a bronze stoppered tube, four great volumes bound with thick leather, and a rolled-up sheet of vellum. Umbra gasps and the vellum twitches. She steps forward, and the vellum is drawn to her like metal to a loadstone. Aurora reaches out with her mage hand, but too late - the vellum tube flies to Umbra’s hand. She tucks it swiftly down her bodice without even pausing to look at it.

    “Umbra! What in the nine planes is going on here?” demands Aurora shrilly. Babshapka hears the panic in her voice and slips into the room.

    “Is everything alright in here?” he asks coldly, in Elven.

    “Babs! There were shadows flying around the room, and she took them in, and then she conjured a scroll into her hand from that cabinet! Something is going on here!”

    Babshapka looks from Aurora to Umber, who is standing calmly. He arches an eyebrow but says nothing.

    Aurora huffs angrily, then reaches through the opening of the doorway and drags Tyrius into the room. By the light of his shield, they can now see that there are two sheets of parchment, an ordinary quill, and a pot of dried ink on the desk. With one hand gripping Tyrius’ mailed arm fiercely, Aurora turns back to Umbra. “You never did tell us what you were doing here, mage! Why are you in this tower?” she demands.

    Umbra smiles. “Why are you here, Aurora? Shouldn’t you be looking in those books for recipes?”

    “What’s the deal with the shadows? Do you serve the powers of darkness?”

    “Of course not. The shadows are my friends, my confidants.”

    Aurora turns to Tyrius, triumphantly. The paladin shrugs. “Pelor judges people for their actions, not their friends.” Aurora throws up her hands in exasperation and stomps back to the cabinet. Umbra has not made any further moves toward it.

    Aurora pulls out the third of the three tomes. She leafs through the pages. It is free of mold but the paper is dry and brittle. The ink is faded and difficult to read - she thinks it is spell symbols - a spellbook! However, she doubts whether many, if any, of the spells are intact - especially the longer (higher-level) ones, since hardly a page goes by without a spot where the ink has faded completely.

    She sets the tome on the ground, pulls out her wand of magic detection, and uses a charge. The first three volumes, including the one she pulled out, are weakly magical - most likely the result of their inks and symbols, if they are spellbooks, rather than being inherently magical items. The bronze tube is more clearly magical - or at least something in it is. Aurora has not used the wand in the presence of Umbra before. She feels a number of influences in her area - but when she stretches out her senses, Umbra frowns and her aura becomes occluded.

    “What are you trying to hide, shadow-mage?” harrumphs Aurora, but the others pay her no heed, least among them Umbra. Aurora takes the fourth, non-magical, book from the cabinet and opens it on the desk. She calls Tyrius over to shed light on it.

    The writing is not the magical symbols of spell formulae, but a neatly-lettered script. It is in ancient Suel, and very faded - it will take Aurora hours to decipher it. She spends several minutes making out that it is a journal, or diary, with dated entries. The inscription on the front page reads “Nholast of Linth,” she says aloud, then regrets it when Umbra asks who Nholast is.

    “Nholast? Hmm. I don’t know. I’m not sure I have heard that name before,” she replies.

    Tyrius holds up his hand, before she can prevaricate herself further. “Nholast was the master of this tower, apparently,” he says. “The Sage of Highfell called him Nholast the Unforgiven. Aurora is here to research more about who he was and what he did and how he is connected to the history of Keoland.” Aurora flushes with anger.

    “Well, I’ve never heard of him,” says Umbra, “truly.” She comes closer to the desk and notices that the first page of the journal is on the point of coming completely free of the binding. She reaches out, and Aurora clamps down defensively on the book. Umbra, however, merely stretches forth a finger and hums to herself while she runs it along the edge of the page. As she traces the paper’s edge, the frayed binding threads reform, and the page is held securely in place.

    “That’s a mending cantrip,” says Aurora. “I know it too, of course...I’ve just never learned to cast it.” She pauses, then asks, “Can you mend the others as well?”

    Babshapka shakes his head, in disbelief that Aurora dares to ask a favor from the woman she just accused and then lied to less than a minute ago, but Umbra simply nods her head. “I can, but you saw how long it took to fix that one page. It will take me an hour or more to do all the pages of all four. Better at our next rest. And I can restore the paper and binding and normal ink, but not anything magical, so those spellbooks…”

    “May still be spoiled, I know,” interjects Aurora. “But at least they will survive our journey out of here.”

    From the far hallway comes Willa’s shout. “‘eave ‘o in there! Time t’ weigh anchor!”

    Aurora reluctantly allows Umbra to gather and stack the four books, and to hand the bronze tube to Tyrius while she goes through the desk. The inkwell is quite dry; the blank parchment was originally of scroll quality but is now brittle.

    The party moves out into the hallway and prepares to enter the next secret door. As they walk, Babshapka falls back and helps Umbra carry the weighty tomes. “Mistress,” he whispers in elven, “why are you here?”

    Umbra responds simply, “I am seeking answers to questions about the history of my people.”

    Babshapka broods on this. It is rather too similar to the answer Aurora once gave him when he asked about why he was helping her steal materials from a library - and that turned out to be a patent falsehood.

    The party decides to first examine the secret door that Babshapka found (D5). Babshapka shows Thokk the loose stone on the wall. When he presses it, a door-sized section of wall sinks into the floor like most of the secret doors they have found (just not the most recent two leading to the study with the four books).

    Through the secret passage Thokk sees a small chamber beyond, and then a corridor leading south. The walls are of the same stone as the rest of this level, but the floor is covered in dust, with no disturbance or tracks visible.

    Thokk pauses in the doorway, sniffing. Are there more mushrooms ahead? He leads the party down the corridor. The father south they travel, the damper the air becomes and the more it smells of mold. Finally they reach the south wall, whereupon the corridor turns to their right. About halfway up the wall, a crack splits the stone surface for its entire length, as far down as they can see. A natural seep drips water all along the rock face. From the crack down, the surface of the rough-hewn blocks is damp. Green, grey, and yellow molds cover the walls and spill out onto the floor beneath the seep.

    The corridor runs west for a while, then turns back north again. However, the mold at the end comes more than ten feet away from the base of the wall, such that it completely blocks off the end of the corridor. They would need to walk through the mold patch, or jump over it - and the floor is damp, the footing treacherous.

    Aurora asks Larry about the mold, and he says it looks like the yellow strains are the same as the one outside the door of the alchemy workshop was. Aurora has Willa shine the lantern at the nearest patch of fungus on the floor, and she sends a trial firebolt at it. A large section of mold is burned away, but all the patches around it send forth a shower of golden spores into the air. The spores drift leisurely down the hall toward them.

    “Keep that beam going,” says Aurora. She begins launching bolt after bolt down the hallway into the mold as she slowly backs up. Fire and spores fill the hallway, the cloud growing more dense and creeping toward them. As the spore cloud approaches, Willa backs away and takes the lantern with her. “Keep the light going!” insists Aurora, continuing to send flashes of fire into the darkness ahead of her.

    “Get yerself outta t’ere!” countermands Willa, finally grabbing Aurora by the robe and dragging her back up the hall out of reach of the spores.

    Larry whistles appreciatively as Willa shines the lantern across the surface of the dense, advancing spore cloud. “That’ll be takin' a right while ta settle.”

    So as to not waste time while they wait, Willa leads the party back through the open secret door and to the end of the hall where the iron door that Larry examined still stands.

    Larry listens, but does not hear anything at the door. He steps out of the way for Thokk, who slams his shoulder into the door as he has a dozen other ones one this level. This door is not of rotting wood, however, but thick iron. It gives a resounding clang as Thokk’s shoulder hits it, but does not move a fraction of an inch. The half-orc hoots in pain and rubs his shoulder.

    [Str. check 10, 1 pt of damage. I had set the DC of opening the locked iron door at 25]

    Willa holds the lantern up to the door. There is a locking mechanism, with a stout deadbolt sunk deeply into the stone wall. The keyhole is so clogged with rust that she doubts they could open it even had they the key. “Thokk, it be rusted shut,” she scolds. “Use yer head now ‘n agin .”

    Aurora comes forward to examine it, then backs up to the opposite end of the hall, bidding Willa keep the lock in the light. With a single arcane word, the enchantress casts a knock spell. Immediately a loud clang sounds, echoing up and down the hall, louder even then Thokk’s attempt to open the door, but it remains stubbornly shut.

    Aurora approaches the door to examine it again. A pile of rust and shavings has exploded from the lock and bolt, and the metal fittings beneath shine dully. It should be no trouble at all to open it now - if only they had the key, or were Aurora willing to use a second spell.

    “Hah - door not stuck. Now Thokk open!” says the barbarian. This time, Larry guides Thokk into using his shield directly on the deadbolt itself, and Willa sets the lantern down and waits by the door. Thokk gets a running start, and as he passes Willa, she swivels and shoves him hard at the door. He throws his shield forward as he crashes into the door. The resulting clamor surely must be audible in the tower above, but still the door does not move. This time Thokk howls in pain.

    [Str. check 8, +1 guidance, +5 aid = 14. 3 points of damage]

    As Thokk winces and rubs his shoulder, Willa squares off against the door. “Whar be I hittin’ ‘er?” she asks Larry, and Larry points to just below the lock. Willa steps back, then runs up, leaps in the air, and kicks with both of her feet at the same time. Her heavy boots slam into the door and she falls hard on her back on the stone floor, cursing.

    [Str. check 5, guidance +4 = 9]

    Thokk chuckles as he helps her to her feet. “Together?” he suggests, and Willa nods.

    Willa and Thokk back away down the corridor, then begin jogging back, gathering speed as they go. Thokk holds his shield in front of him as Larry directed. Thokk slams into the door with Willa pushing him from behind, so that he hits the metal with the strength of them combined. This time, in addition to the resounding metal clang, there is the fractious sound of stone splintering.

    [Str. check 16, guidance +3, aid +5 = 24. Almost!]

    The deadbolt of the door is intact, but the stone wall into which it is set has cracked, meaning that the door now has a bit of give, and can be worked an inch or so each way. After she pulls herself off the ground, Willa bangs it back and forth a few times. Chips of stone and stone dust tumble to the floor, but the bolt does not look to give. As she moves the door and thus stirs the air, however, they catch the scent of mold in the room beyond.

    “Oh, hey!” says Aurora brightly, “what about this key?” She pulls forth from her pocket the large iron key she took from the body of the half-eiger slain outside the tower.

    Willa snatches the key disgustedly from Aurora’s hand and tries it in the lock. Perhaps it once fit, but it is impossible to tell now. The metal around and inside the locking mechanism is so battered and twisted from their attempts to open it, that she can barely get the key through the keyhole, let alone fit it snugly into the tumblers. She sighs and hands it back.

    Aurora points at the narrow gap that has just been made between the stone wall and the iron door. “What about a pry bar?” she suggests. “We have a few of those, right?”

    “They were all on Randy,” says Willa acidly. She sighs and turns away from Aurora, then sets down her pack and pulls out the magic mace she recovered from Strahd’s castle. At first she thinks to use its tempered steel shaft as a pry bar, but it is too thick to fit through the gap. She adjusts her gauntlets, flexes her knees, and spins around in a complete circle as she accelerates the mace ahead of her. The mace head crashes into the door and the bolt groans and twists.

    “Thar she be,” says Willa, and spins and hits it again. This time the bolt snaps, and the entirety of the thick, iron door is ripped off its hinges. It topples to the floor inside the room beyond with the loudest crash yet.

    [Str. check 20, +3 proficiency, +2 mace = 25]

    The room beyond (D4) is ten feet deep, twenty feet wide, and eight feet high, with no egress. The walls are of the same rough cut stone as the corridors they have been following, and are hung with a dozen paintings or more, but all of them are covered over with green and yellow fungus, canvas and wooden frames both. The original artwork cannot be seen beneath the mold.

    After some discussion, they decide to burn the mold away so as to search for more secret doors. Larry volunteers to cover the walls in oil, and collects a flask from Willa and another from Thokk. He ties a rope about his waist, just in case, and casts resistance on himself.

    Entering the room, he finds most of the mold on the paintings themselves, and the canvas and wood completely rotted away. The walls have plenty of mold as well, though it is less thick than on the paintings. He opens the flasks, and sets them down, ready to start dousing the walls. But first, out of curiosity, he reaches out and pokes at the mold with a grubby finger. A ripple of energy spreads out from the point of contact and runs through rhizomes all over the room. Almost at once, yellow mold from every surface sends forth spores in a soft whoof of air. Larry is engulfed by the golden cloud; he covers his mouth and runs out of the room, nearly tripping over one of the flasks. In the hallway he sinks to his knees, coughing, lungs burning, then crawls on hands and knees toward the party, which has retreated to the end of the hall. He coughs for several minutes, in the end hacking up phlegm and spatterings of blood.

    [29 points of spore damage, Larry saves for half damage]

    Willa tells the party to stay put while she and Thokk gather “kindling”. They return to the room the party camped in “overnight” (D15), smash all of the chairs into piles of splintered wood, and come back with armfuls. Thokk then returns to the “library” (D3), ripping the heavy plank bookshelves off of the walls and carrying them back in loads.

    Thokk stands in the doorway and throws a chair leg at the wall. Some of the mold is scraped off from the force of the blow, but it does not elicit more spores. Taking deep breaths in the hall and holding their breaths while in the room, Thokk and Willa lay the shelf planks against the walls, pile the kindling at their base all around the room, and then empty the flasks of oil on the wood. Once all is prepared they retreat and Aurora sends in a firebolt to set the room ablaze with a roar. Thick smoke billows out, but the eight foot high vaulted ceiling of the corridor keeps it above most of them, though Thokk’s eyes water.

    After several minutes the fires die out. Willa and Babshapka check the soot-stained walls, but find no secret doors. Willa moves the party back to the southern corridor, where the mold spores have now mostly settled to the floor.

    Here and there are still patches of mold on the dampest stone, but Aurora burns them with judicious applications of her firebolt, and no further spores are released. After turning the corner, they move north along the corridor, away from the seep, the air growing dryer and the oppressive odor of mold fading behind them. Ahead, the corridor opens into a large room (D7).

    The ceiling here is arched to 12’ height. Several divans and low stools are scattered about this otherwise vacant chamber. Wall sconces hold long burnt torch stubs. The furnishings carry a thick layer of dust. Three wooden doors, their planks all rotted and split, are apparent.

    Thokk sniffs suspiciously at the first door, then gingerly lays his sore shoulder against it but can’t get it to budge. The wood has swollen and stuck in the frame. It takes both him and Larry to force it open. The room beyond (D9) is ten by ten by eight, and is dusty but bare. The back side of the door is covered in mold, but they find nothing else when searching it.

    The door to the next room (D8) opens easily, the wood being dry. Inside, it appears empty and identical to the previous room, and a second search reveals nothing as well.

    The third door leads to a much larger room (D10). The ceiling here is arched to 12’ height like the previous chamber. A number of straw mattresses and throw rugs (sufficient to sleep sixteen) cover the floor, and eight rotting wooden buckets line the south wall. The place is currently unoccupied and covered in dust. A few of the buckets contain hard dry turds, but nothing else. Aurora quickly checks the walls, but they do not yield secret exits. Willa and Aurora exchange words about the “army” that is following them - Umbra is interested at first, but quickly becomes concerned that the entire nation of Keoland is after this enchantress.

    They seem to have come to the end of this section of the dungeon, which Tyrius speculates is another one of the secret garrison complexes. With no tracks on the floor but their own, and a single entrance, it seems very defensible, so Willa agrees to let them take a short rest. They spread out among the dry straw mattresses. Aurora keeps one eye suspiciously on Umber at first, who continues to hold hushed conversation with Babshapka, but soon she becomes engrossed in reading the diary of Nhoast.

    [Willa, Thokk, and Larry spend hit dice to heal. Aurora and Larry use natural and arcane recovery to get back spell slots]

    [Note: Aurora’s initial investigation roll is 20. She can add 1 to this for each hour she spends after the first one reading the diary. The total number indicates the DC of the information she has deciphered to this point.]

    This journal of Nholast does not refer to himself as “the Unforgiven”, although on the initial page he styles himself “Nholast of Linth”.

    (DC16) There are dates by the entries. If Aurora remembers the calendar conversion of Suel Reckoning to Common Year, the dates are about 750 years ago. She reflects on the furnishings found so far. They are remarkably well-preserved for being over seven centuries old, but not unrealistically so, if they have been shut off and sealed underground.

    (DC17) The dates in the diary are sporadic. There are multiple entries for several weeks each, but often months apart.

    (DC18) The last entry mentions that Nholast’s current work, binding an erinyes to his will, has been interrupted by a command from Asberdies to assist in putting down yet another petty uprising. He laments the the erinyes is not completely dominated so that he could send her in his stead, as these rebellions are tiresome. He writes that he will be returning soon.

    (DC19) It appears that Nholast came here to this tower to do research and experimentation, free from the distractions of working for Asberdies. He had a small complement of guards and servants with him.

    (DC20) Some of Nholast’s experiments included necromancy, summoning and binding demons and devils, the creation of golems, and alchemy. He used his time between experiments to make spell scrolls. Asberdies did not begrudge him resources.

    Forming up after their rest, the party leaves the sleeping chamber and returns back through the secret door in the portrait room to the soot-stained art room. Aurora firebolts the remaining mold, and carefully searches the walls, especially the northern wall.

    “Ye be havin’ ther di-ary o' Nholast now, what more be ye lookin’ fer?” Willa asks her.

    Aurora says that she is not at liberty to say in front of her (and she rolls her eyes at Umbra), but Willa is not convinced that Aurora actually knows what she is looking for.

    Short of doing a long search on every section of dungeon wall (which Aurora seems up for but few of the others), it appears that the dungeon level has been played out. A few of them suggest finishing their exploration of the tower above, and this is agreed to by the majority. They retrace their steps to the bottom of the tower, and then up the stairs to the entry room. Those who had not yet seem the strangely displayed eiger dead, or the blocked off exit, are concerned, but Willa ushers them quickly through.

    The party ascends through the tower levels - the second (with the wooden table and reed mats), the third (with the cushions and rat box), the fourth (with the couch and empty chests), the fifth (with the chair watching the window), the sixth (with the bones and brazier), and finally up through the trapdoor into the seventh level with the domed roof.

    Of the four open doors off of the central chamber, they try the north one first (7a). This wedge-shaped room extends to the wall of the tower, where the domed roof lowers to a mere five feet high. Murder holes line the north wall, as well as the floor at its base, but are as dark as the night sky beyond. A battered workbench sits against the south wall, and an empty cresset hangs from the ceiling. A small barrel is near the bench. A number of hides laying over piles of rushes looks to be a huge communal bed. Several dented metal urns are obviously used as chamber pots, and there is a pile of cracked and reasonably fresh bones near the bed. A 7½’-tall misshapen humanoid form stands motionless as near the north wall as its height will allow.

    Thokk and Willa inspect it carefully, but it does not appear to be moving. When Aurora enters, she says “Oh, a golem! Nholast mentioned that in his diary. I wonder what the command words are?” She then begins trying various words in ancient Suel in an attempt to animate the figure, until Willa makes her stop, in part from feeling she is wasting time, in part from dread of what might happen should Aurora actually succeed in animating it.

    Thokk examines the bones near the bed. They are so well-gnawed that he cannot make much of them, but from the musky smell in the room, he strongly suspects this was an eiger den. The murder holes have fresh scratches along the floor and a number of chips and flakes of stone about. Perhaps the boulders that even now block their exit came from here. Of course, reasons Thokk, these holes are big enough for them to climb through and jump to the ground - they are not really trapped in the tower, after all.

    They next try the chamber to the west (7d). A few hides laying over piles of rushes looks to be a large bed with a nearby pile of bones. A smaller bed is near the door. Several dented metal urns are obviously used as chamber pots. They look about, but find nothing of interest.

    The chamber to the south (7c) has the same dimensions - wedge-shaped, extending to the wall of the tower, murder holes in the wall and floor. The furnishings are different, however - the beds are smaller and individual rather than communal. There are three here, and each has a single threadbare hide laying over a pile of rushes. The room smells strongly of rancid sweat with undertones of seawater. Several dented metal urns are obviously used as chamber pots. Thokk guesses that if the previous chambers housed eigers strong enough to have females, this room is for the weaker bachelors. Nothing is found in a quick search, though they are disgusted by the beds themselves.

    The final room of the dome (7b) is as the others, and could be a mirror-image of the one to the west. A few hides laying over piles of rushes form a single large bed with a nearby pile of bones. A smaller bed is near the door and several dented metal urns are chamber pots. A quick search reveals nothing. By this time, the icy wind blowing through the murder holes has chilled the party, and all of them are ready to depart the dome - but to where? Aurora talks about the unsearched walls of the dungeon, as well as the thick walls of the tower that could easily conceal small chambers - but Willa is still unsure what specifically they are searching for.
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    Post 115: Waiting for the New Day

    DM's Note on Sources: The tower and its inhabitants come from David Prata's "Tower of Azal'Lan".

    This and subsequent posts will contain many spoilers. The identity of rooms is indicated in bold.

    For the soundtrack while in the Dungeon level, I used "Dungeon I" by Tabletop Audios.

    Since the players were all either new to the game or new to 5E, none of them knew what the rules were for exhaustion from thirst and hunger; when checks needed to be made and what the results were for failed checks. I told them that they would eventually find out through experience.

    Post 115: Waiting for the New Day
    Somewhere in the Little Hills, actual date unknown. Second day in the Tower

    The party decides that they would like to use the murder holes to look outside the tower, but it is still night. Luna, the larger of the two moons, is quite full, so they have a good view across the valley, but not in detail around the base of the tower, which is what they are after. Willa scans the horizon in all directions, but doesn’t see any lights or campfires - just wide open wilderness in the pale moonlight. Larry points out that with Luna full, and the smaller Handmaiden still new, they can’t be that far off in time from when they left Highfell - provided it is still the same year.

    Willa decides that they can search the eiger quarters at the top of the tower while they wait for the sun to come up. In one of the rooms she finds a hollow, stoppered bone tube in the pile of discarded bones. It looks like it might be a scroll tube, so she passes it unopened to Aurora.

    Once the rooms are searched the party retires to the central chamber, closing all the doors to block the chilly wind but leaving the door to the east open just a crack to see when the light comes in. It is still cold (in the twenties outside the tower and just below freezing even behind the doors) and their stomachs are all grumbling, but they are adventurers and used to resting when they can. Aurora reads while they wait.

    Less than two hours later it is light enough to see the ground outside, though the sun has not yet cleared the mountains at the east end of the valley.

    The grass outside is still white with frost, except for a ring around the tower just under the murder holes. There, the grass has been trampled and there is no frost, or much less. After some consideration, the party surmises that there was a large collection of boulders in these tower rooms, but sometime after they entered, the rocks were pitched from the tower (creating the trampled circle), then taken from the ground outside and used to block the entryway, sealing the party inside.

    The ground is some ninety feet below them, but after carefully studying it, Larry announces that he can see a trail leading through the frost. The trail is the tracks of large humanoids, most likely the eigers. It leads away from the tower to the northwest.

    Aurora considers the murder holes to be an alternate exit, should they not be able to clear the stones from the entryway below. With a hundred feet of rope they will be able to lower themselves outside, and all of them but Larry should be able to fit through the murder holes.

    With nothing more of interest above ground, the party goes back to the dungeons, all the while discussing where something else might be hidden below. On a hunch, Willa leads them back to the room (D5) where the portrait they took to be Nholast was, but find they actually left the painting in hallway outside the room. By Willa’s lantern, Aurora carefully examines the back of the portrait - but doesn’t find anything. They re-hang it where it was before, and Willa asks Umbra what she sees in it. The elf agrees with Tyrius’ previous assessment, but adds that the fashion of clothing indeed appears to be post-migration Suel, making it plausible that it could match the purported dates of 750 years ago in the diary.

    They take some time to look around, searching the walls carefully for secret doors, but finding nothing. Their thirst is getting the better of them. Since they entered the tower yesterday before dawn, they have now gone a full day with only a half-day’s ration of water. Thokk opens his skin of squeezed mushroom water and drinks deeply, then offers it to the others, but after Willa shakes her head, they all decline. He finishes the skin, and checks that the two others he has are still full.

    [7am - DM’s note. At this point all of them but Thokk need to make a DC15 Con check. Umbra, Willa, Tyrius, and Shefak fail these checks, and are now at the first level of exhaustion. Until they drink, they will have disadvantage on all ability checks. Among other things, this means they will be less effective at searching for secret doors. They have all, except for Aurora and Umbra who had rations on them, also been a complete day without food. They learn that even those among them with the lowest constitution can go without eating for 24 hours without penalty.]

    Willa finds her thirst is making her slow and clumsy, and not up to the task of finding any secret doors. As she takes a break and looks about, a few of the others seem similarly affected. Babshapka, Larry, and Thokk all seem fine - she tells them to continue searching with their darkvision while she leads the others back to the kitchen to see if there is water in the well. She collects everyone’s empty skins before they set out, and the two ones that Thokk has which are full of mushroom water. They have six skins between the eight of them - there were lots more on Randy. Each skin holds enough water for half a day or so. Aurora is busy reading by the light of Willa’s lantern, so Willa leaves her where she is, and they rely on the holy light of Pelor to find their way.

    After a few wrong turns and confused consultations of Willa’s charcoal sketch map by Pelor’s light, the away team finds themselves back in the kitchen. Tyrius casts light on Willa’s silk rope, then lowers it down the well. The stone walls are thick with moss - and a dozen furry bodies! At the appearance of the light, giant rats scamper up the sides of the well and pour out into the kitchen, attacking the four people there.

    “Nutmeg and feck!” curses Willa, as she yanks the rope from the well and draws her greatsword. She motions with her hand for the others to fall back defensively to the door before they are overrun by the wave of rats. Although the team is slaying rats every second, more and more continue to come forth. By the time they have their backs to the door and have killed more than a dozen of them, the rats’ courage breaks and they begin running out the open secret door rather than attacking the party. Umbra continues firing freezing bolts at them and Willa yells and swings her sword, hoping to herd them all out the door. She estimates that as many as another four dozen emerge from the well and have run through the room before the flow slows and then stops. Willa works quickly to pull, push, and twist the loose stone that opened the secret door until she finds the means to close it, sealing the rats on the other side.

    Panting and bloodied, the party takes stock. Fully 16 giant rats lay sprawled dead on the kitchen floor - three frozen from rays of chilling shadow, four cleft in twain by a greatsword, four smashed into paste by a hammer, and five kicked and bludgeoned to death by a staff. Umbra was bitten once (4pts), Willa and Shefak twice (9 points each), and Tyrius thrice (16 points).

    Listening carefully, they hear nothing more coming from the well, so Willa lowers the still-glowing rope down again. Water is in the bottom, just below the reach of the rope itself. Someone will need to go down - and Shefak is the lightest among them, though there is not enough room in there to wield her staff. She agrees to the task, but insists that the rope be tied about her rather than her climbing down. She loads up with all six of the empty water skins of the party (Willa having poured Thokk’s mushroom water out upon learning that there was in fact water in the well). When Umbra ties her rope to Willa’s, they have a cord long enough to lower Shefak to the bottom of the well.

    As she is lowered by Willa, Shefak calls up that the walls are pockmarked with dozens of caves - all rat-sized and too small to enter. Pushing away the moss, she finds that the caves are mostly shallow, and filled with bones and rat droppings, though a few are tunnels and go back farther than she can see. Near the bottom, the moss grows thicker on the walls and the caves less frequent. Willa looks over at a slain rat on the floor of the kitchen and sees that its fur is damp though not wet - they will need to find some way to clean the water, or else she is not letting anyone drink it.

    Shefak sniffs suspiciously at the water, then begins to fill the skins one at a time. As her weight increases with each full skin, Willa calls Tyrius over to help her hold the rope and then pull the monk up. Once Shefak is back in the kitchen, Willa explains that they will be boiling the water, and asks for suggestions. A hearth is on hand in the room - and next door, the chairs and tables will provide as much wood as they could possibly need - but what to boil the water in? Umbra says that she carries a mess kit in her pack, and it includes a small pot.

    While Umbra tends the fire, boils the water, and refills the skins with boiled water one pot at a time, the other three search the walls of the kitchen and the dining room beyond. The first skin that is filled is passed around between them, and all drink deeply until it is empty, and then the second. Only by the time Umbra is filling the third skin is she actually storing up any water.

    They find a secret door on the north wall of the kitchen itself, in the part that is not occupied by the hearth. Willa tells them to hold off on opening it for the time being. She is trying to work out the logistics of their water use, since she knows they will need at least two skins per person per day, and they will not get that amount anytime soon with Umbra’s tiny camp pot.

    When they have finished searching all the nearby walls, Willa takes Tyrius with her and they return to a room she searched the day before, a small bedchamber (D14). Something about the room is nagging at Willa, and when she enters, she immediately sees what it is - there is a small, beaten copper bathtub in the room. Between them, and with several pauses to rest, Willa and Tyrius move the tub into the kitchen and set it down in the hearth itself. Umbra empties all of the unboiled water from the skins into the tub - not even filling it to a sixth of its depth. The others in the team smash chairs and bring wood and soon have a raging fire going. Shefak is sent on several more trips down the well until the tub is half full. The smoke is venting nicely up the chimney and not filling the room.

    Finally content, Willa tells them to open the new secret door, but it takes three of them and several minutes to figure out the mechanism. Ultimately, a loose stone is discovered near the hearth but beneath the body of a dead rat. Once the door is open, they can immediately smell the dampness beyond. The small ten by ten chamber revealed is obviously a wine cellar, with rotten, sagging shelves and numerous glass bottles. However, the shelves and walls are covered with a thick green carpet.

    Not sure if it is moss or mold, Willa covers her mouth with a cloth and enters to assess whether anything important is beneath the green, but as she gets closer she is not seeing bulbous fungus, or spongy sphagnum, but rather thick, ropy slime. A slime that was hanging from the ceiling detaches itself and falls directly on her. Now covered in the viscous goo, she stumbles blindly back out the door.

    She recalls tales of a green slime that can grow in ship bilges, feeding off organic waste. It is supposed to be acidic to the touch - and as she thinks of this, she can feel her face start to burn where the slime is seeping through her helmet. She wipes it away from her mouth and shouts “Get t’is armor orf me!” [Willa takes 18 points of damage]

    After ripping her helmet off and fumbling with a few buckles, Willa realizes that she is panicking and it will take far too long to strip off her plate armor. The slime that covers her breastplate and back is already oozing up and through the chain coif, burning her neck. At least she can see now, can see how she is covered in slime and in fact is dragging a trail of it out of the room with her.

    She waves her companions off and yells instead “Shut ther damn door!” as she grabs a flaming chair leg from the fire. The slime turns into a flaky powder at the application of the flame and Willa grimly steps as close to the fire as she can get without falling into the tub. Shefak strikes with her magic staff at the slime trail, managing to sever it as Tyrius closes the door. The monk then summons her ki, turning her fists and feet into magical weapons as she pummels the slime on Willa’s armor, doing damage to both it and her.

    The slime seems most threatened by the proximity of the fire, however. It shudders, and suddenly the side toward the fire shoots forth a cone of acid. Umbra is doused with the spray [and takes 24 points]. The fire hisses and spits and nearly goes out.

    Umbra staggers away, her own flesh now burning from the acid spray, then summons forth a skeletal hand that she sends at Willa. The hand starts clawing at Willa’s armor, freezing pieces of slime and ripping them off - but Willa does not know where the hand has come from or that it is controlled by Umbra and she starts screaming for Thokk’s help. With her chair leg torch, she beats and burns the slime and the hand both.

    Seeking to calm Willa, Shefak summons more ki, and with glowing hands pulls the remainder of the slime off her and then stomps it into the stone floor with glowing feet. Breathing heavily, Willa makes sure that every last trace of the slime is burnt away.

    After Tyrius lays hands on Willa she feels somewhat better. Making eye contact with the other three, she says in her most commanding tone, “When Aurora gets ‘ere, ye DINNAE let ‘er open t’at door, nae matter wha’!”

    The team in the south has continued to search walls, but to no effect. Aurora, however, has come across an interesting passage in her last hour of reading.

    (DC23) While Nholast refers to his lord Asberdies by name, he also refers to one called “The Master” - apparently a different individual.

    At this point, the searchers rouse Aurora from her tome and the four of them together travel to the kitchen. Upon entering, Thokk looks at all of the dead rats on the floor and exclaims, “Willa find water AND food! Good job, evil advisor.” He happily sets about gutting and dressing the rats, though when he is done Willa sees him heading for the bathtub just in time to keep him from rinsing his bloody hands and knives in the water.

    Willa unpacks the beetle strips she made - they have been more than twelves hours in her pack, raw, and are starting to smell gamey. She doesn’t know for sure that the beetle is edible. While she can’t personally say she has ever had rat, she knows plenty of sailors who have resorted to eating it on long sea voyages when the food stores ran low. It might not be a bad idea to ditch the beetle meat for the rat.

    Larry uses the time to heal those who fought the rats and the green slime.

    Aurora examines the bone tube found by Willa in the eiger lair and finds inside it a scroll of protection from petrification.

    Those who have not yet drunk, drink deeply from skins that are filled, then filled again from the tub. Everyone finally leaves the room with their water balance restored, carrying all of their skins full, and with some boiled water still left in the tub besides.

    They spend the next four hours (10am to 2pm) with seven of them searching walls in the dungeon while Aurora reads in the kitchen.

    Aurora had originally considered spitting the rats and roasting them over the fire, but that would take far too much of her time and attention while she is trying to read, so she decides to just quickly cut them into smaller pieces, put them in the tub, build the fire back up, and boil them. It does not take long before the tub is full of rat stew and she can get back to the diary.

    During the time the party is away, she gleans the following from the book:

    (DC26) Nholast was able to penetrate the defenses around Valadis after its fall. He was sent there by Asberdies to recover lore and items of power on more than one occasion.

    This excites her to no end, and she tries to read further but is now distracted by trying to think of how she is going to convince the party to return to Valadis.

    At the end of the four hours, the party returns to Aurora to tell her that as a result of their searches they have found one secret door, and one locked iron door, with both in the north-central part of the dungeon.

    When Aurora reaches the “T” in the corridor, she is incredulous at the sight of the door. “Was this on your map, Willa?”

    “Ther corridors, aye, but nae ther door.”

    “Well, who saw it? Someone walked past it!” No one seems to want to admit they searched the hallway before but did not note the door. Willa tells Aurora to get over it and get on with the search.

    They move first to the secret door at the end of the hall. “Always check the dead ends,” says Aurora, as she studies Willa’s map again. “Huh, I think we were on the other side of this wall, wondering why it sounded hollow - must have been whatever is beyond here.” It takes nearly everyone in the party before the mechanism for opening the door is discovered - it is the smallest and most concealed activation stone they have found yet, but finally it yields and the door opens.

    The room beyond is a scant ten by ten, and empty, except for three large wooden coffers on the floor. “Check fer traps,” says Willa instinctively, then stops herself - has it been two days yet since Barnabus abandoned them?

    Thokk is unconcerned and strides into the room. He squats over a coffer and opens it. Each coffer is metal-bound - the brass hinges protest, but do open, and reveal that the coffer is full of coins. Most are gold, a few are a metal that he does not recognize. He dumps the coffer out on the floor, sorts through, and takes a handful of the unfamiliar ones to the doorway. “Platinum!” say several voices at once. Thokk shrugs and throws the coins back on the floor, then opens the other coffers. Aurora estimates there to be several hundred gold and two dozen platinum. They leave the coins intact, and Aurora closes the secret door while the party goes to the other end of the hallway.

    Thokk tries running at the iron door, but it holds strong. Aurora tries mage handing the key she recovered from the dead half-eiger, but it does not fit the lock, so she resorts to a knock spell. The lock is free of rust and easily clicks open at the application of the spell.

    Inside the small chamber is a skeleton, clad in rags, hanging from a set of manacles in the center of the room. A large number of silver coins are heaped about the skeleton’s feet, and a pair of brilliant stones (one clear spindle, one iridescent spindle) circle about its head, continually in motion.

    Shefak and Babshapka enter the room and try to catch the stones in their hands. At their approach, the stones change course as if they are animate and avoiding being caught. They remain in revolution about the skeleton, but continually alter their speed and direction. Babshapka brushes against the body of the skeleton, and it collapses into a pile of disarticulated bones. The stones continue to circle the skull, which has rolled several feet across the floor. Shefak continues her pursuit of the stones, and after several attempts finally proves nimble enough to catch them both. Babshapka continues to stare at the skeleton, even picking a few bones up to examine them critically. “That was an elf,” he says.

    Shefak gladly turns the stones over to Aurora, who accepts them eagerly. Babshapka continues his examination of the skeleton. “There’s no meat on it - just dried bone...and these coins are of a mint with the ones from the other room - very old. Whoever this was, they died long ago.”
    My campaigns are multilayered tapestries upon which I texture themes and subject matter which, quite frankly, would simply be too strong for your hobbyist gamer.
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    Post 116: Every last nook and cranny

    DM's Note on Sources: The tower and its inhabitants come from David Prata's "Tower of Azal'Lan".

    This and subsequent posts will contain many spoilers. The identity of rooms is indicated in bold.

    For the soundtrack while in the Dungeon level, I used "Dungeon I" by Tabletop Audios.

    Post 116: Every last nook and cranny
    Somewhere in the Little Hills, actual date unknown. Second day in the Tower

    Shefak gladly turns the stones over to Aurora, who accepts them eagerly. Babshapka continues his examination of the skeleton. “There’s no meat on it - just dried bone...and these coins are of a mint with the ones from the other room - very old. Whoever this was, they died long ago.”

    “Why would a pris’ner have magic stones?” wonders Willa aloud, before she turns and addresses Aurora directly. “An’ wha’ ther feck are we lookin’ fer ‘ere, anyway?”

    Aurora, as usual, dodges the question and merely says that they have nearly all of the dungeon searched and must indeed be close to the end. She sits down in the hallway, turns the wick up on Willa’s lantern, and opens Nholast’s journal. Willa gives an exasperated sigh, then directs Babshapka to search the room with the skeleton (D27), Thokk the secret treasure room (D28), and has the rest of the party follow her down the hall. When they reach a previously unsearched section, she lights a chair leg at one end of the hall, has Tyrius cast the light of Pelor on the other end, and the rest of the party searching between them.

    After 20 minutes, Babshapka has found nothing else in the prison chamber, so he comes out and stands guard over Aurora. At some point she looks up from her reading and notices him. “See if you can do anything with these,” she says, and hands him over the two strange flying gems.

    Thokk, during his search in the treasure room, notices a hollow sound when he taps on the stone wall near the floor. It doesn’t take long before he has found how to move a stone out of the way and discovered a space in the wall just large enough to contain one more coffer like those in the room. This one, however, doesn’t have coins inside. Instead, as far as he can tell in the darkness, it has little pieces of cut glass.

    Thokk wanders about the dungeon until he finds where Willa is directing the search, and shows her the coffer. By the light of the torch, she finds the “glass” is actually thirty-some gemstones. She smiles, but says, “All ther same, we cannae eat ’em.”

    The party continues to search, methodically checking all the stone surfaces for any remaining secret doors.

    (3:20pm - Aurora has read through DC 28 in the book)

    (3:40pm - Babshapka has identified the clear spindle. It is an ioun stone, and whilst it is in orbit about someone’s head, he will need neither food nor drink. However, to use it, he would need to attune to it first - and since Babshapka already has two of his three possible attunements used, he sets it aside.

    (4:20pm - Aurora has read through DC29 in the book. She finds an interesting reference, presumably to the skeleton of the elf: Nholast caught an elven thief trying to make off with money and magic. He sentenced him to 30 years imprisonment, and is interested to see what the state of his mind will be in 30 years.

    The next time the party returns to Aurora to check on her and go over the maps of the dungeon to decide where to search next, she tells them what she just learned from Nholast’s journal, and Babshapka relays what he learned about the stone. Willa asks whether something happened to Nholast in the thirty years so that he could not check on the prisoner, or whether he just forgot. Aurora thumbs through the journal, cross-referencing dates. “The elf was imprisoned just a few years before the last entry - and in the last entry, Nholast says he is leaving to help Asberdies “put down a rebellion”. But the Sage of Highfell told us that Nholast and Asberdies were deposed by a rebellion and Nholast had to flee the Yeomanry, so one could surmise that he was never able to return to this tower…”

    “And the elf stayed here, left behind and trapped?” asks Umbra, aghast.

    “Unable to leave,” says Babshapka, “and with the ioun stone, unable to die.”

    “So ‘ow did ‘e die?” asks Willa.

    Babshapka shrugs, then says darkly, “Old age, perhaps.”

    “But that would take…” Aurora’s words trail off.

    “Hundreds of years,” confirms Babshapka bitterly. “You said the journal is from seven centuries ago, right? That would do it.”

    For several moments they all stand in silence, contemplating just how cruel and evil this Nholast must have been, and the horrid fate of the elf. Tyrius’ jaw muscles clench, and Umbra shudders.

    “An’ t’at t’ing Thokk found - ther demon...” asks Willa.

    “Thokk find with his pole!” Thokk interjects brightly.

    “...would she hae been bound since t’ese times o’ yore, too?” she finishes.

    “Demons don’t age,” says Tyrius. “But I understand now why she was so eager to be free - even if that meant provoking us into destroying her material form.” He frowns, remembering how the erinyes actually thanked him for her destruction.

    Sobered and pensive, with some of them apprehensive at what other atrocities might lurk behind secret doors, the party resumes their search of the corridors while Aurora goes back to reading. Babshapka remains with Aurora, contemplating the stones as he guards her.

    (5:30pm - Aurora has read through DC30 in the book. Babshapka has identified the iridescent spindle. It is another ioun stone, and whilst it is in orbit about someone’s head, he will not need to breathe. Babshapka can’t stop himself from looking at the tight seal of the iron door of the prison cell, and imagining the suffocating feel and smell after having been trapped inside for centuries.)

    The party travels south, and searches all of the walls of the fungus and beetle room, including the bare secret room beyond. Then, finding nothing there, they go to the dirt-floored base of the tower above. The corpse of the ogre still lies at the bottom of the stairs, but it is now, after a day and a half, bloated and reeking of rot. The wind from the tower above carries the scent of a score of bodies more. Trying to keep from gagging, Willa tells them to be quick, but Thokk and Umbra, checking the north wall, converge on the same secret door.

    (6:30pm - Aurora has read through DC31 in the book.)

    The secret door leads to a small chamber, walled with the same rough blocks that the basement was - but the floor is also of rough stone, not dirt. In the center of the room is a circular pedestal. The room is otherwise bare. It measures ten by ten with an eight foot high ceiling. When Thokk and Umbra enter, they find that the room, isolated from the frigid wind rushing down the stairs, is noticeably warmer than the tower above or the basement floor. Umbra looks carefully, but does not find any markings adorning any side of the pedestal. Thokk jumps up on the pedestal and poses as if a statue, his head bumping the ceiling. Nearly retching, Willa tells Thokk to stop fooling around and come out of there if they cannot find anything.

    Retreating from the stench, Willa checks her map. She is confident they have searched the entirety of the dungeon - except the secret area beyond the kitchen, which for all she knows is now full of trapped rats. She gathers the party and tells them that it is time for dinner.

    In the kitchen, they all eat heartily of the tub full of rat stew. Thokk and Larry don’t care, of course, but even the others set aside any reservations - it has been a day and a half since any of them have eaten. Tyrius says that it “tastes like chicken,” which brings a snicker from even Willa.

    (7:30pm - food reset to this time. Aurora has read through DC32 in the book.)

    Belly now full, Willa is thinking a little clearer. Another place that hasn’t been searched is the secret wine cellar beyond the kitchen. But she is in no hurry to fight the slimes that remain. She directs Thokk to bringing in stout table legs and smashed chairs, and soon has a raging fire going in the hearth. She opens the secret door, and the party quickly tosses in burning wood. The fire drives the slime back, and it retreats into the corners of the room, revealing more of the rotten wood shelves and ancient glass bottles. Several minutes later, Thokk and Willa attempt to see into the room, hoping that secret doors have been revealed. Instead, they find that room itself is full of smoke, and even harder to see into than before. In fact, the smoke is rolling out and beginning to fill the kitchen. A lively current of air is going up the hearth chimney, but that opening is at waist height and the smoke is lingering on the kitchen ceiling, such that soon everyone is sitting or squatting to avoid coughing. Willa tells Thokk to stop feeding the fire in the wine cellar and to let it die out.

    Eventually the fire has burned down to cinders and ash. Willa has told Thokk how she and the party fought and killed one slime, and he decides that he will kill the others so that his evil advisor can look for doors. In truth, he has found far too few things to fight in this dungeon and he is bored of looking for doors.

    Thokk strides confidently into the room, stands in the pile of ash, and takes note of the three slimes, each cowering in a different corner. He laughs and steps forward, striking at the one in front of him with his sunsword. The magical blade slices through the creature and deep into the wooden shelving. A half-dozen glass bottles crash to the floor and break, splashing Thokk with ancient wine long turned to vinegar. Thokk starts to feel a burning sensation on his forearm. The wine? No - the slime he struck has shot some sort of acid at him! Then, the three slimes ooze forward, dropping on him, creeping up his boots, and firing off streams of caustic acid. [In rapid succession, Thokk takes 37 points of acid damage, and another 10 points of bludgeoning damage. He is feeling decidedly worse than a few seconds ago.]

    Tyrius casts a sanctuary spell on Thokk and yells at him to get out of there. Bellowing in pain and confusion, Thokk staggers from the room and runs over to the copper tub. He splashes the dregs of the rat stew on his face, trying to wash off the acid and burning slime. Larry and Umbra try to force the slime back into the secret room with sprays of poison and freezing shadow (although the poison has no effect) and Willa activates the stone that closes the secret door again, then carefully uses a flaming torch to burn the slime dripping off Thokk and running in a spotty trail from him to the door. She looks into the tub, where patches of slime are even now beginning to grow as they dissolve pieces of rat meat. She notes sardonically that they should probably bring that to a boil again.

    Once Thokk has been thoroughly checked for any lingering pieces of slime (which is hard to see as it is green against his green skin), Larry grants him two cure wounds spells.

    The party clusters around the other secret door, this one to the west of the hearth. Willa has little respect for the rats as opponents and does not broach any discussion of strategy beyond asking the others if they are ready, but not waiting for their response. She opens the secret door.

    Tyrius is the first one through the doorway and smashes two rats with his hammer as he makes room for those behind him. Larry is next, and as he enters the narrow hallway he can see that the floor is wall-to-wall packed with rats in both directions. He turns to the south and fires off a lightning bolt without a second’s hesitation, not even bothering to estimate the distance. The bolt streaks down the hallway, arcs from rat to rat, bounces off the stone wall at the end, returns all the way back up the corridor, and ends a scant ten feet from where Larry and Tyrius are standing. Between them and the south wall, fully twenty-two giant rats now lie dead, still twitching and smoking. With two-dozen rats already fallen, the remainder in the north try to withdraw, but now Thokk, Umbra and Willa join the fray, and in less than a minute it is all over. As the bodies are piled in the garrison room (D18) Willa counts them - thirty four in total, most of them flash-fried. A good source of meat for their trek out of here, if the pointy-eared harridan ever lets them leave.

    With the hallway clear, Willa organizes a search along its entire length, in the store room at the end, and Thokk even lowers Larry into the collapsed-floor latrine room, but no further secret doors are found. With the exception of the slime-guarded wine cellar, Willa is now confident that they have searched every square inch of this gods-forsaken dungeon.

    (8:30pm - Aurora has read through DC33 in the book.)

    While Aurora is engrossed in her tome, Babshapka has not heard from the party in hours, and decides it is time they checked in. He forces Aurora to pull herself from the book and they set off in search of the others. Eventually they are reunited in the kitchen, where Willa is directing the party in setting up a camp to rest for the night. She tells Aurora that they have searched the whole dungeon, and found no other secret rooms. “Oh, that’s good,” says Aurora distractedly, “I’m almost done with Nholast’s journal myself.”

    “If we war only searchin’ t’ keep us busy so as ye could read…” begins Willa, but Aurora has already turned away and is asking Thokk to bring one of the upholstered chairs from the room they rested in on the first night. With furniture, carpets, and mats scavenged from all parts of the dungeon, with water, fire, and as much rat as they can eat, the party settles in for a reasonably comfortable rest, certainly better than they have had in days. They use all of their healing spells and abilities in preparation for the long rest.

    Umbra and Tyrius take the first watch (9:30pm to 11:30pm). Most of the others doze fitfully, but Aurora continues to read (to DC35 in the book). Just before she is about to give up and turn in, she hits a surprising passage. Scanning it over, she carefully translates it again, checking for meaning. She looks around excitedly - hoping to share the news with someone - but Tyrius shakes his head and puts his finger to his lips. It will need to wait until morning.

    Aurora turns in, and Thokk and Larry take the next watch (11:30pm to 1:30am).
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    Post 117: Powerful Revelations

    DM's Note on Sources: The tower and its inhabitants come from David Prata's "Tower of Azal'Lan".

    The map, both in concept and the actual graphics file, was taken from Mike (Mortellan) Bridges, although I had to pretend that the words in elven were in Suel.

    Post 117: Powerful Revelations
    Somewhere in the Little Hills, actual date unknown. Third day in the Tower

    Babshapka completes his trance and spends the next six hours on watch while the others complete their long rest. (1:30am to 7:30am).

    In the morning, as a breakfast of rat stew is prepared, Aurora eagerly translates for the party the passage she read the night before. (DC35) “About a year before the last entry, Nholast writes of the appearance of a great “planet” or wandering star in the heavens. In the course of a single night it streaked across the sky and crashed to the Oerth far to the north. He says that he would be interested in traveling to the sight of the crash to see if there is star metal to be had, as it would be extremely valuable if recovered. He mentions that the sword that the “Cruel Lord” used to slay “The Master” was made of star metal, and it could hold enchantments far more powerful than any metal from Oerth.” Aurora suggests that now that they are done searching the tower, they should try to track down where this star fell, and see if, indeed, there is any of this “star metal” there.

    “Would it still be there, after 750 years?” asks Tyrius.

    “As long as it fell in the wild, I don’t know why not,” responds Aurora. “I doubt anyone else at the time would have been able to track its location. And if it fell in the lands of men, there would surely be an historical account I could find in the local area.”

    “‘Ow would ye be able t’ ken jess whar it fell?” asks Willa. “‘Ther north be a big place.”

    “Actually,” says Aurora, showing the party a yellowed journal page full of faded, indecipherable symbols, “Nholast included a detailed map of star positions, angles and calculations. He very carefully tracked its progress across the sky, and from the precision of these measurements I have to believe that magic was involved somehow. I would need to find something that would allow me to correlate the azimuths and altitudes of those star positions with landmarks and measurements on the Oerth - but I think...” She starts shuffling through a few papers in her pack with recently-made notes on them. “Yes,” she says, pointing to her own shorthand, “one of the books we found in the library would allow me to do that - book 36 - Astronomical phenomena; stars, using star measurements as location indicators on Oerth. By correlating Nholast’s records with the conversions in that book, I can derive precisely the latitude and longitude where the star fell - then I would just need an accurate map of the north, and a way to find our current position on that map and on the Oerth.”

    Willa shrugs. “I kin navigate, an’ I carry ther tools ye need. I kin tell ye what our latytood an’ longytood be if I kin see ther stars.”

    Umbra frowns pensively, then pulls forth a folded vellum sheet. It looks to Aurora like the same sheet she took from the cabinet where Nholast’s diary was found. “I have a map of the north,” Umbra says. “But it is in Suel. I was actually hoping you might help me translate some of the names.”

    She carefully unfolds the map and spreads it out for them to see:

    “Some of it I understand, of course,” she continues. “Taurewelk” is the Welkwood, and “Taurepeliko” is what the ancient forest was called centuries ago, before the Axewood and Silverwood were sundered from one another.” Babshapka smiles wistfully as his home is mentioned. “But “Talathpesh” I don’t understand, and what is this skull and spiderweb in the Rushmoors? What does “Liante Malhama” mean?”

    Aurora scours the map with obvious interest. “Talath means plains or flat lands,” she says, without even looking up at Umbra. “Pesh I don’t know - my Ancient Suel isn’t perfect. But Liante Malhama is the “Spidered Throne,” whatever that means.”

    While Aurora is occupied with the map, the others in the party see Umbra’s eyes go wide at the mention of the Spidered Throne. Then her eyes roll back in her head and she faints, crashing to the stone floor. Aurora looks up, confused.

    Tyrius is at Umbra’s side, examining her. He places his hand on her chest, his ear near her mouth. He shakes her, says her name, pinches her arm. Finally he turns to the others. “She lives,” he says, “but is in some kind of fugue state - see how fast her eyes move!” Indeed, Umbra’s eyes are closed now, but under her lids they can be seen to dart back and forth as if she is caught in an intense dream but cannot awake. “Let us get a cloak about her,” says Tyrius. “Her skin feels as cold as stone and I worry she may go into shock.”

    Aurora turns back to the map. “I wonder what all those towers are,” she says, unconcerned.
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    Post 118: Backstory for Umbra, Grey Elf Sorcerer, Level 4

    At last! The mystery of who the mysterious elf woman is revealed!

    Post 118: Backstory for Umbra, Grey Elf Sorcerer, Level 4

    She was born deep in the Hornwood Forest to a tribe of gray elves. The decades of her infancy and childhood passed swiftly and happily, with her cared for by all her parents and her tribe. She remembers what seem like endless years of singing to encourage the new growth in the spring, counting the stars in the summer, gathering acorns in the fall, and listening to stories in the winter.

    Her idyllic youth grew into a troubled adolescence, however. Lithe and nimble, she was nevertheless a mediocre shot with a bow. Nor did she have much success with snares and traps. Although she was precocious with respect to sensing and understanding people’s emotions (the basis of elven medicine), her knowledge of herbs and healing was passable at best. She lacked a passion for the arts or weaponswork. She struggled to get through the most basic of incantations and cantrips. While it is expected among elves that adolescents will require decades to find their true vocation, as the years passed she became increasingly anxious that she would have little to offer her tribe as an adult.

    Her amiable disposition and keen insights into others’ feelings eventually led to her being allowed to serve on an ambassadorial mission to a nearby tribe. There she shone, offering well-crafted words when spoken to and shrewd commentary when alone with her delegation. Upon their return to her village, she thought she had at last found her calling. She was increasingly included in diplomatic ventures and began a formal apprenticeship with several tribal leaders.

    Her travels afield gave her disquieting insights into her own tribe, however. She quickly learned that other elves (high elves, wood elves) looked to the grey elves as the natural leaders of elvenkind - they were treated as the most cultured, the most wise, the most artistic - and the least influenced by contact with humans. And yet, she did not objectively see these traits among her own people - compared to the other elves she met, her own people did not seem special or distinctive. She discovered that other elves often acted with abandon, with unrestrained joy. Comparatively, her own people seemed to have a repressed sorrow - a sadness that was ever present, but never spoken of. While they achieved artistically, while they reveled and courted and loved in the way of all elves, there was always something holding them back, something keeping them from greatness. The most obvious difference, however, was that other tribes placed great emphasis on their history - and that seemed strangely absent among her people. She could not broach the first two without seeming like she was criticizing her own people, but she began to question the third. At first, her inquiries about her tribe’s past were ignored or met with vague deflections. As she persisted, she received veiled warnings to desist. Her apprentice meetings with the tribal leaders grew shorter and less frequent.

    At about this time the dreams started. Each one different, and yet with a single, repeated theme. She walked alone in a city of shadow. Great stone walls and towers, intricately carved, surrounded beautiful gardens - but all pale and lifeless. Sometimes she would catch glimpses of movement in the darkness of alcoves, or see glimmers of light in distant windows, but they were always long gone by the time she arrived. Each dream filled her with an ever-greater sense of dread. She spoke to a few of her parents about the dreams, the ones to whom she was closest. They reassured her that the dreams were a common occurrence among adolescents, and would soon pass - but she could see a fear and sadness in their eyes that belied their words. Once, she overheard a whispered conversation about herself, about something needing to happen, “lest the shadows take her.”

    She had always been good at stealth - one of the few woodcraft skills that had seemed natural to her. Now she tried to walk even softer, to let her form blend with trees and houses - to not be seen, and yet never to look like she was trying not to be seen. She overheard more - that they did indeed fear for her, that they talked of her dreams, and of how others like her, before her, had such dreams and “had been lost”.

    One fall day she had surreptitiously followed an elder in his walk to the house of a village leader. She lingered outside, listening, as she sat and worked at embroidering what would be a winter robe. With slight moves and natural adjustments of her body, she inched imperceptibly closer to the window as she continued to eavesdrop. Suddenly, there were footsteps toward the door - the elder was leaving quite abruptly. A wave of fear at being discovered spying washed over her, and she stood. And then, just as the door opened, she found herself on the other side of the clearing. How had she gotten there? The elder stared at her - he had seen something. She had passed from shadow to shadow, darting at fantastic speed as if she could pass through the very spots on the ground that were darkened by the shade from the trees above. She knew enough magic to know that it was magic - but how had she done it? She had memorized no spell, said no words. He called after her, but she ran off in fear.

    The next day she was summoned before a council of elders. Not all of the leaders of the village were there, just the oldest of her tribe, including the ancient women many treated as lost in dreams but from whom she had pried a few actual comments about history.

    She learned more of history in the next half hour than in all her years of asking, than her lifetime in the village. Their tribe, the elders told her, were descendants of the City of Autumn Leaves. The city itself had been destroyed by a great evil, by a magical calamity involving death and shadow. The curse of that destruction hung over them still. They told her but little, and claimed it was all of the information they had. The sorrow she sensed in her people had its origin in that event, as well. All the adults of the tribe knew this, they told her, and knew one more thing besides - that sometimes the shadow reached forth and claimed a member of the tribe, as it had done with her. The adults had been told, her own parents had been told, that she was being banished from the tribe, that this was necessary lest the shadow that was growing in her, that would eventually take her life, should overcome them all.

    Even though the elders were spreading this tale among the adults, they knew it to be a lie. They believed not that she was marked for destruction, but rather that she had been chosen to save them. The shadow would give her power, they said - she had felt that power the day before. She was to develop that power, they said. She would need no tutor, no mentor - she had the ability to cast magic by her will alone, with no need of memorized spells. And she was to use that power to discover their true history - the history that they had deliberately hidden from themselves. She was to find the City of Autumn Leaves, the ancestral home that none of them had ever known. She was to learn what had happened to it - and how the curse upon it could be undone. She had their blessing and their highest hopes. When she asked why the others could not know this, she was told that the burden of sorrow was already too great upon the people - the possibility of a failed hope would be their destruction. The elders had lived long enough to see this before - had seen an elf claimed by the shadow each generation - they knew that if she failed, there would be another.

    On the day she left her village, she set aside her birth name and took her adult name as Umbra.

    It has been fifty years since then, and she has traveled all the lands of the Sheldomar, elven and human. She has worked as a tutor to human noblemen, teaching their children in return for food, a hearth, and access to their libraries. She has worked as a scribe, a translator, and when necessary, a thief. Among the humans she has hidden her magical talents, for humans are a suspicious and superstitious lot. Among elves, she is known to be a sorceress, and a shadowborn one at that. The elves not of her village have given her much sympathy, but little useful information. Whatever disaster destroyed the City of Autumn Leaves, it was both rapid and thorough, and she has found but scant bits and pieces of records. Occasionally a scrap of information has been found in a tome, a tale or historical account from two millennia ago. The best of these have offered contemporary accounts of places, and a few have led her to ruins for exploration. In one of these ruins Umbra found her Crystal of Shadow, her most prized possession.

    Recently, Umbra has been traveling in the Yeomanry, attempting to find accounts or artifacts of a human called “Nholast of Linth”. In an ancient libram in Cryllor, Umbra came across a reference to one Nholast being a “servant of the Whispered One”. References to the “Whispered One” are common in what few books give accounts of two thousand years ago. Although the accounts of Nholast of Linth place him as a much more recent figure than that, she is investigating his connection to the “Whispered One” nonetheless, assuming that the servant and the man of Linth are the same person. A month ago she learned the approximate location of one of Nholast’s towers, and she has been scouring the Little Hills ever since, searching for the edifice.

    From The Tower of Nholast the Unforgiven (Posts 106, 108-118)
    Having found Nholast’s Tower at last, Umbra is poised to investigate it, when suddenly an adventuring party appears at the same time! This is fortunate for her, for the upper tower is controlled by a large group of ferocious eigers.
    Even just entering the tower, Umbra could feel the power of the shadows present - they exalted in her coming, she attained 5th level, and they taught her the spells Entropy and Shadowbind. It is clear that there was something in the tower which the shadows wish to reveal to her.

    The party’s wizard attempts to deceive Umbra as to their intentions, but the paladin reveals that they are in search of a book. Under the tower is a secret dungeon complex, and that holds a library, the collection of Nholast’s works. Although steeped in power and evil, none of the works interests Umbra, for she is not concerned about Nholast himself, but rather his connection to the Whispered One, and his library gives no hint of that.

    They find a portrait of Nholast, which Willa, the party’s champion, eventually takes. Umbra believes it dates to about 750 years ago - long after the Whispering One - how could Nholast be his servant?

    Later, they find a scriptorium - with Umbra being led there by the shadows. There, the shadows present her with a map, although doing so in front of the ever-suspicious wizard Aurora, it would be some time before Umbra could look at it. Aurora claims a book that is the diary of Nholast of Linth. This is of interest to Umbra, but unfortunately the book itself is in ancient Suel, which she cannot read. Tyrius mentions that the tower they are in is of “Nholast the Unforgiven” and Umbra says the she does not know who that is - technically true, since she has only ever heard of him referred to as Nholast of Linth before. What she is most interested in, is whether this Nholast is indeed the one that is a servant of the Whispered One, and whether anything in the diary can lead her to more information about the Whispered One, the true object of her quest.

    Over the course of many hours, Aurora reads the diary and announces what she finds to the party, while Umbra pays careful attention:
    (DC35) “About a year before the last entry, Nholast writes of the appearance of a great “planet” or wandering star in the heavens. In the course of a single night it streaked across the sky and crashed to the Oerth far to the north. He says that he would be interested in traveling to the sight of the crash to see if there is star metal to be had, as it would be extremely valuable if recovered. He mentions that the sword that the “Cruel Lord” used to slay “The Master” was made of star metal, and it could hold enchantments far more powerful than any metal from Oerth.”

    Umbra frowns pensively, then pulls forth a folded vellum sheet. It looks to Aurora like the same sheet she took from the cabinet where Nholast’s diary was found. “I have a map of the north,” Umbra says. “But it is in Suel. I was actually hoping you might help me translate some of the names.” She carefully unfolds the map and spreads it out for them to see:

    “Some of it I understand, of course,” she continues. “Taurewelk” is the Welkwood, and “Taurepeliko” is what the ancient forest was called centuries ago, before the Axewood and Silverwood were sundered from one another. But “Talathpesh” I don’t understand, and what is this skull and spiderweb in the Rushmoors? What does “Liante Malhama” mean?”

    Aurora scours the map with obvious interest. “Talath means plains or flat lands,” she says, without even looking up at Umbra. “Pesh I don’t know - my Ancient Suel isn’t perfect. But Liante Malhama is the “Spidered Throne,” whatever that means.”

    While Aurora is occupied with the map, the others in the party see Umbra’s eyes go wide at the mention of the “Spidered Throne”. Then her eyes roll back in her head and she faints, crashing to the stone floor. Aurora looks up, confused.
    My campaigns are multilayered tapestries upon which I texture themes and subject matter which, quite frankly, would simply be too strong for your hobbyist gamer.
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