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Canonfire :: View topic - The Elder Elemental God / Tharizdun
The Elder Elemental God / Tharizdun

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 2:22 pm    Post subject: The Elder Elemental God / Tharizdun Reply with quote

Could someone provide a little clarification between the canonfire article "Gods of the Flanaess: The Elder Elemental God" and the "Dark Druids" module?

I just bought the latest version of Dark Druids and read the notes of what is to come some day. if ever. But I am trying to put together sense of Tharizdun and The Elder Elemental God and this Dark Duke that module mentions.

Some threads state that the Elder Elemental god is one and the same as Tharizdun. But this article states that this is a completely separate entity.

One theory is that the Elder Elemental God is one of the original horrors that threatened the Oerth under the command of the Dark Lord, Dread Tharizdun.

Another theory holds that the Elder Elemental God is in fact one of the demons that was vomited up by Dread Tharizdun along with the devils and daemons that would eventually come to control the lower planes.

Yet another theory says that the Elder Elemental God was itself formed from the elements themselves by the madness and evil that existed among the gods and mortal creatures like humans

But the theory I read on Grogdogs site mentioned this:

Cult of Tharizdun: With little organization and no unified leadership, the Cult of the Elder Elemental Eye has never reached its full potential. Still, its members work tirelessly, clandestinely seeking ever more power for their evil patron. Their ultimate goal is to bring the Chained God into the worldó a event that would be catastrophic for the entire cosmos.

Tharizdun has either always been the hidden force behind the cult of the Elder Elemental Eye (in which case the Elder Elemental Eye doesn't exist), or that Tharizdun's cult has been using or manipulating worshipers of the Elder Elemental Eye for their own purposes (which leaves them as separate entities).

Also, the information about Greyhawk Dark Elves state the following:

Some drow, especially of the House of Eilserv, worship a nameless Elder Elemental God (said to have ties to Tharizdun) instead of Lolth. Erelhei-Cinlu is ruled by eight drow noble houses, split between worship of Lloth and the Elder Elemental Evil. Elder Elemental God is actually just a guise adopted by Tharizdun in order to gain the loyalty of the Elemental Princes of Evil.
- In 1st edition AD&D, the only gods noted to be worshiped in Erelhei-Cinlu were Lolth and the Elder Elemental God.

- However, it's said that drow elves worship other demon lords as well, with Lolth only being one example as such.

- In the Gord the Rogue books, after the Elder Elemental God is revealed to have been a hoax perpetrated by Zuggtmoy and Iuz, those formerly loyal to the Elder Elemental God turn to the worship of Graz'zt instead.

Tharizdun [Deity]
(Master of Malevolence, Dark One, Slumbering One, He Who
Slumbers, He Who must Forever Sleep, Great Destroyer, Ultimate One,
Ultimate Darkness, Ultimate Evil, Ultimate Foe, Ultimate Woe,
Unrelenting Darkness, Utmost of the Netherworlds, Absolute
Darkness, Biophage, Blackest One, Dark One, Darkest of
Abominations, Great Evil, Great Master of Evil, Him of Utter
Darkness, Master of Malevolence, One Who We Will Not Name,
Slumbering One)[/quote]
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