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Canonfire :: View topic - Gnome problems in Verbobonc political questions
Gnome problems in Verbobonc political questions

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PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 9:43 am    Post subject: Gnome problems in Verbobonc political questions Reply with quote

I am trying to run the Living Greyhawk Adventure in the City of Verbobonc called COR1-00 The Citadel. But the entire gnome problem as presented is convoluted and confusing. I been pouring over every word and just cannot make sense of it. Does anyone have clarifications on the moving parts?

I understand this part

'Slikkina Jillink had one of her loyal gnomes represent himself as a Keeleene and sell the shipment to Vulin . She herself sold it in Dyvers, representing herself as a Keeleene. She arranged the raid on the fake caravan using hobgoblins from the Temple of Elemental Evil that Lakash provided. When Vulin complained to the Keeleene representative in Verbobonc, that gnome denied everything, which is what Slikkina wanted.)"

The Keleene Family is somehow involved. Vulin buys minerals and gems from the Keelene Family of gnome. It seems that Slikkina working with Lakash to raid that "Jillink" (shouldnt this be Keleene) caravan that was a fake empty wagon caravan?

1. The Jillink Family gnomes indeed delivered their goods to a human who claimed to be Koloran, and who signed for the goods. Obviously, the goods were delivered and sold to the fake Koloran while he was at an Inn for the transaction.

2. He promised payment would come the following day, and asked the Jillink representative to come to his shop. (The goods have now fallen into enemy hands. ((The real Koloran? is unaware of this transaction)

3. The goods were then brought to Koloran by a gnome who claimed to be from the Jillink family business, and Koloran signed for them and paid immediately. as far as he is concerned he paid for goods and has the goods. (this is the Jillink imposter that delivered the Keeleene stolen load.

Now Bliss and the brothers of the Jillink family are arguing with Koloran about a reciept?

I just do not get the connections between the Jillink and the Keeleene caravans. And the connection between Koloran and Vulin. Could someone lay it all out to make sense?
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Black Hand of Oblivion
Black Hand of Oblivion

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 10:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Based on what you posted, Slikkina Jillink wants to ruin the reputation/trading concerns of the rival Keeleene Family with Verbobonc through the use of indirect agents provided by the the Temple of Elemental Evil. Also, the raid on the Jillink empty caravan wagon seems to have been faked and then blamed on the Keeleene to further make them look like the bad guys. This just make the Keeleene look even worse, while also portraying the Jillink as victims and therefore above suspicion.

It seems everything is about the Jillink Family's efforts to ruin the Keeleene Family, and so further their own ends.
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