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City of Greyhawk Location Index

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 9:48 am    Post subject: City of Greyhawk Location Index Reply with quote

So, my players are in the Free City and they want to head to the Temple of Zilchus or to the Moneychangers and Pawnbrokers Guildhall to exchange their gold in for platinum. They ask some passers by and those common folk of the city have to flip through a book to figure out where these locations are because there simply is no legend that exists.

Page numbers are for the Adventure Begins product. I may add in the Blue Box at some point, but the location descriptions are the same more-or-less. Unfortunately the forum doesn't appear to support columns so it is lengthy.


Gates (p78)
Battle Gate
Duke's Gate
Druid's Gate
Highway Gate
Marsh Gate
Cargo Gate
St. Cuthbert's Gate
Garden Gate
Black Gate

Wharves (p77)
W1: Shack Town Pier
W2: Shrine of St. Cuthbert
W3: Docker's & Wharfmen's Union
W4: Snagtooth Shipbuilding
W5: Alliance of Tenha Workers

Grand Citadel (p80)
GC1: Grand Citadel Wall & Towers
GC2: Battle Gate
GC3: Great Blockhouse
GC4: Half Circle Wall
GC5: Prison
GC6: Redoubt

High Quarter (p82)
H1: Embassy of the Duchy of Urnst
H2: Lord Henway's Menagerie
H2a: Henway Family Manor
H2b: Grey Manor
H3: Wheel of Gold Gambling House
H4: Embassy Circle
H5: Lord's Tomb
H6: Patrician's Club
H7: Lord Silverfox's Manor
H8: Embassy of Furyondy
H9: Royal Opera House
H10: Fioranna Aielestriel"s Villa
H11: City Guard Barracks and High Quarter City Watch Station
H12: Nightwatchmen's Guildstation, Courts of Justice, and City Gaol
H13: Wizard's Guildhall
H14: Lord Mayor's Palace
H15: Org Nenshen's House
H16: Jallarzi Sallavarian's Tower
H17: Glodreddi Bakkanin's House

Garden Quarter (p88)
High Market
G1: City Botanical Gardens & Well
G2: Otto the Wizard's House
G3: Nymph and Satyr Inn
G4: Sacred Temple of St. Cuthbert
G5: High Tower Tavern & Hostelry
G6: Star of Celene Inn
G7: Garden Quarter City Watch Station
G8: Gold Dragon Inn
G9: Grand Theatre
G10: Temple of Pelor
G11: Golden Phoenix Inn
G12: Temple of Zilchus
G13: Chapel of Fharlanghn
G14: Sanctum of Heironeous

Clerkburg (p92)
C1: Grey College
C2: Great Library of Greyhawk
C3: Old Mill
C4: Black Dragon Inn
C5: Jeweler's & Gemcutter's Guild
C6: University of Magical Arts
C7: City Mint
C8: New Mill College
C9: Bardschool
C10: Bridge of Entwined Hearts
C11: Savant Tavern
C12: Free City Arena
C13: Clerkburg City Watch Station
C14: Roc and Oliphant Tavern
C15: University of the Flanaess
C16: Nightwatchmen's Guildstation
C17: School of Clerkship
C18: Gnarleyhouse
C19: Students' Quarter

Foreign Quarter
F1: Mercenaries' Guildhall
F2: Silver Dragon Inn
F3: Sages' Guildhall
F4: Blue Dragon Inn
F5: Ahlissan Merchants' Headquarters
F6: Moneychangers' and Pawnbrokers' Guildhall
F7: City Workhouse
F8: The Pit
F9: Cartographer's Guildhall
F10: Foreign Quarter City Watch Station
F11: Translator's Guildhall
F12: Red Serpent Restaurant
F13: Nightwatchmen's Guildstation
F14: Burrow Heights
F15: Nyrondese Trader's Hall
F16: "Little Ket"

River Quarter
R1: River Quarter City Watch Station
R2: Green Dragon Inn
R3: Low Seas Tavern
R4: Wizard's Hat Inn
R5: Nightwatchmen's Guildstation
R6: McGloogan's Warehouse
R7: River Rat Inn
R8: Temple of Pholtus
R9: Gobayuik's Undertaker's
R10: West City Warehouse
R11: Barge Inn
R12: Temple of Rao
R13: Silver Garter
R14: Temple of Trithereon
R15: Fallen Mage Townhouse
R16: Whistling Fish

Artisan's Quarter
Low Market
A1: Architect's and Stonemason's Guildhall
A2: Metalsmith's Hall
A3: Artisan's Quarter City Watch Station
A4: Carpenter's Guildhall
A5: Performing Artistes' Guildhall
A6: Leatherworker's Guildhall
A7: Fruit of the Mill
A8: New City Fountains
A9: Nightwatchmen's Guildstation
A10: Grand Tent
A11: Halmaster's Hall

Thieves' Quarter
T1: Turin's Servant Agency
T2: Whitehorse Inn
T3: Old City Watch Station
T4: Merchants' and Traders' Union
T5: The Dead House
T6: City Slaughterhouse
T7: Nightwatchmen's Guildstation
T8: Gold Digger Tavern
T9: Brass Dragon Inn
T10: Chapel of Olidammara
T11: Shrine of Beory
T12: City Orphanage
T13: Public Bathhouse
T14: Temple of Xerbo and Osprem
T15: Common Crypt
T16: Millrose Brewery
T17: Madame Zaccaruso's
T18: Old Burn Block
T19: Nyrondal House
T20: Halfhock's Pawnshop
T21: Old City Great Hall (Thieves' Guild)
T22: Phoenix Boarding House
T23: City Depot
T24: Hariad's Jewelry
T25: Hanged Man Inn
T26: Esteemed Chapel of Norebo
T27: Vesper's Pawnshop
T28: Mama Esther's
T29: Odd House

Slum Quarter
S1: Caravan Wharehouse
S2: False Duke's Stables
S3: Beggars' Union Guildhall
S4: Temple of Ralishaz
S5: Assassins' Guildhall
S6: Garraldson's Locksmithy
S7: Dragon Turtle Tavern
S8: Left Hand Inn
S9: Fedroot's Daggerarium
S10: Old City Well
S11: Chapel of Ulaa
S12: Flophouse
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 25, 2019 7:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Denis also has a streets and locations index on his site, which might prove useful:

Allan Grohe (
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