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Oerth Journal 29 released


Time has come again, for us to announce the next issue of the Oerth Journal! We’re incredibly proud to announce that there’s a brand-spanking new issue of the Oerth Journal now out!! There’s all KINDS of great things to be found that are all related to NPCs of Greyhawk!

An interesting bit is that there’s a little theme-within-a-theme going on.

This issue begins a three-part homage to some of the oldest City of Greyhawk content. One of the booklets from the 1989 CoG boxed set was titled, “Folks, Feuds, and Factions”.
So …

OJ29 (this issue) was Folks (i.e. NPCs) …
OJ30 this Autumn will be about “Feuds”
OJ31 this Winter will be about “Factions”!

The FOLKS of Greyhawk!!

NPCs of the Free City of Greyhawk – OVER 30 NEW NPCs!!
Broken Staff of the Broken Staff – by Denis Tetreault
Gord the Rogue – by Lee “Tanith1st” Murphy
The Guardian – by Will Dvorak
Vengeance: A Greyhawk Story – by Tony “VorpalDM” Milani
NPCs of the Free City of Greyhawk CHART
Three articles on the Folks of Saltmarsh
Freeswords of Greyhawk – by Jay L. “Lord Gosumba” Scott
Covert War in GH – the Nightwatchmen – by Will Dvorak
Thieves’ Guild of Greyhawk – by Thom Vandevenne
Guild of Wizardry – by Thom Vandevenne
Tale of Erkio – by Michael Gross
Tale of Thorguth – by Michael Gross
The Irregulars – the cast of a Greyhawk Channel show!

More info, including a supplemental download, available from GreyhawkOnline at

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