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    Great Religious Buildings of Greyhawk
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    Wed Sep 04, 2019 5:04 am  
    Great Religious Buildings of Greyhawk

    Great Religious Buildings of Greyhawk

    I'm fleshing out some parts of my campaign area in SE Greyhawk and it got me thinking about organised religion in Greyhawk. Some deities have adherents spread across large portions of the Flanaess. So who has the largest most impressive buildings dedicated to their deity?

    It is worth saying my campaign in set in CY 600, but don’t let that affect your input. For a temple to reach impressive it must be large, ornate or have some special feature. This likely requires a large population of the faithful nearby and a large funding source. So countries that have suffered from recent invasions or that are ravaged by war and not likely to have that kind of wealth.

    So I'm interested in two types of responses (1) canon or reference material that mentions specific religious buildings (mainly temples and cathedrals etc) and (2) you own suggestions or based on your own campaigns, examples below.

    Temple of [Deity], [city/town name], Nation
    Short description of what it is, why it is there etc. including a reference if you have one. I'm going to research some more reference options over the next few nights, but obvious starting points:

    Temple of Zilchus, Kalstrand, Ahlissa
    The most important deity in Ahlissa , with a church that has powerful government and merchant support. It is likely to also have very significant funds from parish donations and its own commercial enterprises. This is likely one of the contenders for most impressive religious building in Greyhawk. ‘Crowned with a vast gilded dome, the Grand Cathedral of Zilchus towers over the centre of Kalstrand. Its vast, shadowy interior is decorated with gold mosaics. Pilgrims come from across the Flanaess to pray before a towering golden statue of The Great Guildmaster.’ – Mysterious Places Kalstrand, City of Gold

    Basilica of Blinding Light, Wintershiven, The Pale
    Dedicated to Pholtus, where the Theocrat and the Council of Nine pray to Pholtus. The theocratic nature of the ruling government suggests the will and the funding for an impressive building. A ‘huge oppressive building of dark basalt’. Ref: Fate of Istus p49.

    Temple of Rao, Mitrik, Veluna
    A strong candidate given the relative wealth of the city and the strength of the local faith.

    Temple of Heironeous, Chendl, Furyondy
    A strong local following, with some wealth despite the war. Sovereign who is a Paladin of the same suggests strong local support . A “large and ornate” temple. Ref: Fate of Istus p84

    Temple of Boccob, City of Greyhawk
    Greyhawk is an obvious mecca for Wizards of Greyhawk, so it makes good sense for one of the pre-eminent temples of Boccob to be here, with so many Wizards in residence. Ref: City of Greyhawk Box Set.

    Temple of Al’Akbar, Ekbir City, Ekbir
    Strong local faith supported by significant wealth.

    Temple of Iuz, Dorakaa
    Seems likely that adherents would need somewhere to pray and likely funded from the spoils of war.

    Temple of Istus, Zeif
    Strong local faith supported by significant wealth.

    Temple of Al’Akbar, Zeif
    Strong local faith supported by significant wealth.

    Temple of St Cuthbert, Verbobonc
    It follows that this temple would be one of the larger temples to this deity. Ref: Fate of Istus p95

    Temple of Pelor, City of Greyhawk
    Ref: City of Greyhawk Box Set

    Temple of St Cuthbert, City of Greyhawk
    Greyhawk has a loyal following of St Cuthbert followers and there is wealth in the city. Ref: City of Greyhawk Box Set.

    Fortress Temple of the Shield Maiden (Mayaheine), Hardby
    Probably not likely to be particularly grand, but notable because of the faith and the temple being in a relatively small city. ‘With its largest chapter and training house in Hardby’. Ref: Living Greyhawk Journal: Paladins of Greyhawk

    Other possibilities:
    Temple to the Seldarine in Celene would be an interesting one
    Temple of Moradin, Heironeous, or Osprem in the Free City of Irongate
    Temple of Moradin in the Iron Hills
    Temple of Heironeous, Rel Mord, Nyrond
    Temple of Pelor, Sunndi
    Temple of Heironeous, Shield Lands (Lacking in funding and having been ravaged by invasion, it is doubtful they have anything left that can claim entry into this category)[/b]
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    Thu Sep 05, 2019 4:23 am  

    Church of the Big Gamble, Dweomer forest, Lendore Isle (canon)
    The church is an egg-shaped building standing atop a very broad and high grassy knoll amid a magical woodland. Inside, visitors are paired up with clergy in dice games.

    See module L1: The Secret of Bone Hill for details on the above entry. Also, see Dragon Magazine #86, p. 34 for additional locations of Churches of the Big Gamble in other areas; particularly southeastern Greyhawk.
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