Wed May 13, 2020 9:49 am  
Merreck Purzell

This NPC is head of Thieves' Guild operations in the River Quarter, from 583 CY (IIRC) until no later than 597 CY (at which point Tirra has taken over, per EttRoG).

Are there any other canonical refs to this character outside of the From the Ashes Campaign Book (p.11) and The Adventure Begins (p. 108)?

Merreck is listed simply as a Neutral 9th level thief in Fta, and in tAB is further detailed as a female half elf.

I'm wondering about other references because I always assumed, based on the name Merreck was a human male. The ref in tAB is easy to overlook, as it's just an abbreviation, like "Fhe 9T N" (IIRC).

I'm not the only one, as Maldin's list of Greyhawk NPCs has "him" as a "Mh, 9T N," and Eric Menge's LG scenario "Foundations" also has "him" as a human male.