Thu May 21, 2020 10:39 am  
A Tale of Spine Castle

As told by Aoric "The Chanter of Spirits"

North of the treacherous waters, of the Tessar Torrent
Nestled between the Rakers, and the coast of Solnor
Is a land where humanity once thrived
Now orcs, gnolls, and ogres has invaded this place
And even when these are not encountered, one is subjected to the whims of bandit chiefs.
The once proud human descendants, survivors, and nomadic bandits-now prey on one and all.
Only the small autonomous County of Knurl has yet to fall.
Further north past the long lost strongholds of the gnomes, of Blemu Hills
Lies a place so foul and treacherous, Even the orcs that frequent it tend to be cautious
While large hulking ogres in this place they reside.
Itís the gnoll warbands wanting to rip you open, pulling out your entrails and eating your insides that sends shivers down any man's spine.
Perhaps that's where this place gets its nomenclature, but the architecture mimicís itís namesake all the same.
But thatís just itís city which lies in partial ruins.
Thereís the Castle of Spine, Known as Spine Castle
Where the real horrors reside
Only the dead truly know what lies inside.
Rumors of itís lord, reminisce of a Knight of the Sun.
Now fallen and a devout follower of Demogorgon.
For now thatís all that I can reveil.
To speak of these things can cause my demise.
Tis a fate I wish to avoid.