Sun Aug 02, 2020 2:28 pm  
Nyrond's princes

The way that Nyrond handled Sewarndt and Lynwerd always bugged me because it is the most obvious and lazy thing to do. After all, the book that sets it all up lists Sewarndt as being Neutral. It is a pretty big leap to go to patricide from that alignment.

If we continue with Lynwerd as the dutiful son, where does that leave Sewarndt? He's the younger, more intelligent brother. He sees that Nyrond is in trouble, so in zealous and youthful idealism, he tries to do something about it.

He gathers like-minded followers, young and intemperate nobles. His actions are reported to his brother, but his intentions are purposefully misrepresented by Lynwerd's supporters; it is in their interests to keep the brothers divided and to not allow Sewardnt to be a powerful player in Lynwerd's faction.

Lynwerd genuinely believes Sewardnt to be up to no good. For his part, Sewardnt can't believe that his brother is interfering with him when he only wishes to help Nyrond. The result is a divided court where there is not a cackling evil side.