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    Inspiring Illustrations - The Dark Rider
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    Sat Aug 29, 2020 9:09 am  
    Inspiring Illustrations - The Dark Rider

    The Dark Rider

    Bilibin is of the tribes of the Rovers. His mother was captured by the Horned Society and enslaved. Bilibin was born in that captivity but Shield Landers freed him as a child and he was raised by their charity. His mother did not survive.

    He was raised and educated by a Necromancer follower of Wee Jas who taught him of the goddess but also trained him in the way of the sword. Billibin became a loyal devotee of Wee Jas but some spark of his Rover heritage remained and he rode from the Shield Lands into the Bandit Kingdoms. There he became a brigand but also a proselytizer of the Dark Goddess. His skill and abilities have brought him wealth and followers.

    His company of raiders fall upon travelers and small villages where Bilibin beheads all those who do not vow loyalty to Wee Jas. His actions have earned him the title of the Dark Rider, the bringer of death but he has little success in his work of true conversion.
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    Sun Aug 30, 2020 9:04 pm  

    Thanks for this post. I really enjoy reading these. I hope Oerth Journal institutes the 'playing pieces' idea from Greyhawk Journal - those short articles were a lot like this and help add a lot of colour to Greyhawk as well as providing useful NPCs for Greyhawk campaigns. The famous ones like 'Evard' were especially good, fleshing out details on personalities we have so often heard about. But the ones we have never heard of like this one, can be as equally captivating. Keep up the good work.
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