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    The Lost Library of Q'Sh Part 1
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    Encyclopedia Greyhawkaniac

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    Mon Oct 05, 2020 3:35 pm  
    The Lost Library of Q'Sh Part 1

    The Lost Library of Q'Sh Part 1

    References as to whom or what Q'Sh was are uninformative but the Library of Q'Sh is mentioned in several journals and histories as a minor location of sagacious lore among the Suel of the late Imperiuum. Until recently its location was unknown but several traders in Verbobonc have recently acquired items which bear the name and markings of Q'Sh.

    A group of gnome miners exploring the eastern Kron Hills area in search of a famous but abandoned mine have come under attack by marauding goblin wolf-riders and their guild has both mounted a rescue mission and a placed a reward for the head of any goblins brought back to their guild house at the border outpost Laghevel. They have the intention of eventually seeing the area made safe for mining.

    Hunters returning to the border fort report tracking goblins to a lightly wooded region where they were surprised to find the entrance to some large building cut into the side of one of the hills.

    Note: The actions of creatures at location 2). will probably occur before characters reach location 1).

    Location 1).

    The stairs are marble and very worn. Several have been cracked into fragments and all are slick with a green fungal slime. Movement on the stairs is at 1/2 speed and anyone running on the stairs must make a fumble roll as do those initiating combat.

    Combat on the stairs is at -2 to hit and combatants must roll a d20 at the start of each combat round in which they are attacking (before any attack roll can be a made) to see if they lose their balance.

    (a natural roll of 5 or less is a critical fumble and any item held in hand or hands will be dropped while 1d4 damage is taken and the combatant will tumble down the stairs with the possibility of tumbling into someone below them who then must roll to see if they fall as well whether they were attacking, defending or not. These fumble rolls are taken separately so that a combatant may have to roll more than once to see if they lose their balance or are knocked over by someone else losing their balance).

    (a natural roll of 10 or less results in a combatant losing their footing and falling to their knees or back on their butt and suffering 1hp damage as well as giving any attacker a +2 to their to hit roll. Any attack they were attempting to make will be negated).

    The green slime upon the stairs is a living organism but is harmless. It may be consumed and is both tasty and nutritious. 8 ounces of slime is = to one day's rations. It consumes vegetable matter and can double in size once a week if fed 4 times its starting weight daily, but it needs to be stored in a cold and damp environment or it will dry out and die in a day. 5 gallons of slime can be collected from the front stairs.

    2). These are massive wooden doors each 15ft wide and 15ft tall bound in brass, but heavily battered. The righthand door is wedged in place and must be broken, burnt or somehow dismantled to remove it. It will not open. Any force strong enough to break the hinges free and move the warped wooden portal will tear it apart in an explosion of splintered fragments and heavy bands of brass (50gp worth of brass can be removed from these doors).

    The lefthand door is split across its center and the lower half (about 4ft up from the bottom) is partially open; enough for a man to slip inside. Sheltered in the doorway is a 3hp goblin archer. He bears a shortbow, leather armor and shortword. He has 16 arrows in his quiver and will fire at maximum range toward anyone approaching the stairs. He is normally AC6 but with the partial cover of the splintered doorway he is AC2.

    When he runs out of arrows or when characters begin to ascend the stiars the goblin archer will withdraw and the goblins at location 3), will begin to fan out along the top of the stairs.
    Encyclopedia Greyhawkaniac

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    Tue Oct 06, 2020 3:13 pm  

    The Lost Library of Q'Sh -2

    3). This massively long portico is littered with debris.

    Presently it is home to a small band of goblins who are camped close to the main door. There are 12 of them with a 13th, an archer, standing guard by the doors at location 2). Of the twelve the leader is a small but solid goblin armed with a spiked mace, armored in a fresh shirt of padded leather and bearing a medium shield. He is AC5 and 7HP and fights as a 1HD monster. In combat he kicks his more cowardly fellows forward but trusts his other companions to follow where he leads so he is usually in the middle of the small group, neither rushing into combat nor lingering behind.

    2 Goblins have shortbows, short swords and leather armor. They are AC7 and 3HP each. and fight as 1-1 creatures. Each has 20 arrows in their quivers and will move one to each side of their compatriots and try for flanking shots against their enemies. If they run out of arrows they will draw their shortswords and attack.

    9 Goblins have either a mace or shortsword. With either small or medium shields. They are 4HP, AC6 and fight as 1-1 creatures.

    All goblins wear small helms.

    The leader carries the spending money for his group. A pouch with 27gp, 52sp, 39cp. The inside of his helm has a cloth lining containing 5pp and 3 small gems worth 25gp, 20gp and 10gp.

    The portico is a long marble porch with pillars and a screen made of rusted iron lattice that allows people to peak out but makes it difficult to see in. The shortwall around the portico is 4ft high with the lattice running another 15feet to the overhanging roof.

    The eastern side of the porch is the goblins latrine and the west is where they cook their meals and sleep. A large iron pot is simmering over a fire when first found and inside is some nameless though edible stew. Three large wooden barrels are breached nearby. one is an almost empty barrel of water, one is full and the third is a three quarters empty barrel of a thick ale. A pint of which is mildly intoxicating, 5 pints will make an average imbiber fairly drunk and 10 pints will render them disgustingly bloto. There are 35 pints worth left in the barrel. A wooden bucket is floating in the barrel of ale.

    A dozen and a half piles of animal skins and ragged cloth make up the goblins' bedding. The chief sleeps on an overturned wooden bench with a thick bearskin and a lumpy pillow. All the bedding is indescribably filthy and rank. If the common bedding is searched 3 daggers, 18gp, 72 sp and an empty ivory scroll tube (worth 10gp) will be found.

    The chief's bedding has beneath it a large two-handed sword and a man-sized shirt of chainmail. In the pillow is a fine cloak with a gold ruby-set pin. The pin radiates magic faintly and allows the wearer to speak with roses (and only roses) once a day if they know the command word. To the right buyer it is worth 200gp.

    The doors to Location 6). have been smashed open and only fragmens of wood still dangle from the hinges.

    The doors to location five are 10feet wide and 15feet high. They are unlocked but slightly warped. They open outward and it takes a combined strength of 30 to open them. Unfortunately the pull rings that were set in the door are missing and some means of grasping the door will need to be devised (which shouldn't be hard as a stout rope nailed to them with iron spikes should do the job).

    3.1). This secret door defies natural detection and a search of the wall will reveal it with a -4 modifier to the attempt (it is really well-made). There is no latch or mechanism to open it from this side of the door. It is constructed of 1ft thick stone blocks, about half the thickness of the outer wall and opens by being raised into the ceiling by a counterweight that is released from location 8).

    4). There is a mosaic here of an old man in robes holding a book with raised text. If three of the letters of the text are pressed simultaneously a latch will click and the door can be opened outward. Inside is a long hall. There are 2 sconces on each wall set about 10ft apart with the stubs of burned out torches and a stairway leading down to dungeon level 1.
    Encyclopedia Greyhawkaniac

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    Thu Oct 08, 2020 7:02 pm  

    The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 3

    5). The hallway is very wide and has an arched ceiling that peaks 15ft overhead. It is extraordinarily dusty inside and the ceiling is choked with spiderwebs. When either set of doors (north or south) is opened the dust will be stirred and a small whirlwind will begin to dance in front of the open door. It will spin faster and faster and the dust will begin to form into the shape of a man. If disturbed the forming figure will give a loud moan of anguish and fly apart leaving a pile of dust behind, but if it is left alone it will become the figure of a tall robed man holding a book. He will hold out this book to the characters so that they can see the cover. On it is the sigil of a snake swarming around a set of runes. There are runes also inscribed along the body of the snake but in a different language. If Comprehend Languages is cast upon the book it will reveal dozens of names though one stands out as if embossed (Zuel). The runes upon the snake remain undecipherable. The names around the snake will begin to shift and push against the snake's encircling body and the snake's body will begin to constrict. The figure of the robed man will let out a scream and both man and book will explode in a cloud of dust. If the figure of the man is touched at any point during this process he will collapse in a pile of dust, though the book itself can be touched by the caster of the Comprehend Languages spell.

    Empty sconces where torches once rested alternate left and right down the hall every 20ft and if the 1st sconce (where the secret door is marked) is turned to the left a grinding sound will be heard, a small vibration will run through the floor and the walls, while dust shakes from the ceiling. The 10ft section of wall which holds the sconce will recede about an inch and stop. It is jammed shut. The movable wall will take magic or picks and sledge hammers to take apart. It is an actual thick section of stone wall formed of stone slabs weighing a couple of hundred pounds each and expertly fitted together (damn that dwarven craftmanship) so knocking it apart will probably involve a good deal of time, a slight chance of stones falling on the character and a great deal of noise).

    Once the obstruction is cleared a half-dozen skeletons will burst from the dark interior of the room; each armed with sword and shield. The leader still wears a rusty shirt of chain (he is AC4) while the others wear the scraps of rotted leather armor they wore in life but are now of no additional protection. They bear longsword and shield (giving the other 5 skeletons AC6) and do the damage of their weapon unlike their more generic brethren. They will fight to their destruction.

    If the thick cobwebs of the hall are searched or set afire (the webs will ignite but they burn sluggishly taking 2 combat rounds for a 10ft section to burn through) a mummified body will drop to the ground (with the chance of falling on anyone standing directly under it. As the first 10ft section is burned a body will drop from the entangling webs (or if the webs are cut away or the body found within and pulled from them). 2 more bodies can be found among the cobwebs and will be found when half the spiderwebs are burnt or removed.

    The first body is that of a dwarf wearing a chain shirt and helm. He carries a battleaxe clenched tightly in one withered fist. He has a pouch at his belt contain 30gp.

    The second body is that of a man wearing robes and carrying a staff. He has a medallion made of silver with a small red gem at its center worth (10gp) and a scroll tube in his belt containing what appears to be the spell for Burning Hands but if cast will cause the scroll to burst into flame and engulf the caster for 1d12 Dmg.

    The third body is that of an elf wearing a fine shirt of chain and carrying a longsword. His body will be the last discovered.

    If all three bodies are discovered or when any attempt is made to open the northern doors or turn the sconce in the hall to trigger the secret door a huge spider construct will drop from the ceiling. It will immediately animate the 3 bodies who will rise and attack the characters. This creature radiates magic and is not undead. It is made from the hollowed out body of a giant spider.

    Giant Spider Construct - 12hp, 2HD, AC6, 1 Attack (Bite for 1d10) Arrows cause no damage. Stabbing/Thrusting weapons cause 1HP damage. Slashing/Chopping/Blunt weapons cause double damage. Can animate and control up to 3 corpses.

    Body 1 (dwarf)- 8hp, 1HD, AC5, 1 Attack (1d8 by weapon or 1d3 weaponless). Arrows cause no damage. Stabbing/Thrusting weapons cause 1HP damage

    Body 2 (man) - 4HP, 1HD, AC 10, 1 Attack (1d6 by weapon or 1d3 weaponless). Arrows cause no damage. Stabbing/Thrusting weapons cause 1HP damage.

    Body 3 - (elf) - 6hp, 1HD, AC5, 1 Attack (1d8 by weapon or 1d3 weaponless). Arrows cause no damage. Stabbing/Thrusting weapons cause 1HP damage.

    The northern doors are similar to the southern except that these have pull rings in them. They are also warped shut and require a combined strength of 30 to open them but doing so will trigger the Giant Spider Construct to release its three animated corpses (if not already released) and attack.
    Encyclopedia Greyhawkaniac

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    Sat Oct 10, 2020 1:08 pm  

    Lost Library of Q'Sh - Tradesman's Entrance

    Part 1

    The area around the Lost Library of Q'Sh is wilderness with the once nearby towns and villages long abandoned and swallowed by forest. The road to and from the library was once wide, well paved and maintained but the trees have claimed the once open track as they have claimed worked fields and town squares. Time and the elements and the gnawing roots of trees have not been kind to the works of man.

    The library itself was made of sterner stuff, carved from a wide plateau of rock and descending untold depths into the earth, the work was at the hands of dwarven craftsmen, miners and masons; built as a repository of knowledge for the ages not just the life of a man or even a civilization.

    If only those protecting the library had been as enduring as stone.

    The Tradesman's Entrance -

    The Forest

    The area surrounding the Tradesman's entrance to the library is in a long narrow, heavily-wooded valley. The roadway that once marched evenly down the valley floor, raised above a fast flowing stream, has long since disappeared and the stream is now the only direct path to the wide southern gateway.

    The valley forest is strangely empty of any large animal life except for a pair of giant-weasels that hunt by day and a patrol of kobolds who check their traps for small game by night.

    If the players approach by day they may discover the tracks of a brown bear leading into the valley. A fresh trail can be found broken through the underbrush and in a small clearing near a recently uprooted tree is the scene of a desperate battle. A large brown bear lies dead atop the body of a giant-weasel. A second weasel is tangled amid the roots of the upturned tree. A small 1hp brown bear cub sits forlornly by its mother's body while the body of a dead cub is resting where the weasel dropped it; in the deep depression left by the roots of the tree.

    The bear cub is very young and will bond with anyone feeding it. If abandoned the cub will attempt to follow the party. If cared for the cub could become a faithful animal companion, but keeping it alive as it is a 1HP AC9 creature could prove challenging.

    The Stream

    Once an icy-cold and fast flowing water that ran beside the raised roadway; the valley stream has become a slow and shallow flow of water skirting tumbled rocks as it leads toward the southern entrance of the library. To the west the valley wall rises higher as the water flows south ending in the pool at Area 1). before curving along the outer wall heading east and disappearing into a crevice and into the dungeons below.

    Movement along the stream is not difficult but the bed is filled with loose stone and combat for anyone standing in the stream-bed is at -1 to hit.

    The east forested bank of the stream is about ten-feet above the shallow water. During the spring storms flood waters will raise the stream from mere inches to a height that will easily overflow the ten-foot banks. The bank has been worn down in several places where kobolds have beaten down animal paths that reached the stream.

    If the valley is entered at night there is a chance of encountering the kobold patrol or the group gathering small prey from their series of traps. (During the day it is possible to find the kobolds' traps which are simple wire snares).

    A. Patrol

    The kobold patrol consists of one sub-leader of 4hp AC5 (suit of homemade leather armor) armed with a barbed throwing spear dmg 1d4 (+ 1hp dmg to remove unless save under Dex is made) and a dagger he uses as a short sword dmg 1d4+1 (due to strength).

    8 2hp AC7 kobolds armed with 1d4 damage stabbing spears.

    The leader has a small belt pouch with a round gold sphere (if examined it will be revealed as the head of a small statue that radiates magic faintly).

    The Trap Gatherers.

    The trap gatherers consist of 12 kobolds that will split off into six groups of two. One kobold will be 2hp AC7 the other 1hp. The 2hp kobold has a stabbing spear 1d4 dmg and the other kobold is unarmed and will run away if attacked (or if any strangers are encountered). If forced to fight the 1hp kobolds can only inflict 1hp dmg.

    Raising the Alarm

    Both the Patrol and the Trap Gathers will try to race back to their warrens (1a-1e) and raise the alarm about intruders rather than to stay and fight. If a single adventurer is encountered the Patrol leader might try to swarm them but will still send one member of his patrol back to the warrens.
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    Fri Oct 16, 2020 12:47 am  
    The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 4

    6). The southern doors of this hallway are smashed apart and the remains hang from the hinges. If the goblin's fire is still burning in location (3). then the first ten feet of the passageway can be seen without other illumination. There is dust and small debris in the corners of the hall but the center of the floor is clear except for the stained footprints of many feet. (an examination will show that most of the footprints are either made by goblins or an even smaller three-toed clawed foot, but beneath the smaller footprints are larger prints of booted feet). These footprints run the length of the hall till it turns west in location (6.1).

    The hall is unlit but the rusted remains of wall sconces are set at intervals along the wall at about a 6ft height. Most are broken and will not a hold a torch and some are missing entirely. The sconce that is set at the spot of the secret door to location (7). is one of the missing sconces and only a rusty stain remains. The secret door here has a +1 modifier to detect but cannot be opened from this side. The door itself is made of 1ft thick blocks of stone and will need to be knocked apart to access location (7). (normally a difficult, time consuming and noisy activity).

    The ceiling is 15ft high and arched. Though there are cobwebs aplenty they are the work of small, common spiders. Their webs can be burned away but they will not catch fire as to spread, nor are they particularly dense.

    Toward the northern end of the hall is a doorway to location (10). It has a small grilled opening covered by an iron plate which can be slid aside. Any thumping on this door or unsuccessful attempts to open it [there is a thick crossbar locking it in Location (10).] and the plate will slide open. A orc's face will appear behind the grill and he will grumble "This better be good," in the Orcish. If he is not slain or incapacitated immediately the iron plate will slam shut and a loud gong will be heard coming from behind the door.

    6.1) At the turn of the corner the characters will see a huge pool of dried blood that spreads across the floor in front of the northern doors as well as splatters across the walls up to nine feet in height as if something had been butchered in this spot. If the characters approach the bloody floor a cold moaning wind will whip down the corridor and set a dust devil amid the dried blood. In moments it will form the figure of a robed man holding a scroll. If the figure is touched in any way it will collapse into a pile of black powder. If allowed to form it will hold the scroll out to the characters. If a Read Magic spell is cast upon the scroll it will create a bobbing spark of light that can illuminate a 20ft radius and will drift about 10ft in front of the character who cast Read Magic. This spark will dance about 5ft from the ground and move first toward the west trying to lead the character further into the dungeon.
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    Sat Oct 17, 2020 1:09 am  
    The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 5

    6 Note). There is a chance that an individual creature or patrol may appear in this corridor while the characters are present. The following encounter may occur.

    6.A). 6 Goblins from deeper within the library have been sent to reinforce those at the front gate. 2 are archers

    2 Goblins have shortbows, short swords and leather armor. They are AC7 and 3HP each. and fight as 1-1 creatures. Each has 20 arrows in their quivers and will move one to each side of their compatriots and try for flanking shots against their enemies. If they run out of arrows they will draw their shortswords and attack.

    4 Goblins have either a mace or shortsword. With either small or medium shields. They are 4HP, AC6 and fight as 1-1 creatures.

    All goblins wear small helms.

    6.B) 20 Goblins are being sent on a hunting party to find meat for the fire (there just haven't been as many adventurers coming to the dungeon lately).

    10 Goblins have shortbows, short swords and leather armor. They are AC7 and 3HP each. and fight as 1-1 creatures. Each has 20 arrows in their quivers and will move one to each side of their compatriots and try for flanking shots against their enemies. If they run out of arrows they will draw their shortswords and attack.

    10 Goblins carry javelins (one in hand and two in a sheath on their backs) with short swords and leather armor. They are AC7 and 3HP each. and fight as 1-1 creatures. They can fight with their javelins as a hand-held weapon but normally through them all first at a distance and closed with their shortswords.

    All goblins have helms. Each carries a medium sack as well as a coil of twine and another with 20feet or so of rope.

    6.C). 3 Orcs from Location (10). coming to kick some crap out of a few goblins in Location (3). for some fun. They will proceed out of the door between Locations (10). and (6). but if they spot more than 2 characters they will turn and run for the door, slamming and bolting it behind them. If they are able to do so the characters will hear a deep gonging sound from behind the door to Location (10).

    3 Orcs - Each Orc wears a suit of studded leather armor and carries a club in their hand, but has a bastard sword sheathed at their belts. Most unusual is the tattoo of an eye on the back of their bald heads. This tattoo radiates magic and allows the Orcs to be aware of anyone approaching them from behind (range 10ft). They are 6hp, 1HD, AC6, dmg 1d6 club or 2d4 bastard sword.

    If taken alive and questioned they (or it) will reveal some, none or all of the following information amid various lies, curses and threats.

    They are the orcs of the Third Eye and serve the great and powerful Zuel who appears to them as a walking God formed of blood. He led them to this place season upon season ago and they dwell in these stinking man-chambers in between the times when the great and powerful Zuel sends them forth to raid or on strange missions that are the God's will. He can say that his tribe has more than a hand of hands in it or many hands of hands, he didn't excel at math. They inhabit the chambers to the west, but further west than the chamber he came from. He and his fellows keep an eye on the goblins in this area. The great and powerful Zuel has commanded them never to go further east in this warren of chambers than the hallway they are now in and they have marked the sign of the eye upon any doors they are not to enter. The warrens go down and his tribe mainly lives on the lower level, but they avoid the more dangerous places and the stairs or pits to levels below that one (anything below Dungeon Level 1). They're entrance to the library is to the west and they know of at least two other entrances to the library. None of them can map worth a damn.

    7), This chamber was a secret passage connecting the wide hallways leading from the front doors, but now both western and eastern doors have been blocked and the interior passage choked with rubble. The difficulty in opening the western door is detailed in location (6). while the eastern door will open halfway as it raises into the ceiling but will then jam and a pile of rubble will slide out through the half-open section.

    It is possible to clear the rubble but doing so will bring another fall of dirt and stone. Anyone working at clearing the room must save versus their Dex or be clouted with rock for 1d10 damage. Characters will be forced from this room by falling rock unless some means is provided to protect them from the falling stone and keep it from refilling the passage.
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