Wed Oct 07, 2020 9:26 am  
OJ - call for assistance

Kristoph published (in the GHO/OJ Patreon) a request for assistance to help manage the load for the OJ and GHO:


A Little Help; OJ34 is working

Hey there, all you OJ fans and supporters!

Just wanted to touch base and talk about OJ34.

Our expected publishing date was September 23rd and, as is obvious, things are running a little late. But, I want to be perfectly transparent with everyone, so that you all know where the print edition stands.

Life has gotten a little in the way for me this month. Normal everyday things like taking care of the house and pets, and having to have a car in the shop, but, also personal stuff getting a little overwhelming trying to do a lot of work for GreyhawkOnline without a lot of assistance. Im realizing more and more that the OJ and GHO have grown so much in the last year that were needing more and more help.

So, while the OJ34 should be outin the next couple of weeks, were looking for folks who might like to volunteer for OJ35, to do things like help with layout, do simple things like helping us send emails, and folks to help with things like finding art and artists for the magazine.

Even things like just like a volunteer to help us handle social media. That would be *SUPER* helpful.

So, all in all ... dont worry; OJ34 is still coming. But, we could use some help. Have you thought about doing something with the OJ but arent an artist or writer? Do you know anyone who has skills that might be great to give us a little boost? If youd like to help, or know someone whod like to dabble in volunteering to help us with stuff, hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, @GreyhawkOnline, or email us at!!

Thanks for understanding, yall. And thanks for all the support yall always show us.

Kristoph N.
OJ Editor-in-Chief
Owner/Lead Admin GreyhawkOnline

If you're interested in helping, please do get in touch!

Allan Grohe (