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    Nerull and Wee Jas
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    Sat Nov 28, 2020 2:23 pm  
    Nerull and Wee Jas

    I seek your thoughts on how the cults of Nerull and Wee Jas relate with a particular focus on southern Keoland and the Hold of the Sea Princes.

    Context: Building on Samwise's description of the Toli Suel and Rasgon's alternative suggestion of House Tollax, IMC the Society of Tolax is a secret society based in Port Toli, which has patiently worked to reestablish control over Port Toli and to extend its influence across the Hold—and into the Hook of the Amedio Jungle—since CY 306, when Tavish the Great conquered Port Toli and put (most of) the city's leaders to the sword.

    The Society's leaders initiate members to believe that they are the inheritors of the ancient Suloise, and they possess ancient texts that refer to the Toli and Tollax Suel. Although in CY 576, the Society's members are not exclusively of Suel descent, the Society extols Suel heritage, including worship of Suel gods like Xerbo, Wee Jas, Syrul, Pyremius, and possibly even Phyton, Phaulkon, Osprem, Lydia, Kord, and Jascar.

    Query: All's to say, I'm wondering how to make the cult of Nerull, which features in Monmurg according to Treasures of Greyhawk, interrelate with the cult of Wee Jas. For a long time, I've (mis)remembered Wee Jas as always deploring the undead, so I assumed that the cult of Wee Jas would always already be antagonistic to that of Nerull. Recently, however, I've been reminded that Lakofka's original description of Wee Jas had her approve of undead so long as they were mindless or lawfully aligned. To me, this still suggests antagonism between their cults, but I wonder if you've elaborated this aspect of Greyhawk.

    My initial take is that the cult of Nerull control the guild of assassins and poisoners in Monmurg, with which the Society of Tolax (and other power groups) must carefully deal when they venture into the Hold's capital.

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    Wed Dec 02, 2020 7:43 pm  

    From my Nerull article:

    "Wee Jas is seen as an interloper who formed her own kingdom in a domain rightfully belonging to the King of all Gloom. Those who look to the Taker see her as the more ancient one: the true creatrix of mortality, the keeper of the dead's knowledge, and their judge, but most recognize Nerull as a malevolent force beyond their mistress' domain who must be avoided, and they thank her for her protection."
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