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    Oerth Journal #34 is out
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    Sage of Canonfire

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    Wed Dec 02, 2020 2:23 pm  
    Oerth Journal #34 is out

    Grab it at:


    Monsters, Famous NPCs, New NPCs, Fiction, Ecologies, and more!
    ● Librarian's Chronicle: Letter from the Editor - by Kristoph Nolen
    ● St. Benedor - by Gary Holian
    ● Lore of the Phost Tree - by Lance Hawvermale
    ● Omnipotent View: Forging of a Man - by Richard DiIoia
    ● Reimagining Lord Yrag - by Amy "Theala" Crittenden
    ● The Pentagram, a Spelljamming ship - by Denis "Maldin" Tetreault
    ● Exploring the Dry Steppes: Journal of Zabin Al-Xin - by John Burchfield
    ● Ecology of the Thri-kreen - Kristoph Nolen
    ● Fistful of Baubles - by David Leonard
    ● Inauguration of an Apprentice - by Robert M. Guy III
    ● Fergus Matremand: Capt. of the Greenjerkins - by Paul Herridge
    ● Vault of Daoud - by Thomas Kelly
    ● Secret Legacies of the Flan - by Les "Oblivion Seeker" Reno
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    Thu Dec 03, 2020 11:33 am  

    I was taking a peak at Fergus of the Greenjerkins. What year is the "current" year?
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