Thu Dec 10, 2020 10:45 am  
Adventure Seed - The Mines of Sterich Part 1

The Mines of Sterich

Iron is in the hills of Sterich and war rages throughout the Flanaess. While Sterich has many smiths the great weapon and armorers of Greyhawk are the Dwarves of Ulek. The ore is smelted and the iron travels east to the Rushmoors and the branch of the Lort or south down the Javan till it fills the holds of merchant ships of the Sea Princes ending in Gryrax and the furnaces of the dwarven smiths. The journey is long and proven dangerous.

Sterich is recruiting guards of all sorts and adventurers of all types to watch over the great caravans and raft flotillas which leave their land each week. Inside Sterich companies of Halberders and Light Calvary protect the wagons but beyond the borders hired men are rewarded greatly to safeguard this bulky treasure.