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The Suel pantheon: Jascar

Priests of Jascar(God of Hills & Mountains)

AL: LG, NG, RA: see below, SY: a snow-capped mountain peak, AR: any, WPN: warhammer*, pick*, maul, mace, sling, staff-sling, staff, morning star, SPH: all, animal, charm, combat, creation, divination (m), elemental(earth), guardian (m), healing, necromantic(m), plant (m), protection, sun, weather, Spl: none, Add: none.

Priests of Jascar dress in earth tones; usually browns and grays. During ceremonies, they wear headdresses of white cloth or wear white-colored metal caps. They carry either a miniature warhammer or miniature pick as a holy symbol. Priests of Jascar are usually human, but some dwarven and gnomish priests do exist.

At 5th level, and every level thereafter, priests of Jascar gain a cumulative +1 bonus on saves vs. petrification. At 7th level, the priest may shapechange into a heavy warhorse(Mv: 15, D/Att: 1-8/1-8/1-3), retaining their regular armor class and hit points, and attacking as a monster with as many hit dice as the priest has levels. In warhorse form the priest cannot speak or cast spells, and any gear worn or carried by the priest is turned into tack, harness, saddle, saddlebags, etc. At 11th level, the priest may shapechange into a Pegasus that can fly at 48” movement rate; all other particulars regarding combat are the same as for the heavy warhorse described above, and the priests gear changes in the same manner. In Pegasus form, the priest can speak normally and can cast any spells that require only the priest’s holy symbol as a material component, or spells that require no material component at all. These shapechanging abilities are similar to those of druids. A priest of Jascar can assume each animal form once per day, with a maximum duration of one hour per level for each form assumed. Priest of Jascar may turn undead.

Places of worship devoted to Jascar are always made of stone; the main chamber is often below ground, sometimes in a natural cave. Temples to Jascar are often shared with Phaulkon’s clergy, and vice versa. However, a temple consecrated solely in the name of Jascar can obtain a special protection. If Jascar grants the request, the temple is rendered immune to all hostile earth or stone altering magics, including disintegration, as long as the temple’s altar remains undefiled.

Jascar is worshipped in the mountains and hills of the Flanaess, especially in the Flinty Hills and the mountains within the Iron League.


Dragon Magazine #92(1984) “Gods of the Suel Pantheon V: Bralm, Lydia, and Jascar" by Lenard Lakofka

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