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    Verbobonc Lancers
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    Encyclopedia Greyhawkaniac

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    Sun Dec 27, 2020 4:15 pm  
    Verbobonc Lancers

    Verbobonc Lancers on patrol in the Kron Hills

    A patrol of Verbobonc Lancers crossing a gnome built bridge into the Kron Hills. These patrols have become much less frequent as the gnomes have begun patrolling and setting guard outposts. This is one of the many small bridges that crosses the deep ravines within the hills. Many now have a small stone tower built nearby. The gnome patrols are on small ponies and do not go beyond the hills while the Verbobonc Lancers are all human mounted on light warhorses. They keep shortbows cased on their saddles and are armored in studded leather with steel caps with longswords sheathed on their saddles. Officers tend to be veteran warriors armored in chain or plate with weapons of their own preference. They average between twenty and thirty men per patrol
    Encyclopedia Greyhawkaniac

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    Thu Jan 21, 2021 9:50 am  

    Captain Aelfrick of the Verbobonc Lancers

    Aelfrick is young for such a responsible command as the Verbobonc Lancers are the best troops of Verbobonc. His is a distant relation of the Viscount but that has not earned him any undue respect or authority. In his youth Aelfrick's family was killed and their manor sacked by an invading band of brigands from thwe Pomarj. Aelfrick helped to track them down and annihiate them in their stronghold deep in the peninsula. Since that time he has lead a life of combat and adventure and is an experienced and cunning warrior. With his acquired treasure he rebuilt his family's estate and joined joined the Verbobonc Guard as a noble officer. His ability saw him to leadership within the guard and more recently a command within the Lancers.

    The life of Verbobonc Lancer is not comfortable, safe or easy. They patrol the borders of the Viscounty, often pursuing enemies of Verbobonc far afield. They are found more often riding an endless circuit of the villages and towns than the city and sleep in the saddle or on the cold ground with a thick horse blanket for bedding than beneath a roof and in a real bed. Aelfrick thrives in the Lancers and his troopers would follow him anywhere.

    Aelfrick has acquired several items of magic in his adventures but none so powerful as his Spear of Heartseeking. On a natural d20 the spear has a chance of instantly killing a foe. This chance 25% + 5% for every experience level the wielder is greater than the foe (or equivalent HD). The Spear will return to the wielders hand 2 combat rounds after it is thrown regardless of whether it kills its target or not. A unremarkable appearing brass ring must be worn by the wielder of the Spear for its enchantments to work.
    Encyclopedia Greyhawkaniac

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    Sun Jun 06, 2021 5:52 am  

    The Verbobonc Lancers number somewhere around 900 men and women. They are split into 4 companies of over two hundred in each, comanded by single captain who reports directly to the Viscount. Each captain is law unto himself able to dispense high and low justice to any but the nobility of the viscounty.

    Pictured is a typical Lancer sans lance, though with the bow that most carry. They ride light warhorses, dress in green and red with a grey cloak that they can act as a cover at night. A large quiver of one hundred arrows is hung from one side of their saddles and a sheathed longsword from the other. A steel cap is on their head and studded leather armor on their backs. The Viscount provides all this to each trooper while officers provide their own gear and the wealthier among them provide their command with any extras they can afford.

    Each Lancer is an experienced warrior with a smattering of rangers among their ranks. Druids, clerics and magic-users can be found as officers or auxiliaries in each company and at the minimum every company has a cleric, usually of Rao, and a druid of the Old Faith in their garrison.

    There are 4 fortifications which the companies of Lancers maintain with somewhere between 50 to 100 Lancers always in garrison. While villages and small towns are near no civilians are allowed to dwell closer than a few miles and each fortification is self-sufficient.

    All Lancers must prove their combat ability and horsemanship before entering the ranks. Each officer is someone of extraordinary ability. While some are rich and of the nobility many are not having risen through the ranks in service of the Viscounty. Ability is the key requirement for any officer or enlisted to become a Lancer.

    The Viscount has seen the Lancers double in size during his reign and his own bodyguard are chosen from their ranks. Lancers are rarely seen in the city though many originate from city inhabitents. The Verbobonc Cavalry is stationed permenatly in the city and they provide both a quick military force and guardsmen for important caravans within the borders. Most Lancers begin their service as members of the Verbobnc Cavalry.

    The wives and children of most Lancers dwell in their fortified garrisons. All labor within a garrison is done by Lancers or their family, from cook to carpenter.

    Each company has its own pennant and the deeds of each company are recited on holy days and at celebrations. While visitors often come to the garrisons most never get beyond the outer gates and vistors audience hall. Holding pens for prisoners are in dungeons beneath these areas while the inner and stronger fortifications are for the homes, stables and barracks of the garrison and few strangers ever enter these areas.

    Verbobonc Lancers are highly respected throughout the Viscounty and in the outlying areas as well, such as Celene, the Kron Hills and even as far as the City of Greyhawk itself.
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