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    Illusionist City of Hendricks
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    Fri Jun 04, 2021 3:39 pm  
    Illusionist City of Hendricks

    A city I created in my campaign many years ago, updated and shared with the community:


    Proper Name: The Free Enclave of Illusionist Practitioners and Artificers in the City of His Name, Hendricks (Also known as Hendricks City)
    Ruler: Hendricks Dreamweaver I, Ruler and Headmaster of the Arcane Citadel
    Successors would be titled: Dreamweaver
    Government: Benevolent Dictatorship with elected Republic Magocracy board of advisors
    Resources: Modest ore mining. Manufacturers of Warfox harnesses and other Gnomish speciality magic items. Remote academic center of learning
    Coinage: Currently none, but may be produced in the near future
    Population: 10,000 Human (Osf) 49%, Gnome 48%, other 3%
    Primary Languages: Common, Old Oeridian, Gnomish
    Alignment: N, LN, LG, NG, CG
    Religions: Boccob, Gnome pantheon, Oeridian agricultural gods
    Allies: Gnomes of the Flinty and Blemu Hills, Knurl, The Sagacious Society of Nyrond
    Enemies: The humanoids of the Bone March, Bandits
    Overview: Nestled in the Flinty Hills, is the independent city of Hendricks. It is a city founded by human and gnomish Illusionists, as a refuge after the fall of the Bone March.

    Locales of Note:
    The Arcane Citadel, College and Guild of Wizardry
    The Obelisk, Temple to Boccob, adjacent to the Arcane Citadel.
    High Priestess: Cristiana Cloudfang 10th level speciality priest of Boccob,
    S: 10 D: 11 C: 11 I: 15 W: 16 CH: 15 True Neutral
    Description: Human female. Long, curled, gray hair and black eyes. Soft golden skin. 5’-7”, lean build.
    She has a round face. Cristiana can't feel pain. She often spies on other people. She is very optimistic. She spaces out often, lost in thought.
    High Priestess Cristiana oversees a temple with 5 templars of Boccob and two “uncut” clerics of Boccob
    Gadjetz Emporium of Contrivances, Adventuring gear and specialty items, a partnership between gnome brothers, an Artificer and an Illusionist. Grainger and JonJon Luckydust, levels unknown

    The Grand Illusion- Performance hall, tavern, inn and theater. Proprietor: Dahlia Lightsprinter, 3rd level Bard (2e+) and 9th level illusionist and apprentice of Hendricks.
    Description: Human female. 4’-11”, skinny build. Long straight black hair. Blue eyes. Many tattoos. Agnostic, Dahlia can’t stand laziness and has a crude sense of humor. She is a visual and performing artist.
    S: 8 D: 17 C: 8 I: 17 W: 10 CH: 15 Neutral
    Dahlia is proficient in the creation of Nolzur’s Marvelous pigments
    Possessions: wand of illusion, ring of invisibility, ring of protection +3 (5’ radius protection)

    A Part at the Seams- Proprietor: Eilsel the Learned, Tailor of Fine Robes and Sage of Fashion and Etiquette. “I’ll have you know one of us is familiar with the 25 forms of properly addressing a minor noble of the Suel Imperium, and darling, it isn’t you.” “ Now stand straight while I get your figure down.” Eilsel considers himself a ladies man, oblivious to how he sounds.
    "Just because some of us aspire to the condition of social respectability..." With regards to Les “OblivionSeeker” Reno
    The Rakersmen Expatriates- Veterans and mustered out ex-members of the Rakersmen. Sort of a guild house (think VFW). Though some of these soldiers are getting on in years, they are aggressively protective of Hendricks and the Flinty Hills.
    Shrines/temples to the non-evil Gnomish deities

    Selected NPC’s continued:
    The characters below, as above, have mostly generic stats, for use in one’s choice of edition. The Gnomes have 1e level limits, but could be adapted to higher levels in subsequent editions.

    Hendricks Dreamweaver
    Dreamweaver is simultaneously the wizard’s chosen surname and his title as leader of Hendricks City
    Class and Level: Illusionist 18
    Alignment: Neutral
    Languages: Alignment, Common (read/write), Gnomish (read/write), Elvish, Orcish, one more (something other planar)
    Special Abilities: Immune to all 1st level illusions
    Deity: Boccob
    Age: Appears in Mid- 40’s (longevity magic and illusion)
    Description: Human male that appears in the prime of life 6’-3”, Toned build. Dark brown hair and eyes. Lucifer, played by Tom Ellis is the inspiration.
    Personality: Charismatic and egotistical. Somewhat hedonistic (a member of the Sensates faction of Sigil).
    Colors: Cobalt blue
    Crest: White phoenix on cobalt field (Truth and loyalty. Rebuilding, starting over).
    Origin: Born and raised in Radigast City. Formerly had a wizard’s tower in the Bone March until the 563 humanoid invasion. Established Hendricks Keep with Gnomish followers that same year and founded the independent city in 566
    Base of Operations: Hendricks Keep in the city of his name in the Flinty Hills not far from Knurl. Hendricks likely has extra-planar sanctums, and he is an experienced Planewalker.
    S: 11 D: 15 C: 13 I:19 W: 12 CH:18
    Possessions: Azul is a 6’ staff cut from from a single vein of sapphire, altered by a glassteel spell (an item co-created by Hendricks and Ramsay) Azul is the equivalent of a +3 staff of striking and and also stores the following spells: shadow door (x3), shadow magic (x2).

    Dr. Ramsay: Cleric of Boccob 7/Illusionist 7 Master Gem-cutter. Hendricks’ Seneschal
    S: 6 D: 12 C: 11 I: 18 W: 18 CH: 5 Neutral
    Description: Gnome male, Ben Kingsley type. Very long, straight, black hair shaved on the right side and blue eyes. Rough brown skin. 3'6" and has a skinny build. He is deaf in the left ear.
    Possessions: Boots of Levitation, Crystal Ball, Bracers of Wands (right arm: illusion, wand of magic detection, wand of secret door and trap location/left arm: wand of enemy detection, wand of fear, wand of metal and mineral detection).

    The Knights Foxes of Hendricks City

    Multi-class Gnome illusionists of various levels, named for their fox companions. Each of the knights wears a cobalt blue gnomish battle cloak.
    5 of the 15 are detailed below.

    Lake Temerik: Fighter 6/Illusionist 6 Commander (also a member of the adventuring party- The Children of the Mist- Enoch’s World of Greyhawk). Neutral
    S: 13 D: 18 C: 14 I: 16 W: 12 CH: 13
    Gnome male. 3’-0”. Cat-like grace. Purple-gray hair and violet eyes. Usually wears a jaguar pelt long tunic. He is very competitive. Lake is very optimistic and tends to judge people on their fighting skills.
    Possessions: ring of invisibility, +3 battle pick, +2 quickrazor, sling of seeking, neuroshield helm, gnome battle cloak, warfox harness

    Vesper Thistlethwaite Illusionist 5/Thief 5
    S: D: C: I: W: CH: Neutral
    Description: Gnome male. Long, wavy, gray hair shaved on both sides and blue eyes. Golden skin. 3’-1”, fat build. Vesper is prone to violence and is very greedy. He is fascinated by pyrotechnic displays and feathers.
    Possessions: two quickrazors (+2 each), portable breach, gnome battle cloak, warfox harness

    Erben Briteshoals: Fighter 3/Illusionist 2 (brother to Zinhani)
    S: 13 D: 13 C: 18 I: 16 W: 12 CH: 8 Neutral Good
    Description: Gnome male. 3'-0", slight build, Gray hair, long mustache, green eyes, dark tan skin. Erben is very good at diffusing tensions and is a collector of coins.
    Possessions: badger armor, +1 shortsword, crossbow of speed, gnome battle cloak, warfox harness

    Zinhani Briteshoals: Illusionist 3/Thief 3 (sister to Erben).
    Worshipper of Baravan Cloakshadow. Neutral Good
    S: 9 D: 18 C: 13 I: 16 W: 12 CH: 8
    Description: Gnome female. 2'-6", skinny build, Gray hair, green eyes, dark tan skin. Zinhani takes everything literally and occasionally quotes proverbs ironically.
    Possessions: doppleganger armor, shortsword +1, gnome battle cloak, warfox harness

    Trihani Goldust Cleric of Garl Glittergold 3/Illusionist 3
    S: 12 D: 10 C: 10 I: 17 W: 15 CH: 8 Neutral Good (Lawful)
    Description: Gnome female. Wavy, blonde hair and golden eyes. Soft brown skin. 3’-2” tall and has a beefy build. She has a slight lisp. Trihani is fascinated by alchemy and believes all dragons are planning to destroy the world.
    Possessions: Gnome battle ax +1, mushroom cap, gnome battle cloak, warfox harness
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    Mon Jul 05, 2021 11:40 am  

    Nice, thanks for sharing!
    Richard Di Ioia (aka Longetalos)
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    Mon Jul 05, 2021 8:52 pm  

    Thanks Rich!
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