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City of Greyhawk - The Wolfsbane Academy

City of Greyhawk - The Wolfsbane Academy

Located on Hilway Road near the gate to Old City the Wolfsbane Academy is a worn manor whose lands are now occupied with encroaching shops and businesses. Alicia, now called Lady Wolfsbane, is founder of this society which wars against lycanthropes.

Several years ago Alicia was simply the daughter of a minor Greyhawkian oligarch. She'd apprenticed as a sorceress and was soon to set out on a term of journeywoman travel when her fathers estate was overrun by a viscous band of werewolves. Bitten and badly wounded Alicia consumed belladonna which rendered her comatose for days. When she recovered all that was left were the half-eaten bodies of her family and the blood soaked halls of her father's mansion.

Since that time Alicia has dedicated herself to the cure or destruction of Lycanthropes. Her academy collects all known examples of the disease and trains those who wish to combat it. She herself has raised and enchanted breed of wardog whose very blood is mixed with silver. Their bite will wound or kill a Lycanthrope as it would a normal creature and if a Lycanthrope should bite them their blood and flesh will burn them like acid.

Alicia is particularly interested in any lycanthropes from the gnarly woods and she pays a bounty for any brought to her alive.