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The Goblins of the Broken Jaw

The Goblins of the Broken Jaw

The tribe of the Broken Jaw is a large and widely spread collection of goblins. They are seen from the eastern Lortmils, through the Kron Hills, the Wild Coast, the fringes of the Gnarley Forest all the way to the Pomarj. Their numbers rise and fall as they are beaten back to lick their wounds and increase their numbers before setting out again to raid and plunder.

Predominantly wolfriders they also have masses of foot
troops that swarm from warrens in the mountains and hills to plague the gnomes and dwarves of the Lortmils and Kron Hills. Their wolfriders live a more nomadic existence and they sweep across the more open lands.

Currently the Broken Jaw wolfriders have raided through the northern wild coast and been encountered along the Kron foothills inside of Verbobonc.