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Encounter - The Murders in Rag Alley

Encounter - The Murders in Rag Alley

A series of gruesome murders has occurred in Rag Alley, Old City one of the poorest areas of the City of Greyhawk. Selek Quin watch-captain of the guard has asked for help but there is little reward for any except the goodwill of the most humble of Greyhawk's citizens and the thanks of the captain of the worst duty in the Nightwatch.

Three families have been murdered while they slept, torn to pieces within their locked dwellings. In two cases even their windows were shut. The last murders were just the night before and the upper windows, which had been barred, were burst open.

Some monster or demon seems to be on the loose.

The truth is that a ship carrying five carnivorous apes from Hepmonaland docked during the last week and the creatures escaped. The captain has sent out his sailors to retrieve them while the creatures have found their way to an easy hunting ground among the poor of the Old City. The pack is lead by an exceptionally smart and large Ape. They sleep during the day in a disused attic of an abandoned home and at night prowl the roof-tops of the city searching for food, human flesh preferred. They will hunt down vulnerable targets on the street or break into homes if they are able. The nights have been warm and so far twice the smallest has made its way down a cold chimney to let in the others. The last required the large ape to smash in a window.

Each night the creatures will go hunting and there is little that the poorly manned Old City Nightwatch can do until the creatures kill someone more worthy of attention than the inhabitants of Rag Alley.