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The Suel Pantheon: Norebo

Priests of Norebo(God of Luck, Gambling, Risks)

AL: any non-lawful, except neutral evil, RA: brown or dark green, SY: a pair of 8-sided dice, AR: as thief, Wpn: as thief, SPH: all, charm, combat(m), divination, guardian, healing, numbers, protection(m), sun(m, reversed), Spl: see below, Add: none.

Priests of Norebo, the god of luck, gambling, and risk is a patron of thieves, assassins, and gamblers; a surly lot indeed. Norebo’s clergy must have a minimum dexterity of 9 and may be humans, half-elves, and half-orcs. A rare few of Norebo's clergy(10%) are druids.

Priests of Norebo never use spells to help harm or kill any target for theft or assassination, as this is seen as “unsporting” by Norebo and is punishable by the priest not receiving spells until they have atoned. Priests of Norebo have the abilities of Hide in Shadows, Move Silently, Climb Walls, and Find/Remove Traps as a thief of equal level, as per the 1e Player’s Handbook Table 19: Thief Average Ability Table. Half-elf and half-orc clergy of Norebo(clerics, druids, or priests) may be multi-classed as fighters or thieves. Priest(cleric, druid)/thieves use their own thief skill scores but gain an additional +10% bonus on those skills taught to priests of Norebo. Priests of Norebo may turn undead (or command undead if CE) at -2 levels. Priests of Norebo may also fight using two-weapon style and may select proficiencies from the rogue section without paying an extra slot to do so.

Priests of Norebo also gain the followers powers as they advance in level:

Level………Granted Power
1-2 ………..knock 1/day
3-4………..wizard lock 1/day
5-6………..dispel magic 1/
7-8……… 1/day
9 & up…….polymorph self 1/day

Churches dedicated to Norebo are often located on the outskirts of a town or city, or even further isolated out in the country. Norebo prefers natural settings for his places of worship, and services in his honor always involve drinking and gambling. Throughout Oerth, shrines to Norebo are known as “Churches of the Big Gamble”, and they abound in the Barbarian States of the northeast. There are also known to be isolated churches on Lendore Isle, along the Wild Coast, in the City of Greyhawk, and in various cities of the Iron League. Next to Kord, Norebo is likely the most popular god in the Suel pantheon.


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L1: The Secret of Bone Hill

Recommended Reading:

The Scarlet Brotherhood, by Sean K. Reynolds

Exclamation Oerth Journal #15: “Norebo: The Daredevil”, by Paul M. Rukuskie

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