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The Hunters Market Verbobonc part 1

The Hunters Market Verbobonc Part 1

Verbobonc is a busy trading town . Goods come downriver from as far away as Ket and the Barrier Peaks or Highfolk and the Yatil Mountains. Merchants come to Verbobonc to buy the goods before they reach Dyvers or the City of Greyhawk where the prices are the highest.

Hunters and adventurers gather the skins, hides and saleable parts and meat but must sell to the town guilds and merchants rather than selling from a stall in the market.

This is a price and parts list by creature for the going rate of undamaged, unrotted monster/animal parts paid by the Verbobonc merchants to unlicensed hunters and adventurers. Skinning salvageable parts from monsters and animals is a basic skill and easily learned if a bit messy.

Alligator, Giant
- Head 5gp with teeth
- Hide 1gp per 5ft square undamaged section of the heavy back, sides and neck
- Skin 1sp per 1ft square undamaged section of Underbelly
- Teeth 1sp per tooth

- Chitin 1gp per 5ft square undamaged section.
- Eyes 5gp per pair

Ant, Giant
- Antenna 50cp each
- Chitin 10cp per 1ft square section

Ape, Carnivorous (Very Rare in the Viscounty of Verbobonc [VoV])
- Head 5gp for complete head (1gp if damaged ir missing fangs)
- Hide 10gp for relatively complete upper body
- Teeth 1gp per F

Baboon (Very Rare in the VoV)
- Head 1gp for complete head
- Teeth 1sp per fang

- Pelt 1sp

Badger, Giant
- Pelt 3sp

Basilisk (The merchants in Verbobonc can handle about a half-a-dozen basilisk sales per month. More than that and the price they will pay will drop dramatically)
- Blood 1gp per quart
- Brain 25gp
- Eyes 100gp per eye
- Head 250gp with eyes
- Hide 10gp per 1ft square undamaged section
- Heart 25gp
- Horn 100gp
- Teeth 10gp per tooth

Bear, Black
- Claws 1 sp each
- Meat 25cp per pound
- Skin 1gp

Bear, Brown
- Claws 1sp each
- Meat 25cp per pound
- Skin 2gp

Bear, Cave
- Claws 3sp Each
- Meat 50cp per pound
- Skin 10gp

- Pelt 25sp

Beaver, Giant
- Pelt 10gp

Beetle, Giant - Bombardier
- Chitin 1gp per 1ft square section
- Vapor Gland 10gp

Beetle, Giant - Boring
- Brain 5gp
- Chitin 1gp per 1ft square

Beetle, Giant - Fire
- Chitin 2gp per 1ft square
- Glands 5gp each

Beetle, Giant - Stag
- Chitin 1gp per 1ft square
- Horn 1gp

Beholder (Although Beholder carcases are sought after it may take time for VoV merchants to get buyers from Dyvers or Greyhawk, or further abroad)
- Body the generally undamaged body of a Beholder is worth from 5,000 to 10,000gp
- Central Eye 500 to 1,000gp
- Eyestalks 500 to 1,000gp each

Black Pudding
- Ash 1sp per pound

Blink Dog
- Hide 100gp
- Living Pups 1,000gp to 2,000gp

- Heart 50cp
- Hide 1sp
- Meat - 1cp per pound

- Head 5sp bounty
- Head (rare pumpkin head) 10gp
- Heart 1sp
- Hide 10sp

Bulette (Merchants in VoV can handle at most two carcases a month though after 1 month they can set up buyers for up to 2 dozen more bodies)
- Body 5,000gp to 10,000gp
- Chitin 500gp per 5ft square plate
- Head 500gp to 1,000gp
- Heart 500gp
- Hide Underbelly 500gp for complete underbelly
- Limbs 250gp per limb

Carrion Crawler (Merchants in VoV can handles around a dozen bodies a month. More than that an the price will drop)
- Body 250gp for complete body
- Head 200gp
- Tentacles 25gp each