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[Rogues Gallery] Sherl Bandoth

Sherl Bandoth
2nd level Lawful Halfling, female, age 30; ST 17, DE 14, CO 14, IN 7, WI 9, CH 11; HP 9; AC 7 (Leather); Money: 5; GP Items: Dagger +1, +2 vs. Kobolds

Sherl's an imposing halfling, standing a full 4 feet tall and well muscled, reflecting her early life as a mason's daughter. Although her first couple adventures, exploring caves in the Stark Mounds with some other adventurers from Istivin, went well, earning her the magic dagger she readily brags about to anyone who will listen, she hasn't had any luck joining a real adventuring party, and is eager to do so. For now, she's reluctantly helping her father (Rand Bandoth) with his masonry business and tending to her young brother, since their mother passed away 3 summers ago from a nasty bout of the flu. In Istivin, she'll be encountered mostly at night, frittering away the meager pay her father gives her on Goldenflame mead, which she has a notable weakness for, and attempting to latch on to any adventuring party she comes across. During the day, she might be found at her father's workshop (which doubles as the family home) or out running errands.

Outside of Istivin, Sherl will be encountered with her father and kid brother, attending a fair or festival around the Earldom or meeting with Dwarves about new supply contracts. Rand will be annoyed at seeing her run off with adventurers, and although he's no more than a nuisance, he'll hold a lengthy grudge against the PCs if they recruit her, hassling them a bit whenever they visit Istivin, even if she eventually moves on or goes home.

Sherl is a capable fighter and stalwart companion though, if perhaps not the brightest girl the PCs might meet. She dreams of a heroic career adventuring, and longs to visit Cryllor one day to see the "big city". She then hopes to settle back in Istivin with a wealthy husband, as long as he isn't a mason, she resents that life.
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