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    Encyclopedia Greyhawkaniac

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    Sat Oct 30, 2021 8:24 pm  


    {General Description-

    Glistening black eyes, brown chitinous body, and pinkish underside. It is a burrowing bug-like, six-legged monster. Noxious green ichor drools from its clashing mandibles.

    {Size - L

    10' to 20' long
    Horse sized

    {Height -
    An Anhkheg can flatten itself to 4ft to 6ft in height, but it can also rear up on its 4 hind legs to over 20ft

    {Weight -
    Males are typiically smaller and lighter weighing in at 1,500 to 2,000 lbs while females are larger and vary between 2,500 and 3,000 lbs

    {Type - Unnatural

    {Movement - 12" (6")

    {Behavior -

    Burrows like an earthworm for organic matter and minerals. Avoids heavily settled areas like cities as well as deep wilderness. Burrows with legs and mandibles constructing tunnels (10ft diameter, circular and 150ft long but may link with other Anhkheg tunnels to form complex systems) using caustic secretion from mouth to harden soil. Breathable air in tunnels.

    Can be domesticated and used as mounts or beasts of burden. Popular among hobgoblins, troglodytes and orcs as guardians or pets.

    {Combat -

    Prefers to ambush lying 5-10ft beneath oerth and when its antenna's detect movement bursts up from beneath prey. If more than one target attempts to seize one and drag it beneath oerth to tunnel and devour it.

    Prefers to attack with bite.

    Can spit digestive acid 30ft once every 6 hours

    Grapple Attack

    {Magic Resistance - Standard

    {Special Abilities -

    Spit digestive acid
    Grapple Attack

    {Intelligence - Animal/Hive (Variant more intelligent than arachnids)

    {Speech -
    Communication by Scent and use of antenna

    {Vision - Darkvision 60ft, Tremorsense 60ft, Low Light Vision

    {Activity Cycle -
    Anhkeg appear more active in daytime but have no regular rest period.

    {Diet - Omnivorous

    {Habitat -
    Forest and Agricultural Land, Temperate or warm plains (Variant larger Desert Dwelling)

    {Family Structure -
    1-6 in Group
    Solitary, Pair or Nest (3-6)
    A single breeding female will be surrunded by up to a half-dozen worker/warriors. There will also be a dozen young or unhatched eggs in a nest. It takes only a few weeks for eggs to hatch and 6 months for young to reach maturity. Females lay eggs twice a year.

    Only one female will inhabit a nest and young females which appear only one per laying of eggs are forced from the nest upon maturity along with up to a dozen males from the same laying.

    {Life Cycle -
    It takes 6 months for a brood to reach maturity and they grow into full-sized adults after a year.

    Their lifespan is no longer than five years, but males without contact with a female for over a month stop eating and die within a few weeks.

    {History -
    Tales of the presence of Anhkeg's predates human and demi-human recorded history.

    {Affinity/Antipathy -
    If food is scarce Anhkeg's will turn cannibal and fight other nests.

    {Deities -

    {Useful Components -
    The digestive acid of an Anhkeg is useful in alchemey as well as some spells having an acidic effect.

    {References -

    Monster Manual - pg6
    Pathfinder Bestirary - Pg 15

    Encyclopedia Greyhawkaniac

    Joined: May 29, 2018
    Posts: 1462

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    Thu Nov 18, 2021 9:50 pm  

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