Fri Nov 19, 2021 7:33 pm  
Lilis, the Shrewd Princess of Hell

With Lilis, Ed Greenwood made her the controller of a spy network "said to be second only to that of Asmodeus". She is also very close to Dispater's provost, but they are both "unswervingly loyal to Dispater". Biffant's own entry claims that the two are "closer in mutual understanding and cooperation, some say, than Lilis and Dispater himself."

If we look at her list of abilities for unusual ones, she has dimension door, dispel magic, detect lie, and repulsion at will. She can also point at a target to induce fear, and once per day she can cause insanity by touch. She has exceptional intelligence which puts her in the 15-16 range.

If we want to do something a little different than take her spy network (and, if you instead choose to focus on said network, make it better than Asmodeus's), her abilities imply that she's an excellent judge of character. She can meet potential agents of Dispater and determine whether they are suitable for the task or whether they are potential traitors. In the event that they are traitors, her abilities allow her to befuddle her enemies and flee (repulsion is a 6th level spell with no saving throw!). This allows Dispater to appropriately use his ability to beguile and geas those that are deemed useful. She provides a stable base of power for Dispater to plot and scheme without a worry that he'll lose control of Dis.

In campaign use, she can either be met while taking the measure of potential agents or when her spies report to her.