Fri Nov 19, 2021 7:38 pm  
Lilith, the Ambitious Princess of Hell

Lilith is, of course, completely different from Lilis. She's Moloch's consort. Ed Greenwood has her "held in high regard by many witches on the Prime Material Plane" but abilities do her no favor in this regard. Her unusual abilities are dispel magic, ESP, a weak fireball (2d6), and polymorph self at will. Twice per day, she can use finger of death, and once per day she can throw a weak lightning bolt (4d6). She has genius (18) intelligence. She is attractive and (groan) rarely wears clothes. Thank you, Ed.

She's one of the more physically powerful consorts with 2 attacks per round. It's a little odd for the least powerful archdevil to have so strong a consort.

I feel that she's intended to be a seductress, but that feels so prosaic and boring for a consort of Hell. Instead, let's have her making all of these alliances with witches to gain power and treasure for her own attempt to displace Moloch and become the viceroy of Malbolge. She's the only consort more intelligent than the archdevil she serves. Moloch's court is relatively small, and they are loyal to Baazebul. Should she prove herself able to overthrow Moloch but maintain her loyalty to the Lord of the Flies, then there is every reason to believe that Lilith could become an archdevil.

Accordingly, PCs may encounter her while on Oerth gathering money, power, and allies for her goal. She would do best to steer clear of other devil's plots, as it could lead to Moloch finding out her plans. As such, she's likely to be active outside of the Great Kingdom and the Horned Society. I'd say Keoland looks ripe for her machinations.

In later editions, Lilith became the primary consort of Baazebul (Baftis fell out of favor). I question the decision to have a Lilis and a Lilith among the ranks of the consorts; their names are too similar, and with the Rabble of Hell described in Dragon 91, that becomes more of an issue.