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Naome, Hell's Diplomat

Ed Greenwood describes Naome as being "highly regarded in the hells for her settling of disputes where others have failed" (Dragon #75), and that's a good basis for her. She settles disputes between devils and other extraplanar creatures; disputes between devils and mortals are beneath her (unless it furthers some other diabolic plan). She is as intelligent as Belial with genius intelligence. Belial's legate, Chamo, plans to overthrow his master, and he fears Naome more than Belial because they "too often think alike to suit him". This makes Naome an important stabilizing influence on Phlegethos's power structure, and she is likely to be mediating/manipulating Belial's court. Mechanically speaking, she can use telekinesis with a 2000 GP weight limit at will and use a feeblemind once per day. Her personality is what sets her apart, not her statblock.

Now while mediating disputes is important work, it may not be the most interesting for involving PCs. However, there might be a need for neutral ground, it is reasonable to think that some of her mediation efforts take place on the Prime Material Plane. It is also likely that there are many elements who don't want a particular dispute settled, so the PCs could be hired to sabotage the negotiations. Perhaps they know that they are there to do so, or perhaps they are the ones who provide a veneer of deniability to their employer (whose origin may be from the Upper or Lower Planes). With her talent for diplomacy, it is also possible that she was reluctantly brought into a negotiation by Rao's clergy.

Naome was another consort that later editions treated terribly. She dies, either before the Reckoning of Hell at Glasya's hand or after the Reckoning of Hell at Asmodeus's hand. For the record, that is 3 dead consorts (Bensonzia, Cozbi, and Naome), 1 discarded/imprisoned consort (Baftis), 1 missing consort (Baalphegor), and 1 promoted consort (Glasya). Lilis and Lilith remain consorts, though Lilith has traded up for Baazebul.

I feel it's also worth discussing Naome's appearance. She's described as being "a short, burly, middle-aged female devil" which seems odd for Belial's consort. After all, he is described in Monster Manual 2 as: "Belial is the most handsome and diabolic in appearance of all devils. His eyes are large, slanted, and glow red. His is also the lord of pain and sufferings." However, Ed Greenwood was working off of Gygax's Sorceror's Scroll article in Dragon #75 where his description is: "Belial is humanoid and typically diabolic in appearance. His hide is scaly and sooty black. His horns, tail, and wings are glossy black. His eyes are large and slanted, and they glow red." I feel that Greenwood would have changed her appearance had he known that Belial's would change.

This concludes the unique consorts. I may try to put something together for Tiamat's consorts later. I hope these have been useful or entertaining!

(And for reference, since devils are a lawful species, I did these in alphabetical order.)

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