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    [Rogues Gallery] Giana Brightbuckle
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    Fri Feb 04, 2005 11:01 pm  
    [Rogues Gallery] Giana Brightbuckle

    Giana Brightbuckle (Gee, as in "gee whiz!")
    4th level Chaotic Halfling, female, age 41; ST 11, DE 18, CO 11, IN 13, WI 8, CH 14; HP 22; AC 4 (Leather); Money: 1570 GP; Items: Avrine's Lockpicks (see next post), Rope of climbing, Elven Cloak

    Giana is a self proclaimed master burglar, usually found around the shadier taverns in Istivin or Cryllor, selling her pilfering skills to the highest bidder. While generally friendly and easy going, she is pretty cocky about her abilities (unaware that her "lucky lockpicks" are enchanted to give her the exceptional ability she possesses) and stubbornly overconfident, often accepting jobs she is underqualified for and getting herself into a world of trouble. She's been lucky so far though, escaping harm's way and landing only short stints in the jails of Keoland, Sterich and the Yeomanry.

    Giana will gladly join a party that can meet her price (left up to the DM to reflect the econommics of the individual campaign), but she bores easily, and if there isn't enough action and danger, she's likely to wander off in search of thrills elsewhere.

    Gee is pretty good at what she does, but she's got a little history that her new friends will have to contend with sooner or later. About a year ago, she took a job looting some artifacts from the Dustdiggers College (the Dustdiggers are a group in the Yeomanry that pillage ruins in the Sea of Dust) for the church of Wee Jas in Cryllor. Although she successfully retrieved the books she was hired to, she decided the Jasidans weren't paying her enough, and sold them to a rival buyer (a Silent One eager to keep the lore out of the hands of the Jasidans) for 3 times the price. She is hunted by the Jasidans (usually clerics and/or magic-users, devise them to rival, but not overpower, the party), who are fairly nasty folk and have no qualms about roughing up the party to get at Giana.
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    Joined: Jan 24, 2005
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    From: Naples, Florida

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    Fri Feb 04, 2005 11:07 pm  
    Avrine's Lockpicks

    Avrine's Lockpicks - New Magic Item

    Avrine Nimblefoot is a legendary figure among the folk of Sterich and western Keoland, especially the Hobniz. She lived about 200 years ago in Istivin, and was a daring swashbuckler of a lass, living a life of wild adventures and daring deeds. Among the stories told about her are the tale of how she retrieved the jeweled crown of Cryllor County from a bugbear bandit who accosted then Count Fabius Manz on the Miller's Road on a return trip to Cryllor after a holiday in Istivin, and a wild yarn about a game of dice with the god Olidammara himself which lasted the entire Needfest holiday week and earned Avrine the enchanted lockpicks that now bear her name when she tricked the god into admitting defeat (even though he was obviously winning, the storytellers add with a knowing wink and grin).

    Avrine's lockpicks are a set of exquisitely crafted thieves tools made of platinum decorated with diamonds of various colors. When used by a non-thief, they grant the user the ability to Open Locks af if he were a thief of 1/2 his current level. Example: Giana, the current owner of the lockpicks, is a 4th level halfling. When using the lockpicks, she can open locks as if she were a 2nd level thief.

    In the hands of a thief, they are even more powerful, granting a bonus of +5 effective class levels when calculating the Open Locks chance on the tables. For example, Magwell, a 5th level thief, steals the lockpicks from Giana and then tries to unlock a door with them. Using the lockpicks, he has the Open Locks chance of a 10th level thief!

    The lockpicks are a unique item, and worth about 5000 gold pieces if sold.
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