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    Subjects for Greyhawk Artwork
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    Thu Jan 13, 2022 10:38 pm  
    Subjects for Greyhawk Artwork

    A while ago I raised some discussion on getting artwork commissioned for Greyhawk subjects and specifically the idea of getting it crowd-funded - which was met with a very quiet response.

    I have found an artist whose style I like for character art and he has done three for me so far, including one Paladin of Heironeous and a rural fighter from Geoff. Cost me around 80 USD per piece for full body colour artwork with no background.

    It now has me thinking about what Greyhawk specific subjects I would like to get commissioned by an artist. And then I wondered how many of the subject I would like to see get done would be of interest to other Greyhawk fans.

    So I guess the question for this thread is - if you could pick any subject/object/person/city etc from Greyhawk - what would you like to see brought to life in artwork?

    On my immediate list (that I may actually get done) is the following:
    Scarlet Brotherhood Monk, Baklunish Monk, Graf Reydrich of Ahlissa, Xavener, King Holgi Hirsute, Cobb Darg, another Elayne Mystica.

    I have also really enjoyed some of the cityscapes produced in Dungeon/Dragon over recent years (thanks Erik!) like Irongate and Hardby - so I would love to see a few more cities done - for me probably all around SE Aerdy.

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    From: LG Dyvers

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    Sun Jan 16, 2022 9:52 pm  

    I see many portraits of famous NPCs. What I would like to see now are action pieces of these famous NPCs interacting with other NPCs/opponents.

    For example, Warduke in the midst of a huge battle, standing atop a mountain of dead Shieldlander soldiers. Or, Iggwilv in the fight of her life against Grazzt. Or, Drawmij using powerful water elemental magic to hold back a kraken and its aboleth minions. Or Canon Hazen of Veluna invoking the power of the Crook of Rao to banish all fiends from the face of the Oerth.

    We have good ideas of what elven, dwarven, and halfling communities might look like from Peter Jackson's version of The Lord of the Rings, but the main one missing is that of gnomish communities. They may include cities under mountains or hills, or within woods. Likewise, as Rivendell was vastly different from Lothlorien, the elven city of Enstad may look very different to them both, since it appears to be in the middle of a vast plain, rather than a mountain valley or a forest. Hill dwarven cities may look very different from mountain dwarven communities. Some halflings may be cliff dwellers, living as fishermen along a river. I would like to see more variation among the various demihuman realms.

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    Joined: Apr 18, 2005
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    From: Adelaide, South Australia

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    Mon Jan 17, 2022 5:07 am  

    Yep there is definitely not many action art is there? Wayne Reynolds was always so good at that. I would love to see art of the Father of Obedience fighting someone.

    Based on the number of views and lack of comments, it seems people aren't really interested in seeing more Greyhawk artwork, which surprises me a little.

    I was hoping for example we could find ten people interested in a particular subject agreeing to pool resources and for 10 bucks each we get some artwork done, specific to Greyhawk.

    But I guess everyone's tastes would be too different and the subject options too varied.
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