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[Rogues Gallery] Gerro Weefoot

Gerro Weefoot
8th level Nuetral Halfling, Male, age 84; ST 14, DE 12, CO 18, IN 10, WI 9, CH 15; HP 52; AC 5 (Chainmail); Money: 10 GP; Items: Short Bow +4

Gerro is a little old for a vigilante, but he's still spry and crafty, and spends his days patrolling the high road between Istivin and Crystal Falls with his merry band of fellows, which he has affectionately dubbed "the Davish Road Defenders". For many years, banditry along the high road has been a major problem, with roving bands of humanoids and the ocassional troublemakers hassling and robbing merchants and travellers, and despite a recent general muster by Earl Querchard, there's still a few bands of hoodlums out making mischief along the road. Gerro, a veteran of that muster, has decided to continue his patrols, and has attracted a band of 15 to 20 (the number varies as members come and go, or perish in their "duties") to help him.

Players will likely first meet Gerro and his band if they are accosted along the road. Within 1d4+2 rounds of combat ensuing with bandits, Gerro and 1d6 of his men will charge into the battle, aiding the PCs (unless of course, they are the bandits...) Goodly PCs will find Gerro to be a gruff but useful ally, devout in his self imposed duty to protect the people of Sterich from villainy.

Before the muster and his new calling in life, Gerro was a grizzled veteran of many adventures in and around the Earldom, and knows the province well. He'll be reluctant to leave his defenders alone for long, and wont actually join the party for any but the quickest missions away from the Davish Road, but he can serve as a handy contact when the party is in that area, being well aware of pretty much everything that passes along the road.

Gerro's also a close personal friend of Earl Querchard, and will gladly send a letter to him vouching for them if they are acting in what he sees as the best interest of the Earldom and need his assistance.