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[Rogues Gallery] Ronwyn Anders

Ronwyn Anders (Fish, among Cryllor's residents)
5th level Chaotic Halfling, male, age 48; ST 12, DE 11, CO 13, IN 10, WI 12, CH 10; HP 22; AC 3 (Leather +1); Money: 37 GP; Items: Leather Armor +1

Ronwyn is a quiet, grim fellow, unhappy with his life as a guard on Cryllor's docks, but lacking the ambition to do much of anything else with his life. He's known around town as one of the few Watchmen assigned to dock duty that can't swim, and jokingly called Fish by those who know him.

Adventurers who try, for some reason, to recruit Ronywn will be met with a doomsday speech about the futility of trying to do good in the world, and only the most outrageous offers of pay will give him the inclination to run off on an adventure. He's grudgingly friendly with his fellow Watchmen, but few who know him really trust him. When not on duty or at the dockside Watch station sleeping, he can usually be found at the Riverwalk tavern nearby, playing in a quiet game of dice with other Watchmen, or just drowning his sorrows in a large mug of ale. He's somewhat of an oddity in the County, proclaiming an intense dislike of Keoish brandy.

Asking about the fine leather armor Ronwyn wears is a quick way to earn his (brief) admiration, since he is extremely proud of it. The story around town is that when Lora, the now teenaged daughter of Count Manz, was a youngster, she was accosted by thugs while playing on the docks with some friends. Despite being outnumbered and unarmed (he was on the way home from the tavern and out of uniform), Ronwyn lept to the girls' rescue, leaving the troublemakers clinging to a small raft floating in the river nearby. As a reward for his courage, Count Manz held a grand feast in Fish's honor, and presented him with the handsome suit of leather armor. Ronwyn loves to brag about this, and PCs trying to get in his good graces will go far by flattering him on this, as well as buying a round of drinks or two "to toast the hero".<br><br>

Ronwyn's secret
Fish isn't above being bribed, in fact, it's one of the few things in his miserable life that makes him feel important. PCs up to shady business on the docks would do well to get to know Ronwyn for this reason alone.

Caution is wise though, Fish is only loyal to hard coin, and rivals, or authorities, willing to beat the PC's bribe will find themselves quickly betrayed by the dour little Hobniz.