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Where did the Almorian refugees go?

Good post from the CanonFire! Discord by DMSamuel (true Almorian patriot) in reply to this question. I thought it worth noting here for posterity. I may need to remind myself of it later …
“Most of them went up into Nyrond, and some went through Nyrond and further west, even as far as Greyhawk, seeking a safe and free city.

Some went North and then East, into the Flinties to the safety of the hills. Innspa was a refuge of sorts, so some/many stayed there.

Some even went into the Adri Forest, though I reckon most left as soon as they could, probably ending up in Innspa.

The majority stayed in Nyrond - as much as I kid about it, the Nyrondese were supposed allies of Almor, and lots of common folk traded with them and considered them a good place to be.

Some refugees even went south into the Southern Province, to Rel Deven - the Crandens were still a respected noble family in Rel Deven at the time, so they would have been welcomed there.

Oerth Journal 22 has an article on the Duchy of Almor, written by one of the main Living Greyhawk triad people of the area, Brandon Gillespie (along with John Jenks and Gary Holian), that talks about the Almor Freedom Movement.

The Almor Freedom Movement is politically pushing for a new independent Almor ruled by house Cranden, as it should be. The movement has gained interest among the old nobility of Almor, and has also found some sympathetic ears in both Nyrond and Ahlissa. Whatever the motivation, the cause is even appreciated by some patriotic peasants. There is also a small following among the Flan rangers in the northern hills.

The leader of the movement is known only as the Sable Phlox, obviously a covert identity for his own safety. Very few know that he is actually Lael Pirlon, who is a true-blood Almorian Cranden.“