Fri Sep 09, 2022 1:38 pm  
The Lagcy fleet

"The port city of Xer-Sul is the largest saltwater port of the Suel Imperium,
located at the mouth of the great river Resol-Brind, which pours from the
Imperial Basinís inner seas into the Pearl Sea."

"The Resol-Brind valley consists of the lands on either side of the river leading to the Pearl Sea, and bound on both sides by small mountain ranges."

The valley is mostly kept as a woodland preserve, with forestry being
the main occupation of the province. The lumber produced by the valley is used to build the great ships the Empire uses in their naval trade and
exploration within and beyond the Pearl Sea."

I discover these geographical elements. A port in the salt sea, a valley, a river flowing from the inland sea of the Suloise basin?
The only thing I knew of was the inland sea depicted in Randy Richards' adventure.
Is there a map or discussion items that I missed?
Thank you for the info.