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    The Suel Pantheon: Osprem

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    PostPosted: Tue Feb 08, 2005 5:04 am    Post subject: The Suel Pantheon: Osprem Reply with quote

    Priests of Osprem(Goddess of Sea Voyages, Ships, Sailors)

    AL: LN, RA: blue robes decorated with embroidery of ships, dolphins, whales, or barracudas, SY: a sperm whale or three barracudas, AR: any, Wpn: dagger, hammer, harpoon, mace, spear, staff, trident*; SPH: all, animal(see creatures only), charm, divination, elemental(air, water), healing, plant(sea flora only), protection, summoning(sea creatures only), sun(m), weather, Spl: bless ship*, Add: conjure air elemental, conjure water elemental, float, inkjet, reincarnation, shellskin, siren song, spiritual weapon(trident), wall or coral, water devil, wave, whirlpool.

    Priests of Osprem are protectors of the oceans and waterways and the creatures that lie within the oceans and travel across them. As Osprem is the goddess of water voyages, her priests seek to do battle with any outside force that threatens safe travel across the seas. Priests of Osprem are only on fair terms with the clergy of Xerbo but they do not fight over the oceans; rather they will aid each other in protection of the oceans. Priests of Osprem gain certain powers as they advance in levels, as follows:

    Level/Granted Power
    3rd: water breathing 1/day
    5th: water walk 1/day
    7th : shapechange 2/day(as a druid, but may only assume the forms of sea animals)
    9th: ice storm 1/day(only usable within 1 mile of a major body of water)
    11th: summon 8HD water elemental (this elemental will never be hostile), or dismiss a water elemental of any size 1/day

    Osprem’s clergy often wear gold-plated or brass (solid or plated) armor that is finely decorated with her symbols, similar to the embroidery on her priests’ blue robes. Osprem is worshipped in many sea ports touching the Azure Sea, in the Lordship of the Isles, and on Lendore Isle. She is rarely worshipped in the northern areas of the Flanaess. Priests of Osprem may turn undead.

    *Bless Ship (reversible) Level 4(Conjuration/Summoning)
    Sphere: Elemental(water)
    Range: touch………………..Casting Time: 1 round
    Components: V, S, M………Area of Effect: 1 ship (or seafaring vessel)
    Duration: see below………...Saving Throw: none

    By use of this spell a priest of Osprem may bless a seagoing vessel; from a small boat to the largest warship or galleon. Receiving the blessing of this spell reduces the chances of the ship suffering a calamity at sea (such as capsizing, broken rigging, torn sails, man overboard, etc.) and the chance of a random encounter both by 50%. The reverse of this spell, curse ship, causes all chances of calamity and random encounters to be doubled. A blessing or curse of this type affects one voyage of the affected vessel (from the starting port to the next planned destination port) and must be in effect before the vessel sets out from its point of embarkation. The material component of this spell is a vial of blessed holy sea water (or unholy sea water for the reverse application) with which the vessel in christened before its voyage.


    Dragon Magazine # 90, “Gods of the Suel Pantheon V: Phyton, Xerbo, and Osprem”, by Leonard Lakofka.

    L2: The Assassin’s Knot

    Recommended Reading:

    The Scarlet Brotherhood, by Sean K. Reynolds

    Visit this link for an explanation of how and why these entries were compiled and for links to other information.
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