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The Suel Pantheon: Phyton

Priests of Phyton(God of Nature, Beauty, Farming)

AL: CG, TN rarely(mostly druids), RA:green or brown clothing and special(see below), SY: a scimitar crossing an oak tree, AR: any non-metal, wooden shields only, Wpn: club, dagger, dart, flail, hammer, scimitar*, sickle, staff; SPH: all, animal, charm, divination, elemental(all), healing, plant, protection(m), sun, travelers, weather, Spl:none, Add: cure disease.

Priests of Phyton are lovers of nature and natural beauty. Phyton is worshipped by many druids and some rangers, and even by some elves. Clergy of Phyton usually wear simple robes of green or brown, but in autumn his higher level priests wear different colored robes and gain additional granted powers as follows:

Level.......Robe Color.....Granted Power
7-9th:...........yellow..........warp wood 3/day
10-11th:........orange.........tree 3/day
12th+:............red..............plant door 3/day

These granted powers are cumulative, such that a 12th level or higher priest of Phyton may use all of these powers 3/day each.

Priests of Phyton are immune to all poisons that are at least partially made of plant material and gain the bonus non-weapon proficiencies of animal lore and herbalism. Upon attaining 7th level, a priest of Phyton can shapechange into any woodland animal once per day, similar to the druid power. Priest of Phyton cannot turn undead.

Clergy of Phyton wander and are not concentrated in any particular region. Phyton is a commonly worshipped deity in rural settings and farming communities. Services to Phyton are always conducted in woodland settings.


Dragon Magazine # 90, “Gods of the Suel Pantheon V: Phyton, Xerbo, and Osprem”, by Leonard Lakofka.

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