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The Suel Pantheon: Xerbo

Priests of Xerbo(God of the Sea, Money, Business)

AL: NG, LN, TN(rarely druids), RA: shades of blue with green trim and streamers or green resembling sea vegetation waving in the current, SY: a dragon turtle, AR: chain mail and less, any shield Wpn: belaying pin, club, crossbow, cutlass, dagger, gaff-hook, harpoon, javelin, net, spear, staff, trident*; SPH: all, animal(sea creatures only)*, combat(m), creation(m), divination, guardian(m), elemental(water), healing, necromantic, numbers(m), plant(sea vegetation only)*, protection, weather; Spl: none, Add: free action, conjure water elemental.

As Xerbo is the god of the sea, money, and business his priests are often involved with sea commerce and fishing fleets. Priests of Xerbo are expected to care only for the seas, and the deity will not tolerate extended land adventures by them, especially “foolish” excursions into dungeons and ruins. Xerbo is worshipped by some druids (mainly half-elves of human /aquatic elf unions and a few humans) who are devoted to the seas and oceans the same way that other druids are involved with forests and other dry land environments. Druids of Xerbo may also shapechange into fish (including sharks) when they reach 7th level (for a total of four shapechanges per day.

Xerbo’s priests believe in the unwritten “law of the seas”; thus they will not favor one sea creature over another. If some creature or character is endangered or killed by a sea creature, Xerbo considers this to be fate, and he will not help or change the course of events. Xerbo will not allow members of his clergy to cast raise dead, resurrection, or reincarnation on anyone killed in the sea or while traveling across it (such as in a storm at sea), unless a non-sea creature did the killing. Any of Xerbo’s clergy may never pray for spells involving fire, though they may pray for spells that protect from fire. Any spells involving water that priests of Xerbo receive are always of the highest quality and function as if the priest were two levels higher with regards to range, area of effect, duration, and so forth. Priests of Xerbo can turn undead.

Xerbo is worshipped along the east coast of the Flanaess and in the Hold of the Sea Princes, and on Lendore Isle. He is the preferred deity of seafaring barbarians.


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