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The Suel Pantheon: Syrul

Priests of Syrul(Goddess of False Promises, Deceit)

AL: any evil, RA: yellow robes adorned with a red forked tongue, SY: a forked tongue, AR: any, Wpn: club, dagger, dart, garrote, knife, mace, morning star, staff, stiletto; SPH: all, astral, chaos, charm, divination, guardian(m), healing, necromantic(m), protection(m),summoning, sun(m, r), thought(m); Spl: none, Add: none.

Priests of Syrul are tricksters, charlatans, and liars. They are very clever and very dangerous, and gain much satisfaction from using their deceptions to pit their enemies against one another. At 1st level, Priests of Syrul gain the bonus non-weapon proficiency of disguise. Priests of Syrul gain certain powers to help them advance their schemes, as follows:

Level/Granted Power
3rd: obscure alignment(with a thought) 1/day
5th: may use spells of the illusion/phantasm school as priest spells of the same level
7th : undetectable lie(with a thought) 1/day
14th: detect lie(always active)

Priests of Syrul command undead at -2 levels. Upon reaching 9th level of experience, any follower of Syrul receives a special boon. Syrul herself will attend the advancement ceremony to wish the character “evil luck”. Syrul will grant the individual a vision spell with no strings attached, and only a token material component is needed rather than a valuable sacrifice. Syrul also bestows upon the “graduating” individual a permanent +1 bonus “to hit” with the individual’s favored attack, whether it be a favorite type of weapon or an open hand attack (as a monk has).

Syrul is worshipped in the Barbarian States, on Lendore isle, and in several large cities around the continent where her worshippers may be found in the city’s thieves’ quarter. Syrul is highly revered in the Scarlet Brotherhood and, along with Pyremius, takes a personal interest in their dealings.


Dragon Magazine # 88, “Gods of the Suel Pantheon- A terribly diverse trio:Syrul, Fortubo, and Wee Jas", by Leonard Lakofka.

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