Tue Apr 02, 2024 9:15 pm  
City of Verbobonc Map 2nd Draft preview

EDIT: The link below will not take you directly to the map. Its on the far right side scroll down.
Hey Greyhawk fans. This is 3orcs again working on the "Verbobonc Campaign 576cy" project. The website is coming along fantastically. Also, concurrently remapping the City of Verbobonc. As I said in my latest youtube video, this is the modern 2024 take of Banesfinger 2001 map. Made some minor adjustments. Can some of you map experts point out of circle problems. Scale, building graphics, streets and layout before i move onto the 3rd edit? This is only a low quality jpeg version btw.

If you want to check out the campaign website:

Also, if you want to join the 3orcs Discord to help work on this project let me know!