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The Baklunish Pantheon: Geshtai

Priests of Geshtai(Daughter of the Oasis, Lesser Goddess of Lakes, Rivers, Wells, and Streams)

AL: NG, N;RA: pale blue robes, SY: a pool of water with an island in the middle upon which grows a palm tree; Wpn: as cleric plus spear and dagger, AR: chainmail or less, no shield; SPH: all, animal, creation, divination, elemental(earth, water), healing, necromantic(m), plant, protection, travelers; Spl: none; Add: abjure, conjure elemental-kin*, free action, prayer, spirit of power, summon water elemental(as summon fire elemental), time pool, wall of water*, weather summoning. *From Players’ Options- Spells & Magic.

Among the Baklunish deities, Geshtai is not only a goddess of lakes, rivers, wells, and streams but of life in general, as within the desert lands of the west, water is life. Priests of Geshtai serve as guardians and caretakers of the local water sources, and such sites are holy to them. Specially blessed natural sites are often used in many of their rituals, such as creating holy water or scrying. Within the roving Baklunish tribes, priests of Geshtai are held in high regard for their ability to find water in the worst of times.

At 1st level, specialty priests of Geshtai gain the ability to create water 1/day, and can identify pure water with perfect accuracy. At 3rd level, a priest of Geshtai can locate water once per day. This ability works similar to the locate object spell but has a range of 1 mile/level of the priest. At 5th level, the priest can water walk 1/day. At 7th level, the priest can part water 1/day. Finally, at 10th level the priest can summon water elemental 1/week.

In the Baklunish lands, temples dedicated to Geshtai may be found in Sefmur, Lopolla, and along the southern shore of Lake Udrukankar in the Dry Steppes. In the lands of the east there are few temples dedicated to Geshtai, though shrines dedicated to her can be found scattered along the shores of some major waterways and bodies of water as far east as the city of Greyhawk. Of particular note are the nomad tribes of the Bright Desert who pay homage to Geshtai, as she once visited those lands, leaving behind a magical spring that bears her name to this day.


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