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    Sheldomar Trading Coster
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    Fri May 24, 2024 4:24 pm  
    Sheldomar Trading Coster

    I am putting to paper more about my world , instead of getting my brain overloaded. As I get older the more I want to flesh out my Greyhawk and possibly someone may be able to use or infuse my ideas to their own. I actually began on this site in 20 plus years ago, lurking and taking bits and pieces for my world. I have DMed mainly in the Sheldomar Valley region, Bissel as a main starting point. I have used Evard as an antagonist for many years and the following is a write up his "company"

    In the bustling city of Gradsul, nestled within the labyrinthine alleys of the Merchant's Quarter, lies the headquarters of the enigmatic establishment known as the Sheldomar Trading Coster. Owned by the enigmatic Evard the Black, a figure shrouded in mystery and whispered rumors, this business serves as more than just a hub for commerce. Behind its unassuming façade in towns and cities throughout the western Flanaess, the Sheldomar Trading Coster operates as a clandestine network, dealing not only in goods but also in information—a currency perhaps more valuable than gold in the realm of Greyhawk.

    Evard, a master of subtlety and intrigue, has carefully cultivated his network over years of cunning manipulation and calculated alliances. While the ostensible purpose of the Sheldomar Trading Coster is to facilitate the exchange of exotic wares from distant lands, its true power lies in its role as an information broker. From the darkest secrets of rival merchants to the whispered plots of political factions vying for control of the city, Evard's establishment serves as a clandestine nexus where whispers are traded like commodities and secrets are bought and sold with impunity.

    Within the shadowy confines of the Sheldomar Trading Coster, patrons tread cautiously, for every transaction is shrouded in secrecy and every word spoken may be overheard by ears attuned to the whispers of intrigue. For those with the coin and the courage to seek it out, Evard's establishment offers access to a world of knowledge beyond compare—a place where the power of information can shape destinies and tip the scales of power in the ever-shifting landscape of Greyhawk.
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    Sun May 26, 2024 6:45 am  

    Thanks for sharing this! I've not used Evard and look forward to learning more about your version of him and his network, and your version of Gradsul too.

    As one of the most populous cities of the Flanaess, it's ripe for development, and given the influence of the Rhola Suel, I imagine that its architecture influences much of what was subsequently built (e.g., Monmurg, but not Port Toli).
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