NPC - The Nulb River Pirates

Tolub is a River Pirate captain and with his second in command Grud Squinteye (Squint for short) leads a large (40+) pirate crew partially based in Nulb but also in the city of Verbobonc.

Tolub is a very experienced fighter and with Grud hales originally from the Hold of the Sea Princes. The pair mutineed on the ship they served and found the Hold and surrounding waters far to hot for them to remain. Eventually the pair with a handful of followers found themselves drawn to Nulb, perhaps the lure of seductive evil emanating from the Temple of Elemental Evil brought them, but they found a home in Nulb.

(In my combination Night Below/TOEE campaign Nulb has grown and been outwardly tamed by the forces of the Viscount and several years have passed since the events described in TOEE. Tolub now goes by the name Raef and acts the part of a merchant, an identity he developed to sell his stolen goods in the city of Verbobonc, Dyvers and the City of Greyhawk.)

Tolub possesses two ships. A sleek pirate vessel and a stolid merchant ship. He has a small ramshackle base near Nulb on a barely navigable stream that is a tributary of the Imeryds Run. Around ten of his men always accompany him dressed as merchant sailors or guards while the remainder of the crew remain at his base with the ships.

Grud goes by the name Drak when in Verbobonc or other cities but is still called Squint due to the scar above his left eye that has pulled taught the muscles and given him his perpetual scowl.

The pirate ship is sleek and fast. It has no armaments and Tolub is careful to attack only unarmed or lightly armed merchant ships. half his men are armed with short bows although they all carry a variety of weapons.