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    Missing WoG
    I gave up on WoG for a while since my players don't seem to care what world we game on, and Oerth is special to me.  After nearly two years without WoG, I have to say I miss it dearly.  If I can find a new group that loves Oerth as much as I do (and can accept my non-canon version of it!) then I'd be one happy DM.
    Posted: 12-20-2005 12:25 pm
    Greyhawk Gods
    I wonder if anyone out there rmembers my old articles on the "lost" gods of Oerth. I found them in the archives, and realized they are unfinished - I never did complete the Seul pantheon. Also, I have since re-thought the role of the Flan in WoG; it is clear to me now that the Flan are eurasian tribesmen, and their gods should be altered to reflect that.
    Posted: 01-09-2004 02:24 pm
    Seven Against Iuz
    My latest WoG campaign has seven brave (or foolish) heroes going on an epic quest - a crusade against Iuz. We have in the group: Damien - a grey elf psion (nomad) who has captured as an infant by a powerful devil and... experimented on. the Mouse - a halfling rogue paying his debt to society by crusading against evil. Anwar - a kettite human fighter/iajutsu master who serves both the King of Furyondy and the Circle of Eight. Taionna - a wood elf wizard who grew up in the Fey Realms. Nelan - a human cleric who has taken the Vow of Poverty and is a shining beacon of good. Sumanu - a vanara monk from the distant west who travels this curious land, fighting evil where he finds it. Jeel - a human fighter/rogue who dwells within the city of Admunfort and aids the forces of freedom as best he can. The first leg of their quest begins with the party infiltrating Admundfort, where they must enter a great tower filled with magic items that Iuz's forces would love get their hands on but can't, and try to remove or destroy as many of these items as possible. Also, they must see what can be done about liberating the city from Iuz. So far, the group has learned of a sepcial key that will unseal the tower, which is known as the Banewarrens, and has stolen said key from the vaults of an evil merchant family...
    Posted: 01-04-2004 01:50 am
    The Gargoyle has Returned!
    It's been a very, very long time since I was last on Greytalk; something like three years. I'm back now, and hope to re-acquaint myself with the Greytalkers, old and new.
    Posted: 12-28-2003 03:24 pm