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The Silver Wolf: Ghosts Of The Past-Highway Robbery
CruelSummerLord writes "An image of Urdlen tearing his victims apart passed through Kalrek’s mind, and he began to laugh out loud at the thought of it. He saw that image a lot. It pleased him to no end."
Up and Comers of Oerth
Osmund-Davizid writes "There are many great names that populate the world of Greyhawk.  Luminaries that have careers and adventures that span many lifetimes.  Here is a group of personages who are on the cusp of greatness.  These folk are rising stars, increasing in influence and power and may be the movers and shakers of the future."
The Silver Wolf: Ghosts Of The Past-Rivers Of Blood On The Stone
CruelSummerLord writes "Far off to the side, Airk could see other dwarves sorting through the gnomes' dead bodies for valuables. As the dwarves finished with the gnomes' bodies, they tossed the corpses into a large pile, likely intending to leave the bodies to rot for the underground scavengers."
The Silver Wolf: Ghosts Of The Past-Off The Beaten Path
CruelSummerLord writes "Airk considered Bretten’s request, frowning. Etterboek was considerably to the north of Hommlet. Bretten and Nusanne were likely planning to take the western branch of the High Road where it forked, and cross the ford over the Imredys Run. From there, they could reach the city of Penwick and continue west to Etterboek. The companions had been planning to continue along the south branch of the High Road. They could travel south from Etterboek to Hommlet once they’d escorted Bretten and Nusanne, but it was a delay.   "
The Silver Wolf: Ghosts Of The Past-Wood And Wine
CruelSummerLord writes "“How long has he been carrying around this grudge against this supposed traitor?” Weimar said, a faraway look appearing in his bleary eyes. “How long has he been dwelling on what happened to his kin? How long has he been blaming himself, even when only a fool would consider him responsible? Gnomes have such long lifespans-how long do they keep such memories with them?”"
The Silver Wolf: Ghosts Of The Past-The Gnome Who Would Be King
CruelSummerLord writes "Normally, Gangrelen feared nothing. However, this gnome seemed so far above Gangrelen, above every other being that lived in the complex complex, that Gangrelen was relieved indeed that the gnome was glad to see him. The gnome’s mannerisms were those of a king, and indeed Gangrelen could imagine him in the company of the human kinds of Nyrond, Furyondy or Keoland. The gnome radiated confidence and certainty, as well as an aura of power and wisdom that almost seemed tangible around him."
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