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The Silver Wolf-For Crown Or Country: Skull And Crossbones
CruelSummerLord writes "One looked like a hideous cross between a hobgoblin and a fish. It had the build and face of a hobgoblin, but its body was covered in slimy green scales, and it had webbed feet and hands. The other looked like nothing so much as a demonic-looking fish that somehow grew arms and legs and learned to walk upright. It too was atures carriecovered in scales, but they were a deep greenish black on its back, leading to a lighter green on its belly. The creature’s fins were pure black, which contrasted all the more with its gleaming white, razor-sharp teeth. Both cred short stabbing spears which were already splattered with the blood of the two dead sailors at their feet."
The Silver Wolf-For Crown Or Country: Jaws Of Death
CruelSummerLord writes "The sailor was about to answer, but he was interrupted again, this time by the cries of dying men coming from belowdecks."
The Silver Wolf-For Crown Or Country: Royal Favorites
CruelSummerLord writes "Standing several feet back and to the side of his father, Xavener glanced over at Herzog Chelor, who was watching the proceedings. At first glance, Chelor seemed like a greasy, overweight, pompous slob, his oily black hair never seeming to be properly washed and several days of beard stubble on his chin. Xavener noticed several faint stains on his clothes as well, stains that not even the most vigorous washing could remove, from previous debaucheries. His general behavior confirmed most peoples' initial impressions of him, but the seething look in his eyes reminded Xavener of his infamously short temper."
Beasts of the Scarlet Brotherhood - 5e Update
woesinger writes "Based on Beasts of the Scarlet Brotherhood - by Paul Looby and Stuart Kerrigan, which appeared in Living Greyhawk Journal No. 24 / Polyhedron 165 / Dungeon 106The yeshir (halfling hound), mazchedeen (tunnel-hunters), dreamstealer, dreamstealer spawn (template), and overseer, all updated to 5th Edition D&D."
The Silver Wolf-For Crown Or Country: Like Father, Like Daughters
CruelSummerLord writes " “Remember, you have Ma’non’go to protect you,” Revafour said as he nodded towards the latter, “and you also have the rest of us as well. We’ll defend you to the death…” Revafour paused, letting his words hang in the air for a moment. “…to the death of anyone who would dare threaten you,” he finished with a smile"
The Silver Wolf-For Crown Or Country: Royal Treatments
CruelSummerLord writes "“Of course,” Matthias said, “and that’s why you hired me to look into where the Crown of Arumdina might be. It’s certainly an engaging story, but I had a devil of a time putting everything together. I had to cross-reference several of the sources at the Great Library with some of the sources at the library here,” he said, gesturing around at the Guildhall. “And it would have been easier if our library wasn’t such a disgraceful mess. I’ve told the senile old codgers who run this place a dozen times that they need to reorganize the library, but do they listen? No, of course not!”"
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